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  1. https://bocanewsnow.com/2021/04/08/florida-covid-drama-huge-surge-in-new-cases-record-set/
  2. Perhaps the politicians in Florida should raise the ridiculously low unemployment benefits in the state if they really cared.
  3. Tried Carnival, believe me, it is not the children that are a problem on Carnival ships, it is the adults!
  4. Exactly!! The ones not getting vaccinated impact all of us!
  5. My guess, is not so much that it is a "go," but that it just ha snot yet been cancelled but will be.
  6. It all depends on if and when the airline tickets are issued and the fare rules of the fare purchased. Once the tickets are issued, airline rules apply and not NCL rules.
  7. HIPPA doesn't mind you making it public, just not others doing it. I think they will be needed so we can comfortably travel without being exposed to those who chose to not get the vaccine. We restricted smokers, now it is time to restrict the unvaccinated.
  8. Most likely to allow them to implement spacing and capacity controls. Many, many things are going to be different. That is why we are not booking anything at this time, as no one really knows exactly what they are buying at this point.
  9. Not true at all. It was a total myth that the former president closed the borders. It was Canada and Mexico land borders only. Flight with foreign internationals have continually landed in the US through out the past year and continue to do so.
  10. No as it would not work the same. In those countries, there is one set of rules for everyone. Here you have each state making their own rules and we all have to deal with the fallout from the idiots leading some states and removing all restrictions so there is no consistency in protocols in the US as there is in other countries.
  11. That is all a myth. He did not discover anything new or unknown. He was not proving the world was round - that too was already known. He was trying to find a shorter route to India, and failed.
  12. Decisions tend to be made looking at global numbers, not one county
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