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  1. I am fairly certain that during my quarter-century-plus luxury cruising "career," one of the lines I frequented offered a program to hire men's formal wear. Does anyone else remember this? I outgrew my formal wear some years ago and allow a dark suit to suffice when I do not take meals (in permitted informal or casual attire) at the Grill or LaTerrazza on formal nights. 🙂 Is it time to restore such a program? After all, one can hire formal wear for weddings, etc.
  2. Understood. But I would never travel for an extended period without a jacket. Over the years, I have enjoyed several unexpected encounters with people that led to invitations (in one case to a rather fancy diplomatic event) that required a jacket. I would very much have regretted missing such events for want of a jacket. Needless to say, to each his/her own. 🙂
  3. I have encountered this on another luxury line. The problem is, when there is no financial skin in the game, people are more likely simply not to turn up for their reservation, thereby denying others the opportunity to dine there that evening. On the luxury line in question, people lined up at the premium restaurant hoping they would be able to capture a no-show table that was released after x number of minutes.
  4. On "Informal" evenings (the most common of the three) you can go casual at La Terrazza. I generally wear my jacket in transit, and then hang it up when I arrive at various destinations (hotels, ships, etc.) This saves space in packing.
  5. In fairness, most crossings have *some* port stops. 🙂
  6. The formal dress code is expected to be followed in most (but not all) dining outlets on the ship. There is no central ceremony/hosting. I suppose La Dame or Atlantide will appear to be the most formal.
  7. The entire Thermal Suite is available only to pass holders. Many of the amenities in the thermal suite are available elsewhere on the ship to all guests: outdoor loungers, jacuzzi, steam, sauna, showers. The only thing I think is unique to Thermal Suite are the heated ceramic beds (of which there are three or four.) Though sauna and steam, for example, are available elsewhere to non-Thermal Suite holders, everything in the Thermal Suite is of an especially high quality, even higher than elsewhere on the ship. Some people who buy a pass use it a lot. I have spoken with others who used it a couple of times and wished they had not invested so much money for something they did not much use.
  8. Sorry. I was not clear. There are sauna and steam rooms open to all at no upcharge on all of the many SS ships I have been on (that may be all but the Moon). The thermal suite facilities are available on Musified ships (Spirit, Muse, etc) are especially nice, they are unisex, and they have their own sauna/steam facilties. But even on these Musified ships, guests can use the "general" sauna/steam facilities at no charge.
  9. Yes. There is a charge, and a limited number of passes are sold in order to limit crowding. I think it may have been close to $100 for a 10 day cruise. They do sell out. If there is little demand, day passes may be sold. It's a very nice facility. Importantly, I am not certain that steam rooms and sauna are open in days of Covid. Reports would be welcome.
  10. These CD announcements of forthcoming event are really a nuisance, but it does not happen more than once a day. Apparently it is a firm requirement of corporate. The announcements are especially unwelcome when the CD tries to insert a bit of comedy act into the announcement. Does corporate think the SS guests are unable to read the daily Chronicle?
  11. There is no nickle and diming on my private yacht. None of the indignity of charges for such things as Internet or premium internet Frequent and long ship to shore phone calls Spa treatments Premium spirits and wines Fine cigars Excursions (including advertised but surcharged excursions beyond the limited list offered at no extra charge by some lines) Items from duty free Hairdressing/manicures I have never looked back since buying and staffing my luxury yacht after determining that I could no longer tolerate the nickle and diming of luxury lines.
  12. People who check Cruise Critic regularly often have access to the latest news related to cruising. But occasionally they have access to speculation or rumor passing as fact. Acting on the latter can be very hazardous and costly. One would hope and expect that anyone booking hotels or independent tours in India for February would be making highly flexible, fully refundable arrangements given the fluid nature of Covid. I well understand the desire to have official information as soon as possible; I am also uncertain about the status of my winter cruising in a time of Covid. But I do understand that canceling or significantly modifying cruises is not a simple matter for the cruise line. There are lots of moving parts that have to be looked after. Moreover, the cruise line does not want thousands of people calling at once to make alternative arrangements, etc. Thus, rolling out the cancellations gradually may be necessary.
  13. Thanks for this follow-up, and thanks to the couple who started and sheparded this entire initiative. Will we need a Delta encore?
  14. Welcome to travel in the time of COVID. Lots of things change between the time of booking and the time of travel. The requirement that one participate in ship's excursions to go ashore is a minor inconvenience compared with the major disruptions (cancellations of cruises, etc.) experienced by many travelers. People who expect everything to be spelled out at time of booking (months or even years before travel) should probably stay at home until the plague has ended.
  15. But isn't it the case that the Moon Asian itinerary would have been cancelled in any case because of the COVID situation in that part of the world? In many ways, this would appear to be a situation entirely beyond Silversea's control.
  16. I understand, and I apologize if I seemed insensitive. But I had thought it unlikely that those voyages would take place given the situations in India, Malaysia, the strictures in Singapore, etc. It may be that COVID is well under control in such countries and borders are open, with tourism encouraged.
  17. This would appear to be a very sensible move. The transition from the one ship to other should be seamless for guests. It appears that the suite numbers and locations are identical from one ship to the other. Moreover, Moon is currently staffed, etc. There should be zero concerns about sailing on the maiden voyage of ship with some remaining i's to be dotted and t's crossed. Am I missing something in thinking this makes good sense?
  18. Thanks for this. As I have explored news sites and CDC sites it appears to me that this applies only to air travel. I do not know the current restrictions on people arriving in US by sea. I hope that some member can cast some light on this matter.
  19. I cancelled several months ago and the refund came within two or three weeks.
  20. I believe the imposition of charges for La Dame is to control demand. A post today from Muse in Alaska describes the challenge of a guest to get a booking at La Dame. If it were a free good, the wait lists would be impossible. I too had a disappointing experience a few years ago at LaDame on Cloud. The ambience and quality of cuisine at the outlet on the larger, Muse-class ships is far better IMHO.
  21. Why do you insist on trying to reach these specific people? As I pointed out in a message to you earlier on this thread, the SS consultants freely cover for one another. If your consultant is ill or on vacation or otherwise unavailable, any consultant can assist you. In my earlier post on this thread I suggested concrete steps you can take. I quote: The consultants cover for one another. Just call 800 682 8517 and don't put in an extension number. I have had wonderful service from consultants who were covering for my absent consultant. I simply explain (as they can see) that my consultant is so-and-so and s/he is away. Are you saying that you tried this approach and the consultant you reached said s/he would not assist you?
  22. The link that Stumblefoot provided above answers nearly all of these questions. Note that most, but not all, of the listed restaurants are on Muse. The Muse outlets can be found in descriptions of the ship. That link also discusses reservations or open seating. Especially if this is a first cruise of a "classic" SS ship, you might want to book reservations for nights at restaurants that take them (e.g., La Terrazza, Grill, La Dame, etc.) Reservations can always be cancelled with appropriate notice.
  23. Options include La Terrazza (informal required on formal night), the Grill/Hot Rocks and the pizza restaurant (both casual).
  24. "Timely" may well be the operative word. Premature communication with "current" information that might well change in this fluid environment could also be costly. From what I know -- which is more than a little but certainly not everything -- Silversea shone in dealing with guests whose travels were rudely interrupted by Covid eruption.
  25. This apparently applies fleet-wide: https://www.silversea.com/best-luxury-cruise-deals/early-bird-cruises.html
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