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  1. You will fit right in if you call it "Freeo" like the bulk of us Aussies. Great city,if you get the time the Little Creatures Brewery is a great place for a meal and an aleπŸ˜‹
  2. Did this come from your mate BIG GAV or did Graham send it in appreciation for the Valentine,Chilli
  3. Having cruised on Quantum twice this season 12.00 is a great time to leave Brissie. You get to the airport with time to spare and stress free. Taxi rank is a fair walk , but well attended and plenty of cabs available. gbenjo@ no ware to be seen lol 😁
  4. Got it this new secret has to be Romance of the Seas, lol 😍
  5. Huge Tides at Broom, time of arrival a problem for large ships.
  6. Wow best mate, when did this occur?? πŸ˜›πŸ™ƒ
  7. I take it you are referring to the "Reef" brand of suntan lotion, readily available at Chemist Warehouse and most other Chemists, also large supermarkets like Coles.
  8. Big bags of Popcorn on Virgins Resilient Lady, Gratis along with the free ice cream no limits.πŸ˜‹
  9. The new word is Voyager to Brissie if the can drain her of seawater lol, Anthem to Sydney. Can you check that out with BIG GAV Chilli, seems plausible as they can't fill Quantum in Brisbane.
  10. Royal Caribbean does not have a maximum drinks per day policy, so you can take it on like a camel and a lot of Aussies do.πŸ˜πŸ™ƒ
  11. The prices of all alcoholic drinks have the gratuities all ready included in the price. Cocktails $15usd Beer $8.20 You do not have to worry about gratuities as the prices are inclusive. Just remember to keep an eye on your cruise planner for sale prices on the Drink Package, and all adults in your cabin have to buy the package if you decide to have it. πŸ˜€ Happy Cruising.
  12. Gee you are very close to the wind with the way airlines are performing post covid. I would suggest a flight a day earlier, if your carrier is Qantas, if it is Jetstar a week earlier.
  13. Just remember to Tap On and Tap Off enjoy Sydney the Public Transport is the best in Oz.πŸ˜ƒ
  14. Wife and daughter on the Quantum at present time stayed pre cruise at the Kingsford Smith Motel and will spend 2 nights there post cruise, both raved about it over the phone. Fantastic room close to facilities and the staff could not be more helpful.
  15. Complete load of rubbish, don't know where the Covid info came from but with so much "Fake News" in the USA I am not surprised. The facts are the Quantum OS didn't have a Covid problem and the Australian Covid Laws were scrapped months before this occurrence. The fact that Royal over booked and by the way admitted in writing of doing so speaks for itself. That's the reason boarding was denied,no other excuses. Being loyal to RCL I very rarely criticize but people being bumped is happening to often these days with both RCL and Carnival and should cease. I am the up front to criticize our Australian Governments covid laws, however the facts are they had nothing to do with these poor people getting bumped, the laws had long gone.
  16. The Kingsford Smith Motel is a very nice place to stay and very easy on the pocket. Hamilton ( Portside) is a good place to stay.
  17. Dead set right Chilli, has to be in the top 5 acts I have seen on a cruise. Wish I was onboard to see her again.
  18. RCL are past masters of the smoke and mirrors game. I think you might be on the money.
  19. Chilli I take it your mate Big Gav gave you the info on the Voyager, makes sense a smaller vessel as the Quantum has been sailing below capacity and heavily discounted prices. Kids sail free and Uni students special rates have helped to get numbers up a bit, but alas not capacity.
  20. Lelepa won't happen and the Wonder won't get out of the Caribbean
  21. Couldn't agree more, taxi queues move swiftly at Sydney, Uber also works and the Train is also reliable Shuttles and Prepaids are a pain in the rear,gave up on them years ago.
  22. Hydration will start this arvo at the Bentleigh RSL,HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY TO ALL.🍺
  23. The October Quantum cruise has been cancelled according to people on RC thread who got notified by email.
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