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  1. Nicely done. Very well balanced.
  2. jagoffee

    EZ Air - mixed seat class possible?

    Can you book what you purpose directly with the airlines? What airlines? Would it be less expensive?
  3. jagoffee

    Last minute vs. Move up...some insight

    Never mind.
  4. jagoffee

    on board booking transfer

    And I suspect the perk was also available for any booking on the new cruise. Over the last couple of years, I have moved on particular on board booking 3 times. I was able to modify my perks depending on where I moved the booking. It is now a 14 day for January 2020.
  5. I suspect the February 2020 or 2021 might be significantly different as there has been very high initial demand for the new Edge. Also from my experience comparing two shorter cruises B2B to one single cruise using resulted in the B2B being more expensive. The Premium Mark Up for the Edge does not seem worth it to me, but the overall experience might be superior for some people. Personally I am glad that we will still have the Solstice Class as an option. Might be two different markets, which is a good strategy IMO.
  6. Wonderman3, Excellent job. Thank you.
  7. jagoffee

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    You should have plenty of time to cancel before your final payment is due. I do not think Princess ever guaranteed exact time by policy or practice, but this is a significant change.
  8. I agree that the CC status is not considered. Which cruise are you considering. $500 pp seems like a lot to me for a difference between the lowest level and a GTY. Good luck.
  9. jagoffee

    Anyone drop a perk after booking?

    It is a possibility that someone may be confused about all the information. if your sister and brother in law on in one cabin, he may pay a surcharge if he is planning to cruise alone. How long is the cruise and what category is he booked?
  10. jagoffee

    Booking with perks?

    Or share the details of the cruise. Ship, date, category, and we can see if you are misunderstanding. Are you using one of the special rates? Resident, senior, military? does one of your numbers include the taxes and port charges and the other not?
  11. jagoffee

    Edge standard (not iv) verandah photo

    Too bad. How do you know that it has been disabled and not just malfunctioning? hiw do you like the Edge otherwise?
  12. jagoffee

    Last minute vs. Move up...some insight

    Bruin Steve, I am not sure you should deduct the gratuities from your analysis. If you win a Move Up bid, you get to keep all the perks that came with your original booking. (You also only get the CC points for your original booking.) Since Celebrity is selling the cabin that you are bidding for and the cabin you would give up without any perks, Celebrity would make more money selling the cabins as GTY to other people. They will assume the people in the cabins will spend more money on board without the perks. You have good choices: 1. Keep you Move Up bid and hope you get a better cabin at a slightly higher price, keep your perks, and get your original CC earning points. Your atA is not involved in this transaction. 2. Pay more money (still less than your original cost plus move up offer), give up your perks (unless they are TA perks), and earn more points for your cruise. The TA is involved in the transaction. 3. Stay with what you have. If your Move Up bid is not accepted, you will receive an email telling you about 3 days before the cruise. You can remove or change your bid anytime before it is accepted. Mason525, just in case you did not know. You can go on the Celebrity website to see if any Move Bids are being accepted. You do not have to get an email. I would not bother checking until 30 days before your cruise. Good luck to you both.
  13. Interesting. I am not sure the constant increase in Suite pricing can be explained by Supply and Demand only Good luck to your DH. We also sail on Princess, but it is always based on the itinerary. We enjoy the Celebrity Solstice Class ship more than the Princess options. We usually find Celebrity a better value. The Princess Sip and Sail special does close the gap. No way the Princess loyalty cocktail party/drinks compare to Celebrity’s version. But on Princess if you are Elite you get a free mini bar set up.
  14. jagoffee

    Decision time Ft Lauderdale hotels

    My first choice was Pier66 until I found out the tower section is closed. i went with the Hilton Marina.
  15. jagoffee

    Kobe beef meat loaf on the menu tonight

    Actually Caesar salad was first created in Mexico. And yes, it can be Caesar salad if he does not come from Mexico.😇😇