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  1. Crazy world these days. An individual company including cruise lines should not be determining what qualifies as fully vaccinated. The WHO, CDC, or individual country’s health department should be making these determinations within their respective country. IMO they need to step up and be clear about what is considered fully vaccinated. They should be held accountable. Bureaucratic B.S.
  2. The best feature of the wine bar on the Solstice class ships was that hardly anyone was even in it. I have never experience the Equinox’s version in place of the Wine Cellar. We loved the Wine Cellar.
  3. So true. Thank you again for taking time out of your vacation to try and help others. It is truly appreciated. I am confident that most people feel the same.
  4. Thanks for reporting your experience. It makes us future passengers feel better. I am not surprised. Any do not miss excursion recommendations? We are doing the Jet Boat for sure. keep enjoying your cruise.
  5. I believe you are correct that the CDC’s CSO now being a recommendations only has nothing to do with proof of 100% full vaccination. The CSO does not even require 100% vaccinations. Nor does the CDC, FDA, or the Administration have a reliable source/method for determine fully vaccination status. Or even whether things like mixed vaccines qualify. As far as determining someone’s status after departure and kicking them off the ship, I assume you are joking. That would be an expensive lawsuit and perhaps even subject to criminal prosecution. Just in case you were wo
  6. We are also doing this cruise with another couple. We have always been more excited about the itinerary than the on board experience. We are hoping that “most of the issues” being reported are start up related. I have tempered my expectations for the whole ACL experience. I have never expected the experience to be as good as an European river cruise. Just like I know the US based NCL Ocean Cruise experience is not as good as other Ocean cruises. But I still anticipate that we are going to have a great time. Due to a significant change to our AA flight from Chicago (non sto
  7. I am not the OP, but I am also possible confused. Perhaps the article is not very clear? The CDC CSO has been declared illegal and not enforceable. I assume the CDC has a rule that applies to all transportation across the US that requires masks when in transit. I assume that since this an across the board requirement it is legal. (Not clear to me from the article). I believe the CDC is saying that if a cruise line voluntarily follows their CSO, then they will get a waiver on the across the board indoor transportation requirement. Thus masks do not need to be worn inside if
  8. Does your TA keep you CC information on file? Mine does not for security reasons. I have to give them my CC information each time I make a deposit or final payment.
  9. I certainly understand your position, but I do not understand how that applies to this court ruling. Even if the CDC requirements were to remain in affect, the CDC does not require (nor has it ever) required all passengers to be 100% vaccinated. This “Round” does not really affect that decision based on my understanding.
  10. Most likely. It depends on how much help you need with your cruise selection and other decisions.
  11. From my experience, the Luminae is two top centric. But they move tables around to create four tops as needed. They also set up larger configurations as need. I always see one of two groups of six. I also see larger groups occasionally. I try to stay far away from those tables from the large groups and it is always very noisy. On the S class, they put the large table if needed in the back section. The two tops are close together, so they are close to being a four top with each twosome ordering separately. Certainly easy to engage in conversation. I view it has a
  12. Good point. They certainly have a better understanding now and options.
  13. Why not put yourself on the no deposit wait list until you have completed your evaluation of other options? It seems you are having an issue because your desired cabin category is not available. If it was not current waitlisted, you would have been OK providing a deposit for a cabin. I understand that paying a deposit gives you priority on the waitlist, but I cannot imagine that I would pay a large deposit just to get on a waitlist. However I would make a reservation for a category that is available and then ask to be put on a awaiting list for another category. .I am fairly co
  14. GeorgiaPeach51, Thank you for taking the time to explain what happened in your situation. It is helpful and it makes a lot of sense. Very thoughtful of you. Have a great cruise.
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