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  1. I read a response letter to an individual on FB. Celebrity stated that they will be additional benefits added to the CC program in the future after the AI bookings are fully implemented. For some time there will be a mix of older bookings (without AI) and newer AI bookings. I read that to mean that they do not wish to improve a lot of extra benefits until everyone is on the AI program. I also believe some of the changes are temporary due to COVID protocols.
  2. Thanks for the follow up/clarification. I am not sure what surprises me more. 1. That a cruise that you booked in July with the Best package had not significant gone up in price in November. 2. Or that the change adding the AI pricing doubled the price of the cruise. It is good to have a real life example. Are you sure that you did not make some kind of calculation mistake?
  3. Your assumption that the cost difference is because of the AI pricing might not be correct. Pricing has gone up significant prior to this change. It may be because if Supply and Demand caused by the shut down and cancelled cruises. Or did you check the pricing right before the AI pricing change? for many years I have see price increases on cruises after I have booked. Some hard to believe pricing at times.
  4. The residents of Key West have the right to make this decision. No doubt that multiple large cruise ships change the downtown area dynamics during the day. The residents will need to make up the lost tax revenue and they are likely to see a drop in community services. They will just need to operate with less and pay more. I would guess that some local activists assured them that this would not be the case. I am not convinced that they had all the necessary facts, but neither do I. I suspect in five years, they may realize that they made the wrong decision.
  5. If Celebrity releases their additional cruises by 1/31/2021 you should be OK. This is Celebrity’s standard practice. But with all the uncertainty surrounding cruising, it might not happen. Perhaps Celebrity was being generous and extended the date to 1/31/2021, so they would have time to release the new cruises. Princess just cancelled a large group of 2021 cruises without any price protection for rebooking. Just an opportunity to get a 25% FCC on the deposit value if you do not request a cash refund.
  6. Although I agree that Always Included includes more (actually less than the very popular top level of 123 or BBB), it is still a long way from “All inclusive)
  7. For sure. Only the ones that are available and perhaps need to have the price reduced. Customers that are willing to pay more with get the better choice of categories and cabin locations by booking earlier. There is nothing to stop Celebrity from offering the “90 day prior” less costly price earlier than 90 days if the cruise bookings are slow. It is just an assumption that some people are making that those level of costs will be added to the overall cost of the cruise. This is an incorrect assumption IMO. The market will dictate how much more if any that people are willing to p
  8. jg51, You know that Celebrity has decided to increase the always included value on every cruise by implemented an Always Included approach. It is obvious that you do not appreciate this new value proposition. IMO the market will determine how much people are willing to pay for this value. Celebrity is not forcing you to “buy” an internet package, “buy” a Classic drink package, or pay a service/gratuity charge. As long as you look at it this way, you are destined to be disappointed. Perhaps you should wait a while until this artificial demand goes away (from the shut down and al
  9. I suspect the CC Host will be more active with the added smaller events instead of just a few large events. There are likely be many more small gatherings, which might even require a second CC host. The CC hosts are also likely to be busy answering questions and explaining the enhancements. Once large gatherings become safe again, I suspect even the large gatherings will return. My wife and I stopped attending the large gatherings several years ago. No ship has a space large enough to host those kind of events if everyone eligible actually attended. Personally I prefer the smaller more e
  10. Concierge Lounge Is not equivalent to the Celebrity’s Retreat/ Michael Club. I have no knowledge of the other facts, just that one.
  11. What % of Celebrity adults have had at least the Classic drink package over the last two years? I suspect it is a large majority. I cannot even remember the last time I did not have a drink package. The 123, 123 Go, and the BBB have been around a long time. (Confusing for some for a long time) Therefore the value of the CC free drinks has been an issue for a long time. The Always Included is certainly simple to understand. Supply and demand will determine what the market is willing to pay for this simpler program. The artificial short term demand (because of the shut down) will take
  12. Our January 24 cruise final payment was due 11/24. Great move on the part of Princess for our cruise and every impacted cruise after that date. Since our cruise was for 15 days, I did not expect our cruise to sail. I am a little surprised that you are shocked that your January 16 cruise is not sailing and you made the final payment. You might be the only one.
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