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  1. For those of you whose cruises went up, are you sailing soon? Just curious if you see less sales closer to your cruise date. I also suspect it has a lot to do with how full your sailing is too.
  2. I do know what you mean... I'm always one for exploring! We are going to probably just play it by ear anyway, stay on ship for a couple hours first thing and then venture out to just the port area, kind of like what @Doggielover68 suggested but in reverse. Perhaps I should also explain that we are spending the entire previous week at DisneyWorld with our 3 and 5 yr old nieces so we are very likely going to want a break haha! I'm thinking AC is probably the best port to do this at if we do it at all πŸ™‚
  3. I got a good deal on the Hilton Newark Penn Station for next September (3 nights over a weekend - $143 USD for Fri/Sat and $71.50 for the Sunday) https://www3.hilton.com/en/hotels/new-jersey/hilton-newark-penn-station-EWRHGHF/index.html It's attached to Newark Penn and takes you into New York Penn on NJ Transit/Amtrak commuter lines or to the WTC on PATH
  4. Darn! Looks like all of you have had yours go UP which sucks... I haven't repriced between April and now so maybe there was a lower price at some point but it worked out lower for me these last few days. If it wasn't for this board I wouldn't have even know how easy it is to do this though so I thank everyone for that! πŸ™‚ Hopefully the deal fairy will show up for some of you too, but it's also a good feeling seeing your cruise going up knowing that you locked it into a better rate in the first place. I am doing two cruises next year, second one on Carnival and first one on Royal - and WOW is the website experience for repricing is definitely better with Carnival. I barely know how much I owe on Royal (is it Canadian? Is it USD?) let alone think about repricing it - my cabin category is sold out there to boot - haha.
  5. I was wondering about this as well when we booked a 7 day cruise out of Long Beach in May of 2017. There were a couple groups of young college-age folks there but it was really nothing. In talking with other cruisers they were right that the college partiers are much more likely to take a 2-3 day cruise that time of year since there's so much going on, and you'd see more of them taking the longer 7 day cruises later on in the summer.
  6. For those of you who booked "Early Saver", it's worth a check for your cruise fares again today. I originally booked an Early Saver in April 2018 for a cruise in May 2019 which included a $50 OBC. On Black Friday I saw that my fare had gone down $136 with no OBC. So, I applied for the price guarantee knowing they'd retract my $50 OBC but it would still save me $86 overall. Applied through the form and they repriced my cruise making my final payment in February $136 less than it would have been (so really $86 since they took away my OBC) - yay. Then, today I had another look at Cyber Monday and there was my cheaper fare (the same one I rebooked to on Friday) WITH the $50 OBC. Applied for a reprice again, still got the same fare which truly saved me $136 since I ALSO got back my $50 OBC. NICE! I know next some people will wonder how you can tell if you booked an Early Saver (if you don't remember) and are eligible for price protection like this? If you're on a payment plan like most of us are, you'll get an email from Carnival every month when your payment comes out. If you look under the Guest Confirmation section, of the email you'll see your guest names, Contact Phone, VIP Club # /Level if you have one and a field called "NOTE". If it has a "1" in it AND you scroll down to the bottom where it says "Guest Notes", it will give you notes re: Early Saver terms & conditions (T&C) apply IF you booked under an Early Saver rate. Go forth and save some cash! I hope this helps someone out after all the help this forum has given me EDIT: The form to have your cruise repriced is located at: https://www.carnival.com/core/requestforms/priceprotection.aspx - however, if there is ANYTHING you don't understand about how this potentially changes your booking (like losing OBC over $50, or changing your cabin type etc) I suggest you call, or add notes for them to call YOU before they make changes in the Additional Comments. You probably will want to also select "NO" under Include Fares where Carnival picks your room unless you really want that inside cabin next to the galley. NOTE that both times they repriced they just sent me a new confirmation email with the new terms so I had to know what I was doing when I asked for the reprice πŸ˜‰
  7. Yep, trying to get the Chops Grille 20% off for the past hour or so and it's being a pain.
  8. Not. The. Melting. Cake! Quickly, someone notify the Daily Mail...
  9. Quick question - if you buy a drink package and cancel your cruise before 90 days out, do you get a refund for the package?
  10. I personally haven't been down there since it's been legalized and been asked myself, but apparently it's now a tactic if the border agent is having a bad day or doesn't like the look of you.... it's literally ridiculous that you could fly down to Denver, smoke a joint there, come back to Canada and go back down the following weekend and be deemed 'inadmissable' by being honest. Anyone who would actually CARRY it from Canada across the border to the US should know better, but that should be what they care about, not any past use. https://www.latimes.com/world/la-fg-canada-marijuana-immigration-20181015-story.html Here's our official government site saying they can't do much if some border agent decides that you smoking a joint legally last week in Canada isn't OK... "Previous use of cannabis, or any other substance prohibited by local law, could result in a traveller being denied entry to his or her destination country." https://travel.gc.ca/travelling/cannabis-and-international-travel And they've even given some stick to people just working in the industry... (which will hardly be uncommon now that people can make legit good money at it, knowing it's completely legal). https://www.thestar.com/vancouver/2018/07/05/canadian-cannabis-workers-targeted-by-us-border-guards-for-lifetime-bans.html I wonder how many Americans have been to Amsterdam and went to a cafe? I mean technically it isn't even LEGALIZED in the Netherlands, it's just 'decriminalized'? Ridiculous, isn't it?
