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  1. Oh no, at my +75 I still dance with the best of you all!
  2. Wow, I replied to Misty and Lois on their acknowledgement of my post...somehow it didn't post...weird. Anyway, I try to be in the background supporting my Cooler friends. One warm hug, and safe and lovely travels to all!
  3. Yikes! This is what I needed to finally accept that I am old!
  4. Always enjoy your posts, Keith, informative and entertaining. I was struck by the fact that you selected Spanish Paella on French Night? Certainly not cultural appropriation, as some would say, ...rather a refined taste for global food. With many paellas in my tummy over the years, I say to you, Santé and Salud!
  5. Do you all remember Miss. W.? She used to actually live in the ship ( Spirit or Cloud ?). I remember meeting her around twelve years ago...she smoked where she pleased, but the staff gently veered her to a solitary deck. I bet she had as many or more days.
  6. I've done at least eight and maybe six cruises in SS and SB, respectively, and all before 2019. I like the European flavor and formal dressing up of SS, but also enjoy the lively vibe of SB with lots of dancing and more exuberance than in SS. I wouldn't mind dancing in my lovely formal clothes...
  7. Hello Vince, thanks so much for the pictures. I have a question regarding the size of the shower stall. It seems quite small! I have only been in Serenity PH's where the stall is a comfortable size allowing you to easily move around. Was it the perspective of the picture, or is it really that small?
  8. Thanks for your reply...we'll just have to wait for information.
  9. Are you sure there will be no swimming pool? Odd. If true, a deal breaker for me. Although I, and most people I've met at the pool, don't swim much, it's very enjoyable to have the space to move and socialize.
  10. I enjoy dancing, my DH not so much. The dance classes are a lot of fun in Crystal, and then, dancing with the Ambassador Hosts is a real treat. I miss this in my otherwise enjoyable cruises in SS, SB, and Regent. If you like dancing, Crystal will not disappoint. Of course, the hosts will be available post covid....
  11. Duct Tape was the first person I met in my very first SS cruise in 2009. She was delighted to learn I was a pool person and said..."you won't miss me inside the pool; just look for the hat and gloves". Yes, one of a kind, and simply the best.
  12. You are correct, and we would not abandon our dog in a kennel...but we would also want to enjoy the cruise. Better leave our morkey in his doggie care. Thanks!
  13. Thanks, IB2. Your insight is indeed very helpful. We are seriously considering not taking our dog along. For a while it was a happy thought...
  14. Thanks for the suggestions!!
  15. As I said, I have bookmarked this "Spanish" cruise, although I will probably be paying through my nose, since I will have to wait to book. My last cruise was on Regent, ending early March 2020. My DH is overly cautious, and I just want to rush in...not only fools do that...So excited!!
  16. Our dog is an 8 pound Morkey. Although he may not need a dog run, we would be very unhappy if the kennel does not provide adequate space to play with other dogs and do some exercise. I understand the kennel provides a space to visit and play with your dog. Thanks for bringing up the subject, and I will research into the kennel offering. I totally agree that pets should not infringe upon passenger space and comfort.
  17. Received an email from SS earlier today. I am bookmarking the November cruise on the Dawn.
  18. Thank you both for your response! Great to know we would be enjoying the swimming pools! We understand about the dogs in the kennel...as it should be. Even we would be bothered by dogs around the passenger areas. Now to decide which TA to book!!!!
  19. My DH and I are considering a QM2 Transatlantic Return Trip NY-SH in 2022, and we would choose the Queens Grill accommodation. Some questions: 1. Are drinks all inclusive, or would we have to choose a drinks package? 2. We enjoy using the pool. Is it in good condition? Is it heated? 3. We have read we could take our small dog...is this still permitted? Thank you in advance for your help. I'm sure I will have more questions...
  20. JP and Lois, I also recommend this hotel. Not exactly downtown... a good 15-20 minute walk. However you can easily walk in the opposite direction to a charming museum called the Guilbekien (not sure of spelling), and to the Lisbon branch of Spain's Corte Inglés department store (excellent quality merchandise). Apart from vinho verde and Portuguese tarts, hand made embroideries and other textile crafts are worth looking into. Enjoy Lisbon...and hopefully return!!
  21. I had this same disorganized experience in Miami in February 2020. The contractor in charge of transportation actually provoked chaos...both by arriving late for registering passengers, and by letting passengers - who had not form the line for the bus - to run and mangle those patiently waiting, in order to board first. Those in the line that were unable to board (i.e. us) had to wait in line more than thirty minutes until a second bus arrived. Needless to say there were several elderly people affected. Based on this experience, I would recommend private transfer to the terminal.
  22. This for the ladies...The Seabreeze PH 's vanity is quite uncomfortably placed in a corner in the bedroom, right in the passageway to the bathroom. The vanity in the PH is located in such a way that it does not interfere with another person going to the bathroom while you comfortably sit in its stool. For this reason I much prefer PH.
  23. I was in 1124 two years ago in our first Crystal cruise and heard nothing. Wonderful PH suite!
  24. In March 2019, barely knowing about Covid, we took a Regent Explorer cruise from Miami. The hotel used was the Four Seasons. We had no problem with the hotel, but not a very good experience with the transport agency. As we booked a Penthouse, the transport from hotel to ship was included. We learned that we had to register with the agents at a certain hour in the hotel, and we were there on time. The agents were more than 30 minutes late, and began chit chatting among themselves while a few of us waited. Finally we were able to register, and to form a line to enter the bus upon arrival. They continued chit chatting and did nothing when a group of guests ran from the back of the line and pushed themselves to the bus. I guess these guests knew that more than one bus was necessary! Most runners were not young, and several very old people were being helped to run as well. My DH and I thought our first Regent cruise would be a disaster! Some of us had to wait around another half hour for the second bus to arrive. Thankfully, we enjoyed the cruise very much. I put the onus of this experience in the careless agency contracted by Regent. Hope enough people wrote about this situation in their evaluations.
  25. We have cruised Seabourn several times and Regent only once. You will find a better ambiance for dancing on Seabourn (the passengers are so lively!), but I was able to dance in Regent/Explorer and enjoyed myself very much...maybe I got some stares... The best dancing, however, has been on Crystal.
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