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  1. I think mj_holiday’s advice is sound. Your major problem may be that San Diego is the first US port after leaving Miami. So a customs and immigration inspection to clear the ship will be necessary there. A couple of years ago, friends were on a Miami to San Francisco cruise which stopped in San Diego. The customs and immigration inspection took place on the ship the morning of disembarkation. This caused a delay of at least an hour or two before passengers could get off the ship for their excursions. This may happen again unless CBP sends agents to Ensenada to get on the ship and conduct inspe
  2. Before this dress code thread gets too far out of hand and follows the usual pattern, it is important to remember that while everyone is entitled to their opinion about proper dress, the only opinion that counts is Regent's opinion. If Regent's dress code allows items such as aloha shirts and golf shirts, then by definition they are appropriate to wear in the dining rooms and elsewhere on the ship. If you stick to the Regent dress code, you'll be ok. Dave
  3. I agree that on the final night of the cruise, shorts have not been allowed after 6 PM. However, the dress code FAQ states that the dress code on the final night of the cruise is Casual. Casual is defined in the FAQ as including shorts. I think some editing by Regent is in order. Dave
  4. The air credit is $300 per person for everyone except those in the Regent Suite. They get first class air included or a credit of $1000. Dave
  5. Ann, here’s a link to the Sapphire Reserve guide to benefits (Guide to Benefits). Dave
  6. I don’t believe Chase will only cover the amount charged to the card. The guide to benefits for the Chase Sapphire Reserve card provides: “No benefit will be paid for any Eligible Travel Expense unless a portion of such Eligible Travel Expense has been charged to the Account.” For trip cancellation, “Eligible Travel Expenses“ is defined in the guide as: “Eligible Travel Expenses are Non–Refundable prepaid travel expenses charged by a Travel Supplier (Travel Agency, Tour Operator, Provider of Lodging, rental car agency, Rented Recreational Vehicle Provider, c
  7. Not to worry. I checked and your cruise is about 2/3 full as of today. I sincerely doubt Regent would cancel it because of too few passengers. Dave
  8. John Bannon must be new. I’ve always cruised with John Barron. 😂 Dave
  9. For your cruise, the hotel credit would be $180.00 per person or $360.00 for a couple. Dave
  10. Your TA should be able to have the code added to your reservation. Hope this helps. Dave
  11. Call the Regent reservation number and ask to be connected to the Air Concierge. They should be able to help you. Dave
  12. We had four cruises canceled by Regent in April and May. For our first cruise back, we booked the December 20 Caribbean and January 3 Panama Canal cruises back-to-back on Explorer. Dave
  13. DaveFr


  14. alidor, we are booked on this cruise. I’m really looking forward to it. If Covid is still a serious problem a year and a half from now, things will be much worse than simply missing a cruise. I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed. Dave
  15. For the Nov. 2022 Lisbon to Cape Town cruise, Regent is using the Olissippo Lapa Palace Hotel in Lisbon for the included pre-cruise land program. Hope this helps. Dave
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