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  1. For those fully-vaccinated and flying United to Reykjavik, the United Travel-Ready Center page was just revised and now indicates both PCR and antigen tests are acceptable. See quote, below: “All passengers who present a certificate of full vaccination or previous infection are required to hold either a negative COVID-19 PCR or Antigen test taken prior to departure.”
  2. Thanks very much! I copied your review and posted it into our roll call for the person who asked.
  3. Barb, I think I must have missed some of the discussion along the way, but why not just get the rapid antigen test? It’s clearly allowed by Iceland. And I assume you’re headed to Iceland based on the topic of this thread. Is it because the United Airlines “Travel-Ready Center” currently says PCR test is needed? If you’re worried about the language on the United web site, I feel confident that United’s site will soon catch up to match the Iceland requirements. We’re flying on UA from ORD to KEF on August 6 and have appointments for the rapid test at CVS th
  4. Are you sure you can’t enter her information into your Verify account? I added my wife’s information to my account. Just need a picture of her vaccine card. In any case, I’m pretty sure Viking is asking us to use Verify to facilitate boarding process and would accept your card at boarding.
  5. Has anyone taken the Vok Baths excursion from Seydisfjordur? One of the folks on our cruise (August 14, Sky) asked on our roll call thread. I think the main concern is how accessible this excursion is for someone with mobility issues. Thanks!
  6. May also want to follow this thread on the Viking Orion page:
  7. Interesting. Never read any reviews that mentioned this. In our experience from two months on Orion, Deck 8 is perfect; very quiet, near Explorer Lounge and nice walk across the deck to rear stairs to World Cafe. Never heard the fog horn, although entering busy ports in big Asian cities, one hears lots of ship’s horns, all part of the experience! As we say in America, “your mileage may vary.”
  8. Yes, we have booked two excursions with them. Our TA looked into several independent tour companies and AS seemed to be the best.
  9. Although I don’t have a strong feeling on the topic one way or another, I have to disagree with your statement. Seems to me that a discussion of this type is within CC’s new Covid discussion policy, first sentence quoted below: “Effective immediately, COVID-related discussion should be limited to actual policy on board ships (and other forms of travel) and its practical application.” If, as others have said, the Captain and CD have asked people to wear masks on the excursions, it appears to be policy. Discussion of whether fellow passengers wear masks on an excursion
  10. Dyjandi Waterfall. $229/pp Black Beach ATV and Lava Tunnel. $299/pp Heart of Glacier. $399/pp
  11. Yeah, seemed like a bad idea to me also. I just updated IPad OS from Settings on my iPad. It installed Version 14.6 and updated Safari to the latest version.
  12. You need to update the Apple OS on your device. I just did that on my IPad and Safari is now working again on MVJ.
  13. @DaveSJ711 Thanks much for the quick reply! Jerry
  14. Dave, We are driving around the island before getting on our August 14 cruise. I’ve been looking into taking the ferry to Heimaey from Landeyjahofn, to give us more time there than we’ll have from Sky. How did you get around the island, once you got off the ferry? Is it walkable? Or did you put your car on the ferry? Thanks, Jerry
  15. You are able to specify that you want the beds separated on MVJ. Pick the Onboard Experience button, then Preferences, then Stateroom Preferences.
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