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  1. Those shop bought are ok but not like the traditional home made recipe's that have been handed down the generations. Do you remember when we got Thrieepenny Bits and Zac's in the Pud,the currency today would melt in a Pud.??
  2. Do they think we are all stupid, Drinks Package up by $10 on my Ovation Cruise. Last week they bumped the Chops price $10 and returned it to the original price. You are spot on Big M it's a load of hogwash
  3. Remember "Don't Panic", and wrap a wet towel around your head. lol
  4. Have been spoiled for years by my Mother in Laws Mince Pies at Christmas, she also did the Pudding. This year at 92 this lady from Devon UK is not up to it.So a tradition of over 50 years closes this year, the Mince Pies won't taste the same ;still Cheers and Merry Christmas to all.
  5. https://www.newzealanddiscoverytours.co.nz/tauranga-rotorua-port-cruise-ship-shore-excursions-tours This may help
  6. Try this site it might help.https://www.newzealanddiscoverytours.co.nz/tauranga-rotorua-port-cruise-ship-shore-excursions-tours
  7. https://www.newzealanddiscoverytours.co.nz/tauranga-rotorua-port-cruise-ship-shore-excursions-tours Try this, I think this is as close as you can get.
  8. Correct weight, reward yourself with a Sausage Roll .Uncle Les to supply the Sauce lol
  9. Good to see you are alive after the Vegemite Road Test, I am sure your Aussie mates will have some other tests for you at a later date
  10. BAAH same here 14 nights around BAAH Land in Feb Deck13 looks super in the photo Baah!
  11. The Brothers Oven looks good on their website Mic, if I ever venture to MP Park again I will certainly try the produce.
  12. From the nation that invented food on a stick like Corn Dogs the humble "doggie"will be an enigma to our American friends. Let's hope they don't get sold any of GUT's 40 cent squeezy's, that would result in legal action for certain.
  13. Yes indeed also some Balfours Cornish Pasties with Tomato sauce, Yummy Yummy!
  14. Said almost the same thing on this Thread over a week ago,agree entirely Beano.
  15. lol Spot on, pity they don't bring their grey matter with them when they drop in!
  16. Forgot about Canberra Mic, let's call it a Dead Heat!!We don't want to go round in circles like the 'Fools on the Hill"lol
  17. Walk up to Circular Key Station and catch the Train directly into the Terminal
  18. Suggested Perth or Darwin on a different thread, the Navy needs to be relocated. This Thread is galloping Mic maybe needs lunch. What about a Pie?
  19. No such thing as a 1way Ticket, you have to buy a Myki. You are flying into a city that is unfamiliar to you on Cruise day, so any delays in travel will upset any well laid plans. For a few $$ more and peace of mind Uber or a Cab direct to the dock.Melbourne transport is the worst in Australia. Have a good trip
  20. Have never called it Southern Cross, another loony left decision ! Lugging suitcases onto Trams and having to buy a Myki Card on Cruise Day seems a little bit excessive.
  21. I have Bank of Melbourne Credit Cards and as you are aware they are a subsidiary of the Wales,spoke with them and they assured me that QBE was still their Travel Insurer. Had a claim on Voyager trip a few years ago, about 45K QBE were terrific not one query.
  22. That Tucker is the reason Cockney's are a dying breed,Fancy putting that rubbish on a poor unsuspecting "doggie".As for Jellied Eels, enough said!! Spot on about Bobby Moore,however the Uk honours list does not recognize the Eastend.
  23. Uber operates out of Melbourne, give them a try. 4 of us going on Ovation in Feb priced all and sundry Uber won hands down. MM's suggestion is great but a little slower.
  24. No they moved to the Olympic Stadium and have been rubbish ever since. Poor old Alf would not be happy
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