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  1. We did the Carnival Magic in mid September. My cruise buddy and I were seated at a 2 person table that was only about 2 feet from the next table, we had no problem conversing with our nearest neighboring table.
  2. Days Inn West Cocoa. I stayed there 2 or 3 years ago. It was clean and comfortable which is about all I ask.
  3. Hi Chief, I am quite introverted. I don't usually speak until spoken to. I can only relate my experience but I love solo cruising. I really enjoyed NCL because they have a solo host/hostess and they are usually very good at getting people chatting and they also arrange trips to events and shows together besides the nightly solo diners. I even met someone at the solo functions who became my cruise buddy. So now my costs are lower and I have someone to share the adventure.
  4. I found a hotel with parking and shuttle for my September B2B. Since you don't need a shuttle, just look for park and fly options in any of the travel sites. I think I paid about $130 for a room, 10 days parking and shuttle for 2. With the cost of parking near the port, you can often get a room for the night before for very little more.
  5. Misty57, Both my wife and I loved cruising. About 5 months after I lost my wife, I took both of my grandsons and one of my sons on a 4 day cruise. We all loved it. My wife and I had been talking about taking all 6 of our grandchildren on a cruise, one at a time of course. So I decided I would let my grandchildren pick their cruise when they turn 13. I set an upper price limit and prefer certain cruise lines but it is their choice. I have taken 5 of the 6. The youngest is still a couple years off but so far it has been a great experience for all. After taking 3 grandchildren, 2 sons and a daughter-in-law on cruises, I got up enough nerve to cruise alone. I think I'm addicted now.
  6. I did my first solo cruise on the Epic in the studios. I enjoyed the lounge but since I don't drink coffee or alcohol, I got less use of it than others. Since I tend to wake at weird hours, it was nice to have a cup of tea and a cookie while I read my Kindle. My next cruise after that I got a balcony cheaper than the studio. The only time I could access the lounge for sure was in the early evening when they were organizing the evening meals and group trips to shows and events. I didn't really didn't miss it that much. If it is your first solo cruise then the lounge would let you have a place where you will meet fellow solos. After that you will be better able to judge if it is worth the premium.
  7. Blitzma, It is great that you are looking for a solo cruise. I am widowed too and cruising is one of my great joys now. I have only cruised on Carnival and NCL but NCL was the one that always had a solo host and solo dinners. I prefer the Jewel class ships myself. On the Epic, there were so many solos that I felt crowded. On the Jewel class the solo meetings were usually 5 to 20 people and sometimes we went to sows together too. When one of the group performed at Karaoke, at least some of the group would show up for support. On at least one cruise, our solo group made a killer trivia team. Of course none of us know how Covid will affect things but I doubt NCL will abandon solos.
  8. GoVolsTB, One of my favorite people I met on solo cruises was a lady in her late 80s from Australia. She had flown to the US for our cruise and had another cruise to Santiago just after ours got back. When someone asked why she was traveling so much all by herself, she said she wouldn't be able to do it at any younger age than she was right then. She had to use a walker to get around but she was all over the ship. So as long as you can travel and want to travel, go for it. Age in itself is not a big factor.
  9. It is a silly question to some and a serious question to others. My personal answer is that I intend to go cruising as soon as I am allowed. If I need to wear a mask and social distance, I will. If I miss a port or two, I will adapt. I have 4 cruises booked between September 21 and February 22. Just hoping I get to cruise again. Others may wish to wait until things return to "normal". Assuming that ever happens. I am now fully vaccinated but if new variants make that ineffective then I will reevaluate and make a decision on the facts and science of that time. Short answer, as soon as I can.
  10. I'm in the same boat as kanadakid. I haven't even had a cold for the last year. Being an introvert means that covering my face and social distancing aren't really tremendous trials either though. In fact wearing a mask means far fewer candid photos or group photos. A double victory.
  11. Olemissreb, I have only cruised on Carnival and NCL so I am no expert but I found plenty to overeat without dressing up. I didn't even eat in the main dining room until after my 7th or 8th cruise. I don't go to the MDR on dress up nights and I only wear a polo shirt and slacks when I do go. The rest of the time I am in tee shirt, jeans and sandals.
  12. DCP, I am so sorry for your loss. After I lost my wife of 46 years, my first few cruises were taking my kids and grand kids on cruises. Since my grand kids abandoned me most of the time on cruises, I found I still had a great time on my own. Then I started taking solo cruises and loved them. On one of my solo cruises, I found a cruise buddy and that is good too.
