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  1. It finally did show up for me. At one point it listed all the packages on one screen including for 1-4 devices for unlimited and surfing. Good luck. I am using a mini IPad.
  2. I missed the change. I was finally able to see all the packages on my cruise planner. OP, I see your issue. When I selected one device the surf option did not show as an option.
  3. Thanks. Perhaps it is something new. It sounds a lot like one of the Princess Cruise options. Maybe it is something that will be announced soon?
  4. I am fairly certain it is not Princess’s intent for you to book a 28 day cruise, trade in one mini bar set up for two coffee programs good for 28 days, then have two additional mini bar set ups. But some people have reported they were able to do this. I just hope when Princess closes this loophole that everyone does not complain that it is another take-away. Enjoy it while you can. It would certain be reasonable for Princess to require you to turn in all three of the mini bar set ups to receive a coffee package for each segment. One or the other, but not both.
  5. What was the single device basic package? I have only seen the unlimited package for long time. Do you mean a package with a certain amount of minutes?
  6. I am confused by this statement. The on board document above does not say anything about on extra perk? Just wishful thinking?
  7. FritzlG, It sounds like you might be making a decision without having all the facts or a clear understanding of the facts. Of course, it is your right. 1. It is not clear why a 7:15 -7:45 PM TD will not work for you, but perhaps you are too old? (My attempt at humor) 2. You might want to research and find out if it is necessary for you to purchase a Medallion or get a different friend. (Another attempt at humor). If you wish to try a different cruise line, you might want to try a Celebrity cruise on their new Edge ship. A lot of mature people are complaining that the ship is designed for a younger crowd. Good Luck
  8. Jim, go enjoy your cruise. Did you notice that not a single stock moved in the US stock market today?
  9. Jim, I hope you both have a two great cruises. It is interested that the note concerning the Elite Captain Club Social Hour Lounge is the old wording. Nothing about enjoyed cocktails at other bars. I know it does not affect you because you have a Premium Drink Package.
  10. At least now, they might be improved “truth in advertising” with the new pricing model. Does anyone have a copy of the on board flyer since the change? The old “book on board and receive all four perks”, failed to mention that you were paying the best price or that the same deal was available when booking at home. Perhaps now, they we advertise: 1. Book on board with a low nonrefundable deposit for the lowest price. 2. Book on board, pay the two perk price, get two perks, and a refundable deposit. 3. Etc. Unless Celebrity changes the program, it will be very clear that a low deposit and additional OBC are the benefits for booking on board. Seriously, I like it better. I think the new pricing model is much more honest and easy to understand. Of of course I have yet to see the new on board booking flyer.
  11. I wonder if they changed the beds. Do they still have the electronic controls for position, etc.
  12. The everyday day menu on Edge is a substitute for the MDR menu that is not offered on the Edge. Since the Luminae kitchen on the Solstice Class in adjacent to the MDR kitchen, they offer the full MDR menu including the everyday items. Escargot is my favorite.
  13. It would be good if they did. I would not think that it is a common occurrence, especially with Celebrity’s liberal policy on spouses(people at the same address) getting the same status.
  14. Sorry, although I know you are kidding. Your experience does show that the Princess system might not work as advertised. Since you were on the waiting list, you should have been notified. Obviously Princess should not show a cabin available on line if there is a waitlist. You just worked the system. I would have done the same thing. Perhaps the waitlist was deleted in error. Not your problem to “figure out”.
  15. Not too sure that the other 7 people on the waitlist were has happy. Thus the reason that I will keep monitoring the cruise.
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