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  1. My wife and I did a River Cruise down the Danube to Budapest with Viking 18 months ago. Its a very different experience from Ocean cruising and not really comparable. Food and Service where excellent and definitely a step up from P&O. Rooms were not much smaller than a typical inside cabin. As already mentioned stopping in the middle of the towns and cities is great and the free included tours where all excellent. You also get plenty of freetime to explore as your generally in one place for the whole day. The intimacy of a small boat is a bit of a double edged sword. Its great that you ge
  2. I had to rewind that Ad the other night as I couldn't quite believe they actually said it. Someone in Marketing obviously thought it was very clever but personally I find it distasteful and bit to all those who have lost loved ones and are struggling with this pandemic.
  3. Given the current infection rates and slow to non existent roll out of Vaccines across Europe I'd be surprised to see any European Cruises before September. When MSC and Costa restarted last summer infection rates were a fraction of what they are currently and their cruises where very restricted. P&O reckon its takes around 8 weeks to get a ship ready to sail again so even if we got on top of this current wave by the end of April it would be a July start at the earliest and may not be cost effective to have a very short European season for some lines.
  4. Last November on Norwegian Epic. from Rome, 7 days around the Med. Really great cruise and the weather was good for November. Also had a couple of nights in Rome pre-cruise. Feels like a long time ago now 😞
  5. Has anyone booked a new cruise without using FCC or refunded deposits? I would imagine they are getting desperate for some new money. So its not surprising prices have remained competitive. There's loads of great deals around at the moment for 2021 but with no idea what a future cruise will look like there's no way I'm parting with my cash.
  6. Our first was just 4 years ago on Independence of the Seas. 14 nights around the Med from Southampton. We had no idea what to expect .I wasn't overly keen but my OH wanted to give it a go . The whole experience was just amazing and we were hooked almost immediately. I can remember parking the car about 100 yards from the terminal and someone coming to collect the cases from the boot and thinking this is incredible. Half an hour later we having a drink on Deck! Walking into the Royal promenade on Indy for the first time was just mind blowing. From that first morning in Southampton we have
  7. Not being able to get off the ship without a guided tour would be enough of a significant change as this changes the whole cruise experience. The only way P&O could get around that one would be to provide free tours for everyone and have enough spaces everyday for every passenger.
  8. Nothing currently booked but happy to go as soon as we can. The biggest thing stopping us booking is not knowing what a future cruise will look like. For example on MSC if you want to get off the ship you have to be part of an organised tour. Getting off the ship to explore on our own is one of the reasons we enjoy cruising. If that is the only way forward for the foreseeable, I think we would be more likely to go for an All inclusive RCL or NCL trip for a week in sun with more entertainment options.
  9. How long are refunds taking at the moment? Just applied for a refund of a deposit from my September cruise. Should be sailing around Greece on Oceana as I type 😪 I was hoping to transfer it to another cruise but without knowing exactly what a future cruise will look like, and the possibility of yet another cancellation I just cant put myself through the disappointment again. There's also much better deals elsewhere if I was going to book.
  10. Yes , we managed to get away in August for a week in Kos. 5* all inclusive for less than £600. each . Can’t wait to cruising again . The current Model MSC have in place may be working but it’s not very appealing to me. Even with all the testing protocols it’s going to be a bit of a lottery as to whether a fellow passenger gets on board with the virus.
  11. Its easy to forget how much more expensive cruising is compared to land based holidays.😮 I suspect there will be many who don't return to cruising for economic reasons as much as covid restrictions.
  12. Does make you wonder if the cruise lines can or should be currently selling cruises? If these guidelines have to be adhered to then you are clearly not going to get what was advertised or what you paid for.
  13. A couple of days in Dubai before the cruise is our preferred choice but cruise options for next year are pretty much limited to P&O and MSC. On haven't got any spare leave to take want a an Extra day or two at most and stay and cruise options for P&O appear to be limited.
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