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  1. Crisy, I have really enjoyed your blog and accompanying photos. Are you really in the inside passage? Looking at the map of your cruise, it appears that the journey from the Hubbard Glacier to Sitka takes place in the Gulf of Alaska which is open ocean. Is the map wrong? Dave
  2. You do get a card which you use to access your suite. It is approximately the size of a credit card and it is kept in a small fold over gizmo that fits nicely in a pocket. Dave
  3. Debra, Since I’ve never been in that suite I am just speculating but I wouldn’t like to be that close to one of the tenders. There might be noise issues when the tender is being used or when maintenace or repairs on the tender are being performed. Also the view from 642’s balcony will probably be impacted a little more than the view from a balcony a little further aft. Dave
  4. Debra, I think you’ve picked an excellent area of the ship. We’ve been in 645 and 649 with 647 booked on our cruise in November. I’m not crazy about the location of 642. I just checked and of the available suites in the same area, dependent upon the side of the ship you want, I would select 646, 651, and 653 or 654 in that order. Hope this helps. Dave
  5. Bill, the 30 day hold limit is only partially correct. See message number 20 above. Dave
  6. The void area on deck 10 above 906 contains cabins for ship’s officers. So overhead noise shouldn’t be a problem. Dave
  7. While online USPS mail holds are limited to 30 days, it is possible to get a longer hold. Local post offices have a form to fill out for holds longer than 30 days. A local post office manager has to approve the request. We have done 40 to 60 day holds a number of times. Dave
  8. Both of you are talking about the same indoor smoking area. What TC2 calls the inside smoking lounge is officially called the Connoisseur Club. It is the only indoor smoking area on the Explorer. The only outdoor smoking venue on the Explorer is the glass enclosed area on the pool deck opposite the pool bar. Hope this helps. Dave
  9. It’s an “Artful Traveler” cruise. See https://www.rssc.com/cruises/EXP200504/activities/onboard#tabs for information. Dave
  10. Here you go: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2658824-explorer-suite-photos/. Dave
  11. Oops, I didn’t read carefully enough, sorry. What I said above, applies equally to specialty restaurant reservations. You will be able to make all your specialty restaurant reservations at the same time. Dave
  12. TC, You have been fooled by an optical illusion due to the angle of the photograph. Actually, there is a two to three foot clearance between the end of the bed and the wall. The wall distance between the window curtain and the beginning of the bedroom gives you a truer picture of the distance. Also see the previous photograph in the article. Dave
  13. I assume your 32 night cruise was booked as a single cruise with a single booking number. In that case, when you pre-book excursions for the first segment of the cruise, you will also be able to pre-book excursions for the second segment at the same time. Even if each segment was booked under a separate booking number, you would be able to pre-book excursions for the second segment at the normal time for pre-booking excursions. You would not have to wait until you had completed the first segment. Whoever told you otherwise was not correct. Dave
  14. Clarky and John, I'm sorry you had subpar experiences on the Mariner. Hopefully your next cruise will be much better. I think it's important to recognize, though, that staff assignments on Regent cruises are not static. The staff move around between the Regent ships. There is no guarantee that staff such as the F&B Manager and the GM will still be on a particular ship in the future. Even if the staff you want is still assigned to a particular ship, they may be on a two or three month vacation when your cruise sails. If you expect certain staff members to be aboard your future cruise, you may be setting yourself up for a poor experience. I think the most effective thing you can do is to let Regent management in Miami know about your problems on the recent Mariner cruise. Dave
  15. The World Cruise in 2021 consists of seven segments. Unless things have changed recently, on each segment, you will be guaranteed one online precruise reservation in each specialty restaurant. So, at a minimum, you can eat seven times in Prime 7 and seven times in Chartreuse. Considering the length of many of the segments, you should have no problem getting additional specialty restaurant reservations. Hope this helps. Dave
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