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  1. Well down indeed, they are now called "South Sea Poms"are you thinking of migrating again Brian?😂
  2. If you want to keep on about the Fermented Curd i suggest you look up UTube and watch Monty Pythons Cheese Shop sketch. However getting this thread back to sanity or pies, I recently made a shocking discovery. The Fray Bentos Steak & Kidney Pie in a tin one of the good things to come out of the UK has been sold to Campbells and is now made in NSW. Taste is now very ordinary like most of there products. 🤣
  3. Blessed be Bellamys boy's for they shall have the Holy Grail
  4. I thought that mentioning Dropbears in CC threads had been banned after one scared a US tourist in George St last year. However good point Brian, reward yourself with a Vegemite Sanger.😁
  5. Both Royal and Celebrity supply Shuttles at a cost of $20 US from memory. Yorkeys is about 20 minutes by Bus into Cairns, to far to walk. Yorkeys is a Tender Port and is often a problem for tendering. Taxis and Uber is also available.
  6. Spot on advise, huge Airport Changi if you do manage to arrive early lots to do and see
  7. I received this also. any idea which ship?. The opening of the new Brisbane Terminal would fit in with this time frame and RCI's hype😎
  8. If you discuss your problem with Centrelink they will normally allow you a period of grace, as long as you have notified them before you leave.Have a good trip.
  9. Just back from Albury, visited the Bakery at Beechworth and had the best Coffee Scroll I have eaten for umpteen years, The Apple Turnovers filled with fresh cream are also outstanding.A goldmine in an old mining town.
  10. Have tended at Port of Airie twice in the last 2 years with RCI and Celebrity, a far better option than Abel Point in my opinion.
  11. Easy on the eye that harem, havn't been to Bateman's for years, just got the urge to go. Sharing is a good thing I think, what about it Uncle Les?
  12. Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2019 to all at CC, and may all your cruises be long and refreshing. Uncle Les I want to Party with you !
  13. Rotorau is about 40miles from where your ship docks, about an hour by car; public transport would be slower. Taxi or Uber is an option but rather expensive. I would try for small group tour to ensure you get back before the ship leaves.
  14. Watch out when your swimming the Titanic may have got of the roof of the old Pier
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