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  1. @MrElvis, is your 14 day cruise also sold as two seven day segments?
  2. Interesting approach. Princess only requires you to maintain a cash balance/deposit on your account? Or are you suggesting that Princess does not require any charge card information or for you put any cash into your account?
  3. If you would be disappointed with a connecting cabin, I suggest you do not bid.
  4. @Miss Melly, I cannot give you the specific route, but I would think that you could use an elevator to get to the Sanctuary.
  5. Things might change in the future, but with AA you do not need to use an AA Credit Card to purchased your ticket. This is true with United airlines.
  6. All you need in one of their charge cards and you and the others on your reservation get one bag for free.
  7. Obviously you have not been following the AA changes over the last couple of years. It is true that they want you to book on line via AA.com. Major emphasis on earning miles with charge cards and shopping. Mostly focused on Credit Card spending. Does anyone know the name of the consolidator that Princess or other cruise lines use?
  8. Let us make it 100% as she indicated on her initial post. It was an emotional time for them and it may have been hard to think logical.
  9. I used it a few times for drinks last year. (Once to our cabin). IMO this process is better in theory than it is in practice.
  10. I suggest you log into your Princess.com. 1. see photo. You can try clicking on luggage tags and travel summary. Scroll down to print summary and see if it shows there. 2. You should have an invoice showing the cost of your cruise with your deposit and what is included. When I use a TA, this is created by my TA. If I book direct from Princess, the invoice will be created and sent to you directly from Princess. Both of these documents will show what is included. 3. You could try to book an excursion and the Princess OBC will show up so you can use it to pay for the excursion. i have never seen what you attached with an OBC on each option. Since it is just a step in the booking process it does not really mean anything as it is not booked. The next page might show the OBC. For instance, I always get Military OBC, but it does not show up on the photo you show, but is reflected after I book only. Good luck. What category did you book. Is this the December 2024 Sapphire? I notice it does not include the up to 40% off statement that is now included.
  11. @mamafun, Awesome for you. How exciting. The anticipation is part of the fun.
  12. @Snaxmuppet, thank you for the follow up. I will see what I can find out on my April cruises.
  13. Your explanation is very helpful and it makes a lot of sense to me as I was getting more confused. Is your 5 minutes, just an example? Or is it really 5 minutes? I know they reserve the right to make it what they want. The bottom line is that the more we enter our cabin (with the limitations), the more entries we have? If we came back to our cabin at different times, we will increase our odds? (This part seems ridiculous to me). Thank you for taking the time to provide an explanation. It is much appreciated.
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