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  1. We fully understand, respect and would abide by mask requirements. However, for me, there is another concern. Having a severe hearing impairment and as someone who reads lips, masks would make it impossible for me to “communicate” with fellow cruisers, so given that, we will wait until a time when masks are no longer required.
  2. All the specialty restaurants are terrific, but have celebrated special occasions at Prime 7 and always had a fantastic time. You won't go wrong whatever your choice. We're transplanted Canucks.....Montreal then Toronto.....
  3. Nice itinerary with at sea days. We've also put a hold on a suite for May 30 along with April 24. The Jan. 8 Panama Canal cruise has all the "named suites" deliberately being held by Regent at this time for loyal, past clients and credits. This is the one we really want so are waitlisted and hope to hear within a few days if the waitlist clears for our suite category.
  4. We're in the same "ship", so to speak. We are waiting to hear on Jan. 8 and April 24 Grandeur cruises. Once we have definitive news, we will look for the roll call.
  5. Thanks for pointing that out. However, being a “few” years past doing my Mark Spitz impersonation, sipping a nice cold cocktail in an Infinity pool works for me. This ship looks spectacular.
  6. We will be booking 2 Grandeur cruises tomorrow for Jan. And April 2024. Very much looking forward to this new ship.
  7. https://www.keeneluxurytravel.com/rssc/info/dining/#conn May be a bit out of date, but could be helpful.
  8. Check again. Think Venice is not happening and will probably be Tiereste. That could have a significant impact on where you fly into…..transfers…hotels, etc.
  9. As a transplanted Canuck now living in the US and having flown AC many, many times, I can very much recommend the airline. Best of luck with your travels.
  10. Not sure Venice will happen. Good luck on a work around to you.
  11. Had 2 April 2022 Explorer cruises on hold, Rome to Venice then Venice to Barcelona. With so much uncertainty about Venice, and not wanting to add flight times if other ports are designated in lieu of, we pulled both holds. Cruising will continue to be somewhat disrupted for a while yet, in my opinion, so we don't want any other possible issues interfering with what should be great holidays.
  12. We decided to pull the hold off this cruise as there are so many uncertainties going forward. Also flights were another issue for us as Venice to Savannah would require 2 stops as opposed to just 1 that we hoped for. Suite 901 is now available!
  13. I’m wondering if anyone has heard any further “rumblings” about Regent possibly bypassing Venice or re-routing to a different port. We have a hold on Explorer April 10, Rome to Venice with the last two days being there, but if it gets re-routed outside Venice, the itinerary has a lack of appeal to us. At this point, we are looking to remove the hold so would very much appreciate any comments or “insider” information.
  14. We have a hold on an Explorer cruise next April, Rome to Venice with the last 2 days spent there. We love the city (and yes, Harry's) and would love to go back, but with this uncertainty we may not commit to the cruise now. Our last cruise out of Venice on Silversea was a few years ago and I can certainly understand the thinking of Venetians to want to ban large ships from the waterways so close by.
  15. Absolutely agree with you, Dolebludger. We would absolutely not want to have to go into a quarantine/locked-out scenario should an outbreak occur. We are also fully vaccinated (Feb. 1 was second shots) and although we feel safe for ourselves, we would still want assurance that all passengers and crew had their jabs. Our Splendor cruise of last June was cancelled and we are "itching" to get onboard again, but only as soon as we have a 100% comfort level that the cruise would be able to sail "as planned".
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