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  1. On October 6, 2020, I canceled my December 7, 2020 cruise two or three days before the 60-day final payment date. The entire deposit was refunded minus the $100 per person administrative fee that can be applied to a future cruise. The normal cancellation penalties between 60 and 120 days were not applicable. Dave
  2. I've never had to get approval to bring in prescription drugs but here's a link to the Singapore Government page you need for the approval process. (https://www.hsa.gov.sg/personal-medication/apply-approval)
  3. For line 80 on the “Full Cruise Fare” tab, refund received Nov. 10. Dave
  4. You can open the Regent website and scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Then click on “UPDATE MARKETING PREFERENCES“ and, in Step 1, indicate that you want to be removed from all lists. It’s worth giving it a try. Hope this helps. Dave
  5. For line 20 on “Other. . .” tab, refund received 10/28/2020, posted 10/30/2020. Dave
  6. For row 37 of deposit only tab, refund posted to credit card on 10/14/2020. Dave
  7. 2. You’ll be able to make an online reservation for four people. When you make the reservation online, you’ll be asked if you want to share a table. It’s counterintuitive but you must say no. If you say yes, then Regent Will assign people to the table and you may not be seated with your friends. After saying no you will be asked if you want to assign anyone else to the table. At that point you will enter your friends’ names and booking number and the table will be made up of the four of you. Reservations will open at midnight in the eastern time zone. So if you make reservations from Texas, yo
  8. I emailed help about reinstating the confirmation requirement. They looked into it and reinstated the confirmation requirement a few days ago. Today that requirement has disappeared again. I give up. Dave
  9. ???? Have you received notice that the cruise is cancelled or are you assuming it is cancelled because it is waitlisted? If it is the latter, the cruise may not have been cancelled but had only reached capacity. Don’t give up yet.🙂 Dave
  10. My guess is that cruises for the remainder of 2022 and possibly some of 2023, will be revealed on October 15. The cruises will probably open for booking the following week. (See: https://www.rssc.com/new_season_launch?s=EM_RSS_AP_TCT_EMI_CTB_NA_MULTOFFER_OCT200962-20201008_NA_UC_DESTMULTI.) I think the URL name says it all. Dave
  11. Oops. On line 37 of the Deposit Only tab, the sailing date should be 12/7/2020. Dave
  12. For the sake of accuracy, please move spreadsheet line 77 to the Other tab and line 78 to the Deposit Only tab. Thanks. Dave
  13. Scheduled cruise: December 9, 2020 on Splendor Canceled by us on October 5, 2020 Awaiting refund of deposit minus $100 PP administrative fee Dave
  14. Scheduled b2b cruise: November 3, 2020 on Splendor Canceled by Regent on October 5, 2020 FCC and refund of taxes requested on October 5, 2020 Dave
  15. Scheduled cruise: Nov. 28, 2020 on Splendor Canceled by Regent on October 5, 2020 Full refund request acknowledged by Regent on October 6, 2020 Dave
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