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  1. Officially unveiled via an email this morning: As a valued member of our Oceania Club family, you and your travel experiences are at the center of every enhancement and change we consider at Oceania Cruises. That is why I’d like to share an advance notice of an important update to our simply MORE™ value promise, which was introduced nearly one year ago. A long-time inclusion with Oceania Cruises has been Free Airfare. As a result, our advertised fares have always included air travel and airport transfers. With the introduction of simply MORE™, we featured two fare options – simply MORE™ with air and simply MORE™ without air. Beginning July 1, 2024, our advertised fares will no longer automatically include airfare and the associated transfers. Fares shown will be for simply MORE™ without air (cruise-only). Below are three important notes we want to share with you about this change: 1. For guests already booked with Free Airfare as part of their promotion, there will be no change to their existing booking. 2. For guests who value having their air travel and airport transfers arranged by Oceania Cruises, this will continue to be an option and our Air Services team will be delighted to assist you. Airfare, and included transfers, can be quoted and added to the booking up to four days prior to sailing. Custom air travel can be quoted and added to a booking starting at 270 days prior to sailing. 3. Oceania Cruises’ Air Service Standards and FAQs will be published on OceaniaCruises.com on July 1, 2024, providing a high level of detail on what our air program includes and what options are available. As an Oceania Club member, your feedback and experiences are incredibly valuable to us, and this change in how we advertise and offer optional air services was prompted by exactly that – guest feedback as well as evolving travel trends. While our standard air program will remain, many of our guests have expressed a desire to have more control over their choice of airline, routing, class of service and other aspects of their air travel. We recognize that travel preferences vary by guest and may be best met through our standard air program, our custom air desk or by arranging air travel independently of Oceania Cruises. This shift in how we advertise and offer optional air services is meant to better serve the need for this flexibility and choice. You can be assured that the core elements of simply MORE™ remain – shore excursion credits, Wi-Fi for up to two devices per stateroom, complimentary champagne, wine and more at lunch and dinner, and – of course – complimentary dining in our gourmet specialty restaurants. However you choose to arrive for your next voyage on Oceania Cruises, we truly look forward to welcoming you back on board soon.
  2. Definitely better to book ahead - and I don't think I've ever seen it for anything other than $9.99 (and I check pretty routinely ahead of a sailing). It seems to be a pretty permanent sale.
  3. Looks like she is scheduled for two weeks in dry dock, with some new carpeting and upholstery on tap in addition to technical work... https://cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/2024/03/navigator-of-the-seas-to-enter-drydock-in-asia/#:~:text=Sailing on the West Coast,service on April 12%2C 2024.
  4. We too are on the April 12 sailing! We booked just a few weeks ago, only realizing after the fact that it was the first one back after a drydock! Hoping for the best! (Upside, maybe some new carpeting or something??) If you'd like to track Navigator's progress back from Singapore (I know I will be), use this link. Unlike a lot of ship tracking sites, this one seems to have access to the satellite AIS data which is obviously key to tracking the trans-Atlantic/Pacific positions: https://www.cruisemapper.com/ships/Navigator-Of-The-Seas-704?tab=itinerary#itinerary Also, was wondering where you saw 200 cabins available. When we booked there were only a few left and as of today (at least for balconies) only guarantees are available, so I bet it's pretty close to being sold out. Just something to give you comfort, maybe, if it disappears from the site again!
  5. I'm generally an Uber guy, but after a disastrous experience disembarking in Ft. Lauderdale last year (app was so overloaded that it wouldn't even get to the "assigning a driver" screen) I now like knowing there's a taxi backup. I see several threads here about options from San Pedro to LAX, but didn't see exactly how prevalent taxis are in the port. Is there generally a pretty good supply waiting? On the Navigator so coming back on a Friday. Thanks!
  6. An interesting list here of who AQV owes money to, including several travel agencies which definitely explains why they were delisted earlier this year. Others include the Peabody Hotel in Memphis and the bus company I assume they contracted with for their tours. https://cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/2024/02/american-queen-voyages-files-chapter-11-auction-asset-date-proposed/
  7. Can I pop in and ask an ACL food question? We've seen great reviews of them, but wondering about the amount of choice... A few menus I've seen online list just one appetizer, one soup/salad and then only three entrees. I realize smaller ships won't have extensive menus but it seemed a bit limited.
  8. I wonder what will happen the AQV river ships which certainly seem to be in good shape. The press release says they'll try to sell the business... "In connection with the agreement, Hornblower's overnight cruising business American Queen Voyages ("AQV") will be sold or, if a sale cannot be achieved, its operations will be wound down. Hornblower is taking this action because of the underperformance of AQV, which has not rebounded from the pandemic." https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/hornblower-group-to-be-acquired-and-receive-significant-new-equity-investment-302067034.html
  9. This is really too bad. I was ready to book with them earlier this month until I saw the news about the travel agency suspensions etc. At least as of Feb. 10, they said they actually couldn't take any payments because they were "updating" the payment system and said there would be an update by today. So at least the weren't taking people's money as the end was approaching. Although they were definitely less than forthcoming about the reason for cancelling the February cruises when they attributed the issue to delays coming out of layup.
  10. Thanks! At the moment, they apparently can't take anyone's money until Feb. 20 anyway!
  11. As someone who was about to book(!!) an April departure wondering where you're hearing these rumors and how reliable you think they might be. Was told a few days ago that they couldn't process payments because their system is "down" and they would have an update on Feb. 20, which is obviously pretty odd!
  12. Their VP of Marketing has told the Natchez paper that the February cancellations were related to delays with layup work and that they'll be back sailing in March. Also that the issues with the commissions payments is due to the accounting department being behind... https://www.natchezdemocrat.com/2024/02/12/spokesperson-american-queen-cruises-should-resume-in-march/
  13. Hmmmm - that's a little concerning! I guess much for this from the RCCL website: "guests who opt for My Time Dining can eat in the Main Dining Room anytime they like during dinner hours, according to availability."
  14. Hi - Sailing on Anthem in a week and just now realizing the possible impending disaster of My Time Dining! We've sailed RCCL for decades and have done MTD for as long as they've offered it, showing up around 6pm or so and generally getting seated without a reservation and without a problem. But it seems things have changed! I see reports that even though MTD doesn't officially start until 6:45pm, it might be possible to still show up around 5:45pm-6:15pm to maybe snag one of the unclaimed early seating tables. Have people found that to be doable? Any other tips or experiences? Most of the reservations available aren't until 8pm or later. Thanks!!
  15. And I can confirm from the Apex a few weeks ago that cappuccino was included with the classic package, as well as their version of a mocha Frappuccino. Also a hot chocolate with a shot of Jim Beam (because, hey, you're on vacation!)
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