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  1. If you discuss your problem with Centrelink they will normally allow you a period of grace, as long as you have notified them before you leave.Have a good trip.
  2. beatleman

    Ok, here it is. A bread topic.

    Just back from Albury, visited the Bakery at Beechworth and had the best Coffee Scroll I have eaten for umpteen years, The Apple Turnovers filled with fresh cream are also outstanding.A goldmine in an old mining town.
  3. Have tended at Port of Airie twice in the last 2 years with RCI and Celebrity, a far better option than Abel Point in my opinion.
  4. Easy on the eye that harem, havn't been to Bateman's for years, just got the urge to go. Sharing is a good thing I think, what about it Uncle Les?
  5. Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2019 to all at CC, and may all your cruises be long and refreshing. Uncle Les I want to Party with you !
  6. beatleman

    A few port questions...

    Rotorau is about 40miles from where your ship docks, about an hour by car; public transport would be slower. Taxi or Uber is an option but rather expensive. I would try for small group tour to ensure you get back before the ship leaves.
  7. beatleman

    George Street to OPT

    Watch out when your swimming the Titanic may have got of the roof of the old Pier
  8. beatleman

    George Street to OPT

    High tide in Nelson Place, hope it didn't get as far as the Steam Packet.
  9. beatleman

    Smokey Ovation in Sydney 12 Dec

    LOL, Sure it's not the Minister blowing more smoke about a new OPT?
  10. beatleman

    Problems Australia VISA

    If your Credit Card has been debited you should be covered electronically with an entry visa.
  11. beatleman

    re meat pies

    The Beatles were the best, getting of topic a Zac was sixpence a Deena was a shilling and a Tray was threepence, but who knows what a Brick was?
  12. beatleman

    Celebrity Solstice is Here

    🤣Hi Ho, Hi Ho, on the 29th we go. Can't wait to get to the bathroom oops I mean stateroom
  13. beatleman

    Sydney Overseas Passenger Terminal

    Really simple reply ....YYEs...Simpler Yes
  14. I'm on that cruise Mr Gut that's a lot of Americans in one group,what you could call a conglomerate or maybe corporation! any thoughts?
  15. Well you've convinced me Uncle Les I'm on her on the 29th Oct. will lock myself in the bathroom for 10 nights Darn it anybody want an unused Booze Package?