  13. My best reason for keeping a passport valid is my best cruise deals have shown up too late to get a passport. I have snagged 3 great cruises I couldn't have taken without a passport in hand. Also, if I feel healthy enough to make a cruise, or just visit a foreign country, I don't want any unnecessary roadblocks. A passport is $10 or $12 a year. Cheap peace of mind but your mileage may vary. I say go with the choice that gives YOU the most peace of mind.
  14. Assuming they figure out how to bring back the buffets in some form, you never have to dress for dinner on most cruise lines. I found plenty to eat for my first 5 cruises without ever going to the main dining rooms or specialty restaurants. Besides the buffets, there are pizza places. burger places. delis. some ships have Mexican or BBQ. My last few cruises I found someone to eat with in the main dining room and I just wear slacks and a collard shirt If it is a formal night, I go elsewhere. I am not wearing a suit for anyone.
  15. My wife and I camped in an 85 VW Westfalia for 13 years. We visited at least 40 states and camped for up to 5 weeks at a time. When I lost my wife, I sold the van and now I camp in a tent with my sidecar motorcycle. I don't camp more than 5 days at a time and haven't gone more than 1500 miles on a trip but that suits me now.
  16. I hope you find a good deal on a back to back Polynesian. I had looked at a good price on the Jewel last year but couldn't go. One thing to keep in mind, often the difference in price of the overall air fare will pay for much of the B2B second half. The reason I did a B2B Alaskan last year was that it was cheaper to sail the second week back to Vancouver than fly to Vancouver and then from Seward.
  17. It will start on Sept. 13th. Vancouver to Seward, 7 days. Seward to Vancouver 7 days and Vancouver to LA 9 days. 23 days total.
  18. I did a B2B on the Jewell in Alaska June 2019 and I loved it. I had different Solo hosts for each trip and although their style was different, they both did a great job. I haven't cruised that much but so far the Jewell is my favorite ship. I even scheduled a B2B2B on her next fall.
  19. MamaFej, I hope your land cruises give you great pleasure while you are waiting for safe available sea cruises.
  20. Is Old & Dumb an option? 😉
  21. Well since wearing a mask does almost nothing for me but does a lot for others around me, I will wear a mask if necessary. It is just a sign of respect and a modicum of care for your fellow man. Now if I could just figure out how to eat if masks are needed. I wouldn't like room service for every meal even if it were offered.
  22. Well I was almost 69 then and there were younger and older. I have been on 5 solos now and the longer the cruises tend to get more retired folk. I will say that on my last solo in late February we had people from 25 to 80 and we all got along fine. The solo host or hostess have been very good at getting all to participate. Over the 5 solos women from 45 to 80 tend to outnumber the men but I have found fascinating conversations from women from the whole spectrum. The Epic crowd was huge the first night but got smaller and more manageable. Also we kinda made our own groups at times. I would think that there will be fewer older people until there is a vaccine but I could be wrong.
  23. My first solo was a studio on the Epic about 18 months ago. I really enjoyed it. The cabin is smaller but I really didn't spend that much time there. The bed was the same size as in a regular cabin but there is only a little room between it and the storage closets and shelves. I had plenty of storage but maybe you wouldn't. The shower is a little smaller than usual. The sink is tiny and the nook with the toilet is small but those things weren't a problem for me. The one annoyance was that the bright bathroom light was turned on and off by a motion sensor. If you were in there more than a couple minutes, you had to wave your hand around to stay lit. To prevent the bright light fully waking me, I hung a washcloth over the sensor with a magnet and used a magnetic dim nightlight I always pack. There must have been almost 100 people there for the first solo meeting. Too many for me. It slowed down some later. They had sign up sheets for several activities each day and also took a group to the evening show. If the perks and price make the studio a good deal, go for it. The lounge always had coffee, tea and cookies. All solo cruisers are welcome to the lounge for the evening solo meet and dinner. Studio cruisers have 24 hour access to the lounge,
  24. MamaFej, I hope your trips work out for you. I intend to cruise again but things will have to stabilize a little before I make that leap. I am not really afraid but I do not want to be on a ship that isn't allowed to dock or hasn't figured out how to deal with problems that may come with cruising in less than perfect times. I will wait a little while to see what happens and when the threat level reaches a point I think I can tolerate, I am cruising again. Again good luck with your future plans and I hope they all work out to make you happy.
  25. I thought Legionnaires' disease was caused by improper maintenance of the HVAC systems. Kinda unfair to compare to a virus that can be carried and passed on by anyone. I know when I was responsible for cooling towers, we had to maintain a proper level of biocide and algaecide in the water to prevent Legionnaires' and other airborne pathogens.
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