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  1. You might want to check out WI to test your theory.
  2. I have also never had a problem. Perhaps the times when a suite guest’s service is three day might be because it was not marked for the same day service. I would not think the Elite laundry volume would impact this suite benefit.
  3. Our first trip around the FP was with the Renaissance Cruise line. R3 or R4.
  4. I am not planning on cancelling my January 2021 cruise. I will re-evaluate that decision when the final payment is due.
  5. I believe the RS internet package is for more than one device per person. Four devices for two people if I recall correctly.
  6. Yes, it is. Only soda from the fountain, not cans.
  7. I did the same thing yesterday after reading this thread. When I did a dummy booking, I saw the Premium Beverage Package listed on the Retreat cabin selection area as standard. ( with the other cabin category options) It contained an asterisk. The footnote stated that the Premium Drink package was not applicable to The Celebrity and Sky Suites.
  8. I can confirm based on my last several cruises in a RS that the gelato was unlimited. I believe I initially found out on CC and then I confirmed it on board at the Gelato station. I do not recall it being listed anywhere. I suppose it could be covered under the general Specialty Dining definition? Are you saying that you were charged for Gelato while staying in a RS or PH?
  9. Thank you to everyone for your great input. The valuable input is very much appreciated. As Mura says I am sure we will be very pleased in any of the OC’s.
  10. I cannot seriously envision a cruise where social distance can be maintained all the time or even most of the time. People will need to be willing to accept some level of risk, perhaps forever. If one is not willing to accept some level of risk, you may need to only vacation when there are not a lot of people. Some of the mentioned suggestions will not eliminate the potential spread of any infectious disease IMO, but they might make some people “feel” safer. Six feet apart during shows, at bars, at the pool, while arriving or departing the ship does not seem practical to me. Frequent washing of hands, not shaking hands, and frequent sanitizing are no brainer activities. Testing and health checks during boarding and randomly with contract tracing during the cruise would likely have the most impact, IMO. But of course it will not eliminate any possibility of getting infected. On board testing capability with plenty of testing supplies should be a requirement.
  11. Thank you to everyone for their input. I am sure that since there are only a few OC’s under the Gym the universe for input is small. Mura, I understand what you are saying about Deck 11 Aft OC’s. I have stayed in several aft corner suites on other cruise lines and it is a great view in two directions. This is usually our preferred choice. As I mentioned, in the case of the Deck 12 OC’s we are concerned about the lack of a slider in the bedroom. The pictures make it look more like an Oceanview cabin when in the bedroom. (The rest of the cabin looks amazing). Mura, do you consider this a trade off worth doing? (Obviously you do) Or do I have the wrong impression? (Always possible) My wife and I have discussed this trade off several times. She really values day light and views at all times. Our curtains are almost always open unless in port. Happy wife, happy life. I am having trouble getting input on the OC’s under the Gym. By using the search function, I did find at least two people that said the noise was not an issue. I have not found any feedback saying that noise was an issue. I was just a little surprised, so I was looking for confirmation. Thanks, again.
  12. I know that the Emerald has done this itinerary. Our version was in the fall. Prior to shutting down, Bora Bora were implementing restrictions concerning the number of passengers allowed to visit on any given day. They want smaller ships as the islands cannot support large numbers of passengers on a single day. Perhaps they will rethink their plan given the long shutdown. I would guess the bigger ships like the Royal class would be more apt to visit on a Transpacific cruise. The Pacific Princess is an ideal size for that area.
  13. I have used the search function and researched the Oceania Suites (OC) on Deck 12 (as well as Deck 11). Thank you to everyone that have previously posted on this thread as I found many of the posts important in my decision process. I have settled on Deck 12 even though I understand that the Deck 11 Aft suites have a very large corner balcony. It was a difficult decision as we frequently cruise in AFT corner suites on other cruise lines. My wife and I really like a lot of light and put a high value on the view from inside the cabin, therefore the sliding door in the bedroom won out for us. I know the OC’s are in the Forward section of Deck 12. I have tentatively booked cabin 12008, which was the furthest back choice on the Port side. I know that the Port, even numbered OC’s, are under the Spa area. And the Starboard, odd numbered OC’s, are under the Gym/work out area. Based on my experience on other ships, I would normally avoid cabins under a Gym/work out area. I also noticed that most of the OC’s available in January 2022 are on the ones under the Gym, which leads me to believe that it is not much different than other ships/cruise lines. But I have not been able to find any posts where people have found the OC’s under the Gym to be noisy. (A few comments saying noise was not an issue) For those that have stayed in OC under the Gym, what has been your experience? Thank you in advance for your help.
  14. Thank you for your quick response. Looks to be similar to Celebrity's policy.
  15. On Celebrity there are two types of OBC. One is non refundable OBC (usually from Celebrity) and another is refundable OBC (usually from a TA or purchased). What about Oceania’s OBC? Is OBC that comes from a TA usually refundable? By refundable I mean do you get a credit back to your Charge Card if you do not use it? Or can you get cash on the ship? Thank you.
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