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  1. I agree with your comments - especially the part I bolded. What is it about a cruise that brings about actions reminiscent and more typical of high school or college days? I’m not annoyed by decorated doors but the whole idea of it is somewhat baffling. If people find joy in it, I guess that’s all that matters
  2. Allowed, of course, but I've only seen a few on the four Celebrity cruises I've been on. I always wonder what makes a person or group want to decorate their door on a cruise when they'd probably never think of doing it at a resort land hotel. Or maybe I just haven't been at the right land hotels 😊
  3. My husband and I cruised from Anchorage to Vancouver in May 2016. It was a destination that had always been on his bucket list. So glad we did it but once was enough for us. First, Vancouver is definitely worth coming in early for a few extra days. The dining scene alone is worth it. The city is quite cosmopolitan with an international flair representing cuisine from all parts of the world. Having once lived in Chicago, and now on the West coast, Vancouver is a fun get-away destination every so often. Very walkable. As far as hotels, the Pan Pacific next to the cruise port is definitely stellar with prices to match. A good alternative, at a more friendly price point, is the Executive Hotel Le Soleil which is a boutique hotel a short walk from the terminal as well as near many restaurants. As others have noted, it’s wise to plan on layered clothing options a la REI. I was so glad I purchased binoculars. Ended up buying binoculars that were a step above entry level but not ultra-serious constant use level. Take a look at Opticron Discovery 8x32. They are waterproof and work well if you wear glasses. Cruising a cooler itinerary opens up a whole new realm of warming alcoholic concoctions . . . so be ready to explore. Enjoy the planning.
  4. We were on the Feb. 1st. cruise and it was 7 pm and 9 pm at that time.
  5. I find it entirely fair that Holland is trying a new scenario by charging $10 for a second entree. They say they will still happily provide extra starters and desserts at no charge. Where on land can you go to a restaurant with tableclothes and menus and be waited on by staff and expect to get a free extra entree? If that is the desired type of dining, simply go to the buffet where you can get 2nds or even 3rds of anything. I’d like to think that maybe a decent quality of food could be preserved in the MDRs by limiting one entree per person at no extra charge.
  6. I have not cruised on the Reflection; but DH and I cruised on the Silhouette last month to the ABC islands. We had not sailed with Celebrity since 2002. We had taken a couple of Princess cruises the last couple of years. Based on our less than satisfactory experiences with anytime or open dining in the MDR on Princess, we booked an Aqua class cabin on the Silhouette. We are so glad we did! Service, ambiance and food was first rate in the Blu dining room on the Silhouette. It translates into paying an upcharge for a dining experience that was similar to (actually a notch above) the MDR on Celebrity more than a decade ago. After experiencing Aqua class dining, I would find it hard to go back to the MDR on Celebrity. It may mean cruising less often, but for us, that’s a trade off we are willing to make. I can’t comment on bar service since our alcohol consumption is mostly a bottle of wine at dinner.
  7. I am not the poster you directed your question to but I can give a personal example of a situation at sea when having been immediately reachable on my cell phone would have greatly helped a situation with my elderly mother. My husband and I took a 7 day Caribbean cruise in 1999 with Celebrity. My mother wasn’t in a critical health crisis when we left though she had her share of significant health problems. I was solely responsible for decision-making for her medically. On the last full sea day we spent most of our day around the pool and generally enjoying the ship. We were not in our cabin all day until close to dinner time. I then noticed athe blinking message light on the bedstand telephone. There was a message from 7 hours earlier about my mother suddenly being in a medical emergency and taken to the hospital. Needless to say, if I had been able to be reached on a cell phone (which I do take with me on cruises now and activated for calls and internet) I could have started the ball rolling with a lot of important decision-making and communications that needed to be made. So while I don’t feel a need to be tied to the internet constantly for personal entertainment, it does allow for people to travel with a better piece of mind when they have family members, young or old, who may need help.
  8. We avoid the whole hassle of printing out boarding passes by simply having the airline app on our iphones. Once check-in is allowed, we check in using the app and the boarding passes are downloaded onto our phones. Much simpler than having to keep track of a piece of paper. If you haven’t paid for any internet minutes on the ship, just wait until the ship has docked and your regular internet service will be available. Easy to take care of while you wait for your turn to disembark.
  9. Lunch time and very late afternoon didn’t seem to be too crowded in the firness center on the Silhouette a few weeks ago.
  10. We had a very satisfactory experience booking a future cruise while on board the Silhouette a few weeks ago. We knew exactly which cruise we wanted (New Zealand/Australia) in January 2021 and Aqua class - since we were really enjoying our first time in Aqua on the cruise we were on.j The future cruise rep was a Frenchman; and when I commented that he was the first crew member from France that I had seen on the ship, he gave a small chuckle and said most French crew choose not to stay very long in employment due to the demanding schedules but that he enjoyed it. Anyway, he politely explained our choices: $100 deposit (refundable) for each of us with a choice of 2 perks plus an extra $200 OBC; or $100 deposit each (non-refundable) with a choice of 3 perks plus an extra $200 OBC. We chose the non-refundable deposit with 3 perks: unlimited internet; gratuities; $150 OBC each plus an extra $200 OBC for booking on ship for a total $500 OBC. We picked the same cabin # we were currently staying in.
  11. My husband and I had very smooth communications using our iPhones on our Silhouette cruise this month. We both had unlimited wi-fi chosen as one of our perks. We put our phones on airplane mode; enabled wi-fi calling by tapping on settings; then phone; then enable wi-fi calling. As long as we were loggen on to the ship’s wi-fi, we could make calls as we normally do on land with no extra charges.
  12. We just returned a week ago from a cruise on the Silhouette in Aqua class. No crew member approached us the entire week about reserving specialty dining. We saw small tables set up frequently just outside the Oceanview Cafe or in a hallway near the Cafe al Bacio with a staff member very willing to take a reservation; but they never made a personal plea as we walked by. I hope our experience is more the norm.
  13. We just got off the Sillhouette a week ago. We were not asked about or given any health form questions to answer before we boarded. That is a change from any other time I’ve cruised.
  14. I’m disappointed to see meatloaf on the menu at all - be it made of kobe, regular beef or turkey. I grew up eating my share of meatloaf as a kid in the 50s and 60s and liked it fine; but I certainly wouldn’t choose it as a dinner item on a nice vacation cruise.
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