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  1. Thanks a lot for this - we are booked in on the 2020 April one so enjoying this a lot!
  2. I love posts like this. “I’ve read a rule that states X. Just wondering if it applies to me, or is it only for everyone else?” 🙄
  3. Your foreign port is likely Ensenada on this itinerary but the above does apply.
  4. I've got 3... cough! Carnival Eastern Carribean next month with husband Royal Adventure of Seas Canada/NE in September with my mom Carnival Spirit Hawaii next April with husband/couple best friends
  5. And I’ve got 8232!! Haha - the long balcony gang! I‘m on the April 10, 2020 Honolulu to Vancouver sailing - definitely looking forward to a review of this years version!
  6. SO tired of this puritanism. It's not 1778 anymore.
  7. I sailed the Miracle in 2017 and had no idea it had a retractable roof - we had great weather though! We're sailing the Spirit next year from Hawaii to Vancouver, and it might get used on that trip.
  8. No - it will be of help when you get back!! We don't go until May and I would love to see it if you would be so kind as to post!
  9. This "they'll be getting back pay" thing is no longer a fallback plan after 30+ days and no end in sight. With all the other bills they have piling up, I'm sure it IS a big deal to put a large lump sum on a cruise whenever this pay comes.... not to mention that 'getting back pay' doesn't help you buy groceries and food today.
  10. We're the ones that want to build a wall at this point.
  11. Are you saying that the Miami terminal did not close because CNN reported it? Other than being inflammatory, what is this response actually supposed to mean?
  12. "Just"? That would be a HUGE deal.........
  13. Love it.... and I take it his name is Harry? Haha - maybe I'll see the both of you at an Alchemy bar some day!
  14. I want the "cruise monkey" story....
  15. "A" site, or EVERY site? I believe that there are probably a lot of different sites for the webhost.... who knows where this one falls? And, I also know that there are service level agreements too, so depending on who they deem 'most important', you have no idea where CruiseCritic is on that list - and if there was someone manning trouble tickets during a holiday.
  16. And if I recall correctly, it doesn't really sound like she says 'deck' - hahahha. Seemed like it was an Australian accent.
  17. LOL, I do get it... but it's pretty funny that people think that things like this are a massive priority for a webhost company that very likely has been closed over New Year's Day (which was only, like yesterday, peeps).
  18. RIGHT? As someone who works in the industry, people who have the shortest fuse generally have the least idea of how things actually work - especially when you have to go between groups and log trouble tickets.... calm down, it will be fixed. Oh, and by the way... did everyone else enjoy their NYE and NYD? Do you think this was a priority for the webhost company (which things like this almost certainly lie with)? Guaranteed no, and they likely weren't even open to take the call.
  19. Nice! Alaska is on our list eventually too! As far as the weather are you speaking of the crossing or in Hawaii itself? I imagine it gets pretty cold on the ship the last day or two into Vancouver but coming from Sask it's all relative 😛
  20. Hi @Dreamer115! From Saskatchewan here, wondering if you're still planning this one! It's a definite, the Spirit sailings are now out for 2020. There is an April 10, 2020 sailing from Honolulu to Vancouver Friday April 10 dept Honolulu 11pm - this is actually Good Friday in 2020 Sat 11th - Maui Sun 12th - Hilo Mon 13th - Kona Tues 14th - Kauai Wed 15th-Sun 19th - Sea Days Mon 20th - Arrive Vancouver 8am We looked at this one and the reverse (Vancouver to Honolulu, but that one is not until September 25, 2020). Definitely look at the flights and that should help your decision - we are coming from Regina so the flights suuuuuck flying FROM Hawaii. We of course would be connecting through Vancouver and they're all late and overnight to Vancouver, and if you want to stay a few more days in Honolulu you'd be flying back on Canadian Thanksgiving weekend too (Oct 9-10$$$). However, flying TO Hawaii is much better, you leave in the AM (a decent time for you - we have to set out a couple hours earlier) and with the time change you get there around 1:30pm. We are looking at spending about 4 nights in Honolulu before the cruise, that way we adjust to the time change and relax before our cruise, and have no worries about missing a flight leaving on cruise day (and flights are CHEAP leaving for Honolulu on a Monday if you can afford the extra vacation days!) Then arriving back in Vancouver at 8am already adjusted back to BC time is awesome, just get off the boat and you're home (or in our case just jump a quick flight back to Regina). I think it's much better in that order as long as you can spare the vacation time and April works for you! Maybe we will meet up again in the roll call... trying to convince my husband we need to book this cruise sooner rather than later... ha ha!
  21. Following this - we are looking at this one too... is this the April 10, 2020 one? (Or are you going 2019?) We are from Saskatchewan so I love the idea of getting off the ship in Vancouver and then a short flight home vs having to fly all the way back from Hawaii and work the next day - it also will help ease us back into the 4 hour time difference to come back west. The one I'm looking at leaves Honolulu on a Friday (actually Good Friday in 2020) and arrives in Vancouver on a Monday.... we also plan to go to Honolulu earlier (Monday the 6th) and stay for 4 nights. Seriously considering booking this one soon.... Good to know that there's no FTTF though so I don't go crazy trying to get it - haha. Leaving so late in Honolulu though I don't even figure it's worth it, won't be any rush to get on the ship either as we have 5 whole sea days!
  22. Just miss the boat and they'll figure it out. Kidding. Just kidding.
  23. HELP. I already am looking to book another cruise to Hawaii now and I'm going on two in 2019, and only went on my first in 2017. Considering either the San Francisco/Hawaii circle 14 day or a bit longer in Honolulu with a 10 day one-way to or from Vancouver. Meh, who am I kidding. You guys aren't gonna help me with that. Which deck is good on the Spirit? Haha.
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