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  1. The problem with your analysis is that, notwithstanding no self-service buffets, Oceana has had outbreaks of norovirus in the past. (See, e.g. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2236267-gastroenteritis-now-on-regatta/#comment-47963938.) Dave
  2. I don’t know about the Norton VPN but I use a Proton Plus VPN on all Regent ships without any problem. I don’t see why the Norton VPN wouldn’t work as well Dave
  3. It’s rare but we have experienced a few ports that required the use of local tenders instead of the ship’s tenders. My memory is that one of these ports was in French Polynesia. Dave
  4. I was on the Splendor transatlantic last November. My memory is that there were no continuous shuffle machines at the blackjack tables. Each table used an eight-deck shoe. Dave
  5. Prime 7 and Chartreuse are used for lunch on Explorer, Splendor and Grandeur. The usual practice is to alternate the restaurants on port days and have both of them open on sea days. Compass Rose is not used for lunch. On Mariner, Voyager and Navigator, the specialty restaurants are not open for lunch. On those ships, Compass Rose is used for lunch. Dave
  6. Try opening the Regent website and scrolling to the bottom of the page. Select “ UPDATE MARKETING PREFERENCES” and the following form will appear: This form allows you to opt out of any combination of email, mail or telephone marketing communications. A few months ago I opted out of mail communications (i.e. brochures). After a short period of time, brochures stopped arriving and I only receive marketing messages via email. Give it a try. Hopefully it will work for you too. Dave
  7. Interesting that the soundproofing issue occurs on new builds from both Regent and Oceania. I wonder if, due to its heavy debt load, NCLH opted to save money during construction by reducing the amount of soundproofing between suites in categories below the named suite categories. I guess I’ll find out in a few months when I sail on Grandeur in an F2 suite. Dave
  8. While there is a charge for Bingo, you can pay it with OBC. Dave
  9. There is one US outlet by the vanity. There are no USB ports. Dave
  10. Interesting. Two things would concern me about 1014 and 1017. Potential noise from the pool deck above and the fact that they are connecting suites with increased noise potential. Dave
  11. Have you called Regent to check on the status of the “free” St Barts excursion? When the website says that an excursion is sold out, it may mean that the excursion is not yet available for booking. When you call Regent, you can get the true status of the excursion. Dave
  12. Oops. NYC-London is correct. 🤪 Guess I was thinking about the last time we used a two category upgrade when we booked an F2 and paid the G2 rate. Dave
  13. Your TA and the agent are not correct. You are booking a PHB and the two category upgrade results in you having to pay the fare for a category D. You can do the two category upgrade either way. For example, if you had booked a category D, you could either upgrade to a PHB for the category D fare or stay in your category D and pay the G2 fare. Dave
  14. The lunch menus in Compass Rose on the Voyager feature dishes from the specialty restaurants including Pacific Rim. Hope this helps. Dave
  15. You can definitely earn American Airlines frequent flyer miles when using Regent air to book the flights. I’ve gotten Miles numerous times in the past. Just manage your booking on the American Airlines website and make sure that your frequent flyer number is in your reservation. Dave
  16. Three or four months ago I checked on this issue. I was told that while Regent would ticket earlier if final payment had been made, there was a trade-off to be considered. Normally, Regent air tickets are fully cancelable and refundable until 60 days before the cruise. They go into a 100% penalty for cancellations less than 60 days before the cruise. But if you ticket before the 60 day mark, the 100% penalty begins on the date of ticketing. Personally, with the exception of getting seats, I don’t have a problem with waiting until the 60 day mark to manage my booking on the airline website. I have found that calling the airline and asking nicely usually results in getting seats assigned before Regent tickets my flights. Dave
  17. We were in 877 on the Explorer last March and April. It was a good suite with no issues. I would book it again. Dave
  18. Yes. Automatic gratuities are added to your spa bill. You may also add additional gratuities to the bill. A single amount to cover all spa services and gratuities for the visit is added to your account and is payable using shipboard credit. Dave
  19. Here is the answer to your first question from the Regent website: Dave
  20. If you look under the drawer on each nightstand, you’ll find one or two North American sockets. Dave
  21. We are on the Splendor until Miami. Looking forward to meeting you. Why don’t you shoot me an email when you board and we can arrange a meeting time. Dave P.S. Once the casino opens, I’ll double check to see if the cash machine is working now.
  22. I just saw that you will be getting on the Splendor in Barcelona. I am on Splendor now and checked with the casino manager. Unfortunately, it’s a good news bad news situation. The good news is that there is an ATM in the casino with a $6.99 fee per use. The bad news is that the machine is not working so you can’t get any cash from it. Sorry. I guess it’s time for Plan B. 🙁 Dave
  23. On Splendor now. We ate in Chartreuse a couple of days ago. Unfortunately, there was no cheese cart. Dave
  24. The amount of cash you can get is actually $400 per passenger per segment. There is another way to get cash without a fee. Use the Gift Order Form on the Regent website to send yourself cash in the form of refundable shipboard credit. When you send yourself cash, Regent bills your credit card as a purchase. Dave
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