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  1. These Splendor is now going through the Panama Canal. Dave
  2. It would be helpful to know which itinerary you are considering for each ship. Dave
  3. My reading of Belfast Taxman‘s post is that he did use the 125% FCC but Regent would give him a booking on one of two similar cruises for no additional payment since the FCC would not completely cover the additional fare over what he originally paid when booking the August 2020 cruise. Thus, I see no difference in the policy of awarding reward nights for canceled cruises between the US and other areas. Dave
  4. A prime example of the old saying that idle hands are the devil’s workshop. 😀 Dave
  5. Dave, the problem I have with your post is that you have not quoted all applicable sections of the ticket contract. While you have fully quoted section 9 you have not quoted section 4. Section 4 provides: “4. CARRIER’S DISCRETION As the Carrier, We reserve the right at any time, without notice or liability for refund, payment or compensation of any kind or credit except as provided herein, to cancel any Cruise or CruiseTour, change or postpone the date or time of sailing or arrival, change the port of embarkation or final destination, shorten the Cruise or substitute the Ship or change or substitute any component of the CruiseTour, including but not limited to aircraft, other transportation or any hotel at which You are scheduled to stay. If We make any of the changes described above, We will be responsible to You as follows In full and final settlement of all claims and liabilities of Carrier In connection with such actions: A. If We cancel the Cruise or CruiseTour before it has started, We will refund the full Cruise Fare or CruiseTour Fare that We have actually received (less any air or accommodation charges incurred). B. If the scheduled sailing date or time is delayed and as a result of that delay, You are not otherwise accommodated on board the Ship, We may arrange hotel accommodations and food at no additional expense to You for the duration of the delay. C. If the scheduled port of embarkation or final destination is changed, We will arrange transportation to the new port from the originally scheduled port. D. If the Cruise is terminated early due to an unresolved mechanical failure, We will make a proportionate refund of the Cruise Fare. In such event, You are also entitled at Our option to transportation to the Ship’s scheduled port of disembarkation or Your home city at Our expense. Additionally, when such disembarkation caused by mechanical failure of the Ship at an unscheduled port requires an overnight stay, You are also entitled to lodging at the unscheduled port of disembarkation at Our expense. E. If the United States Department of State publishes a Public Announcement regarding a specific country or location included in the scheduled itinerary, We reserve the right to operate the Cruise or CruiseTour as scheduled or to change the itinerary, at Our discretion with no further liability for refund, payment, compensation or credit of any kind. F. If the Cruise is shortened or terminated, (for reasons other than mechanical failures of the Ship), We will, at Our option, either make a proportionate refund of the Cruise Fare or We will transfer You to another Ship or the port of final destination by other means. If the scheduled length of the Cruise is increased, You will have no responsibility for the cost of the additional Cruise Fare and We will have no responsibility to pay or compensate You in any manner, including any direct or consequential damages. In either of the above circumstances, Our responsibility ends once We return You to the point of origination as booked and ticketed by Us. G. If any component of Your CruiseTour, such as the hotel at which You are scheduled to stay, is changed or substituted, We will use reasonable efforts to obtain a substitute for such component which is substantially equivalent therefore, but shall have no liability to You in connection with such substitution or change.” Section 4, like section 9, states that Regent has no liability to refund or compensate for various acts such as canceling a cruise. However, section 4 qualifies that statement by saying that there is no liability except as provided within the section. For example, section 4A provides for a refund of money received by Regent if it cancels a cruise before embarkation. The specific language of section 4A would override the general language of section 9 that Dave quoted. So there is no reason to be scared of the final sentence of section 9. When analyzing a contract you should always read the entire contract. Dave
  6. You are not correct. Since you are in the US, you could cancel your cruise tomorrow and receive a full cash refund of your deposit less a $100 future cruise credit pp that can be used within 12 months to book another cruise. If the booking was made on board a previous cruise, you would also have to repay any shipboard credit you received for the onboard booking. Dave
  7. Nope. With apologies to Ben Franklin, I guess there is at least one certainty in life in addition to death and taxes. Dave
  8. Basically the difference between D and E suites is location. The layout of the suites and their amenities are identical. Dave