  11. Wow, they were super lucky though! I couldn't imagine that happening now - I mean we can't even admit that we might have "seen" a marijuana plant, now can we... hahaha.
  12. Yes, this is for the Refreshment Package (which is the non-booze one). If the Deluxe one was $17 I'd probably never make it off the ship. Honestly though, too much good craft beer on shore in the Maritimes to be worrying about RC's Bud Lights 🍺
  13. Double post - meant to quote my post... TLDR: I can get the Refreshment Package for $17 for a Sept 2019 sailing so looks like it really doesn't matter if you've got one nearly a year away - worth a check for everyone.
  14. Yep - looks like it's on for $17 for then! Since I'm Canadian it shows $22.27 CAD, but that's about $17 USD. Thanks for the tip, will see if my mom wants to go for it πŸ™‚
  15. Oooo - I'm going to look at our September 2019 sailing and report back... probably won't be on sale though that far out.
  16. When are you guys cruising? Very likely before me (I'm on the Canada/New England Sept 16/2019 sailing out of QuΓ©bec) but if not I can report back. I'm in 1868 too...
  17. Just pretend the definition of "Urgent" is actually "You're going cruising in LESS THAN 90 DAYS - YAY!" No bother if you already had the payment date committed to memory I won't get this notice because this time I've went on the payment plan - I've got three more (Nov/Dec/Jan)... can't wait until Jan 28! (But then it's just time to pay for Cheers 🍸🍷🍹🍺πŸ₯ƒ)
  18. This is an awesome tip - yes it does work! Just mock-booked a horseback riding excursion I've been looking at and it did give a full 15% off the whole thing with my husband and I. Are there two people in the cabin? It should show two names in the "Shopping Cart" under the excursion before you move on to the payment screen... move to the payment screen, enter the code and apply (you don't need to put your credit card in) and it should calculate 15% off. If you go back to your shopping cart from the payment screen it should show both names with a 15% discount...
  19. I just mock-booked a massage appointment and the CSPA15 is working as of right now. Still waiting for the 2for1 Cheers package. (HAHA I know, wishful thinking!)
  20. Thanks all for the great discussion, you've given me some good ideas! @coldweather that waterfall excursion looks amazing, but I have a bum knee (broke my kneecap a few years ago and have a metal implant in it and it's never been the same). @Anyislandwilldo - we were just planning to walk around San Juan, but knowing that there's a free trolley now makes that even better, thanks so much! I think we are just going to wing it that day, will see what the weather's like too. If we go into the port at AC at all, we'll go later on after the initial rush but I think that's probably still the best port to do a 'part day' and not the majority of the stop. Might take advantage of some 'port day' spa deals too... maybe a nice massage will be in order....
  21. If this actually happened, I warn that this is a HUGE exception. A couple of years ago? Maybe in the 90s, or by the one border agent in the entirety of America who doesn't care. There is zero chance that this happens twice. You absolutely, positively must have a valid, non-expired Canadian passport or Enhanced Driver's License to enter the US, and I caution any Canadian who believes this is the norm. I'll guess that they actually had an Enhanced Driver's Licence that was the REAL document that they let them in with, the expired passport would be moot at that point.
  22. I am consistently reminded how odd it is that some Americans think they don't need ID while in foreign countries. I'm Canadian, and I couldn't even IMAGINE thinking I could get into the US (or any other country for that matter) without some type of ID, let alone back into Canada when I return. Considering how strict the US is with immigration (have you ever tried to re-enter your own country with someone from another country? I've driven across the border with American friends who get asked nothing, while I get the full workover.) I find it pretty short-sighted to think that you can just go to any other country and not have ID. This isn't meant to be offensive, but come on people, of COURSE you need ID!!
  23. The rental agency is sooo close to the pier they'd probably laugh at me, and quite honestly I don't know they could actually get in closer to the boat much further than I could walk haha. I can walk no problem, it's just my mom that I was concerned about. Definitely going to use the "Pick Up" option from Enterprise in other ports though! Ah... yes, I see it! Thank you SO much, now that I know where to look... I see the small blue/yellow sign with Via logo on it. This is exactly what I needed!! I'm sure we can make it together that far.
  24. You will generally roam on Bell Canada when you are with AT&T as they have an agreement (in the Maritimes it's Bell Aliant) - this will most likely not be included for free. Calls etc shouldn't be too much, it's the data roaming you'll have to watch. AT&T should be able to tell you what your plan includes while in Canada - she could also look into a pre-paid plan and have her phone unlocked / use pre-paid temporarily to avoid any unexpected charges. They'll have wifi in a lot of places too unless you're out driving in the countryside.
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