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  1. Festivities are over, time to start eating normal tucker again. Just made a batch of Sausage Rolls yummy homemade beats the store bought every time. Aldi Red sauce to accompany
  2. My Computer has been down ,what was the verdict, saw nothing on the News? Last titbit I heard was Wisemans Ferry!!
  3. Computer problems now over,may the" low lives"who hack crawl back under their rock,or perhaps get a life.Sorry end of rant.Cruising next month so got the magic Robert Huntley pinstripe grey suit out for inspection.Magnificent piece of cloth, impervious to Red and White Wine, Beer Cider Sauce or Food droppings. Looks as good as the day it was purchased, along with the $29.95 Shirt and Tie options from Lowes what more could a modest cruiser want for the MDR,well maybe a fake Rolex!! Long Live Lowes and the Robert Huntley
  4. The government has tightened security at major airports and request you arrive as early as possible. 3 Hours is the benchmark for ease of departure.
  5. Here is a site you can pre bookhttps://www.viator.com/tours/Dunedin-and-The-Otago-Peninsula/Dunedin-Cruise-Ships-Shore-Excursions/d758-21521P5/important-info
  6. Price on Voyager last year was $65 USD per day inc. 18%, I had pre purchased at $52USD
  7. Depends on who is cruising, Aussies and Kiwis are far more laid back than the American's who tend to go for Tuxes etc.My last trip on the ROS in 2014 most cruisers were more into lounge suits,nice chic dresses rather than full Formal. Hope this helps just remember we are pretty casual down here, so come and enjoy and wear whatever you want; that's what the local's will be doing.
  8. They won't have to worry about turning around as everything goes in circles in our Capital
  9. Check with Celebrity on when the last Shuttle leaves,should be ample time.Alternative is Taxi or Uber with sharing ride with others doing the Tour.I am sure you will enjoy this excursion ,it is one that delivers.
  10. lol So your the one who suggested this idea to our Lord Mayor Robert Doyal ,maybe if you inform the Premier as well, just remember to get funds in Melbourne you need goalposts to accompany the plan.
  11. lol ERRR ARRR not sure ERRR The word" always" keeps leaping out at me, I think Mic is on the right track ,what year??:eek:
  12. Now only 2 days to the big announcement, what say you Mr Gut?
  13. Rail will have you at the Airport within 30 minutes and is a far better option than peak hour road traffic in Sydney. Just a word of caution I believe the requirements at the airport is 3 hours prior to flight,also remember you may not get of the ship at 7am which I take is the docking time. Could be rather nasty if the ship is held up docking, or a hold up in Customs. To Tight for my liking,but doable.
  14. They are everywhere you can't miss them on levels 1 and 2
  15. Ha Ha you may say but Droppies are no laughing matter for unsuspecting tourists.Make sure you have Toast with Vegemite for Brekkie everyday and dab a little behind the ears. Drop Bears don't like the odour of Vegie.
  16. We won a Huge Leg Ham and a large Lemon Pie at the RSL weekly Raffle Yummy Yummy.Seasons Greetings to all and may 2018 be a top Cruise year.
  17. MERRY Christmas Brian and to all in Essex, my piece of Essex is still snoring no doubt dreaming of a white Christmas Brrrrrr.lol Have a Happy and safe New Year and watch those Mafia guys.
  18. Spot on Mr Gut that's why I suggested Darling Harbour to unwind their long trek to Oz. I believe on Cruise Days a Ferry operates between King St. Wharf and White Bay a nice little trip for tourists. The Rocks is to far away.
  19. You probably have less time than you think. If plane lands on time Mascot is a very busy airport ,and you should allow 30 to 45 minutes to clear customs etc. White Bay is a taxi ride of 35 to 50 minutes depending on traffic.I would suggest going direct to the Cruise Terminal and dumping those suitcases and then head for Darling Harbour which is close by and nice to stroll around and have some refreshments. Just ease into your trip and enjoy Oz
  20. The largest Farm is to far north for a shore tour, however there is a farm about 1.5 hours out of Hobart on the Port Arthur road.I don't think there is any set tours to the farm,probably part of tours to other sites. Suggest you look up the farm on google and contact them for info on visiting maybe out of Port Arthur,
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