  9. This tracks with our experience in Beijing a few years ago. The first two days were crystal clear with very low pollution. We saw very few masks. The third day had more pollution and more masks were being worn. The pollution on the fourth day was terrible. You could barely see the buildings across the street. Most everyone we saw was wearing a mask. Dave
  10. Assuming a Covid-19 restriction has not made it unavailable, there is a coffee machine in the Coffee Connection area on the Mariner, Voyager, Explorer and, I believe, Splendor that is available 24 hrs a day.. I'm not sure about the Navigator. Dave
  11. Peggy, my guess is that the Navigator is going into dry dock at the Fincantieri shipyard in Genova. Dave
  12. According to CruiseMapper, the Navigator is heading to Genova. Dave
  13. Voyager’s current position: Dave
  14. The Voyager has now exited the Suez Canal and is in the Mediterranean enroute to Livorno. Dave
  15. In addition to Shippy’s recommendation to use Google, you can click on Cruise Critic‘s “Cruise Deals” link at the bottom of each page. I find that using an Advanced Search is worth the small, extra effort. It’s a quick and easy way to go. Dave
  16. As far as I know, Regent has been consistent on the issue of the use of FCC’s. There are two possibilities: 1. The cruise is canceled by the passenger pursuant to the Regent Reassurance program. In this case the FCC may only be used to book a new cruise. 2. Regent cancels the cruise due to their voluntary suspension of cruises through July 30. In this case the FCC maybe used for either previously booked or new cruises. The FCC may be applied to multiple cruises if desired. I think the confusion may have arisen because posters are not always specific about the reason for the cancellation. Dave
  17. You’re partially correct. 😀 The $175 deviation fee covers a deviation both to and from the cruise. So you can make your reservations in both directions at the 270 day mark for one deviation fee. You can let Regent suggest the deviated flights or specify flights you would like them to book for you. I always give my TA several flights I am interested in. I suggest calling the Regent Air Desk a few days before the 270 day mark and they will tell you which airlines they have a contract with for your city pairs. Hope this helps. Dave
  18. Thanks for posting the article. I guess my speculation that the Splendor was heading for the East Coast was not correct. Maybe she is going to stay on the West Coast this year. I wouldn’t mind some Hawaii round trips from LA or San Diego. Regent could also do some round-trip cruises to nowhere from those two ports. Dave
  19. Good summary Jackie. However I don’t think time zones are your strong suit. 😂 3 PM PDT is 6 PM EDT. CNBC will probably repeat the program later tonight. Dave
  20. I just saw that Seabourn has cancelled all its cruises until October or November depending on the ship. (https://www.seabourn.com/en_US/news/pause-global-cruise-operations.html) What will Regent do? Dave
  21. As Essiesmom correctly reported, the Splendor is headed to Puerto Vallarta. Obviously, it is ultimately going to pass through the Panama Canal and not return to Los Angeles. The Navigator has completed its Panama Canal transit and is heading NE at 16 kn. Two days ago while in Costa Rica, the Navigator disembarked three Costa Rican crew members. Dave
  22. The Splendor is on the move. It is moving along at about 10 kn on a SSE heading about 75 to 100 miles south of Ensenada. It might be headed to the East Coast via the Panama Canal or simply on a maintenance run. I will keep track of it for the next few hours to see if it continues on its present course or begins to turn to a more northerly heading back to LA. Dave
  23. Jackie, just take a look at the Voyager roll calls for the February 12, March 1 and March 13 cruises. All of them were cancelled in February due to the coronavirus crisis in Asia. The February 12 cruise was cut short and the other two were cancelled before they began. Dave
  24. The ships are now anchored off Ensenada. The Business Insider article stated that NCLH had arranged charter flights to repatriate the crew but that the CDC would not allow crewmembers to leave the ships to get to the airport. It may be that the ships have gone to Ensenada so that the crew could leave the ships, be bused to Tijuana International Airport, about one and a half to two hours from Ensenada, where they could catch charter flights home. The airport runway is 9715 feet long so it can easily handle large, long range aircraft. After crew repatriation, will the ships remain in Ensenada, or will they return to LA to rejoin the Splendor? Dave
  25. My guess is that the five days has to do with the order first issued by the CDC on April 9. That order gave the cruise lines 7 days in which to come up with a plan acceptable to the CDC. Because of the uncertainty about what the plan would include, I think Regent decided to extend it’s suspension of cruises by seven days. That would mean cruises would begin again on May 17. So Regent canceled the cruises scheduled for May 11 through May 14. There are no cruises scheduled for May 15 or May 16. Technically the suspension is until May 17 so Regent probably should have said operations would resume on May 17 but they are saying that they are resuming operations on May 15 because that is the day after the last canceled cruise. Just a theory; only Regent knows for sure. Dave
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