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  1. got to admit - if prices stay this high now there's no way we will be booking another cruise. Just looked at the price for our cruise we already have booked for Nov 2020- we paid £4,316 for a hump veranda cabin, including classic drinks, gratuities and £200 OBC. The veranda cabins on the new pricing are now £6,338 if i factor in the same things - and I dont' think that's a hump one either. Its ridiculous
  2. Never realised that......I was under the impression when we booked on board that we could only move the deposit....not cancel and get it back ......damn.....
  3. No...they're still not refundable if booked on board....you are allowed to move them to another cruise though...so slightly more flexible.
  4. there was a banner on there stating bookings couldnt be made from 5am to 5pm tpday due to site maintenance
  5. I am in the UK - is there any reason why I cant book a cruise with these 4 perks through the well know site that begins with ex....through my vpn and pay in usd???
  6. Been monitoring the price on a daily basis on a Nov 2020 cruise to Japan as I wanted to book a room for my son, but due to the fact that they charge you double occupancy I wasn't really happy to pay the price. Its been going up and down since I started checking - started at £2,402 but then went up to £2,872 ( and that's for an inside !) Dropped down again to £2,602 this week, but checked this morning and its dropped down to £1,800 !! That's £800 pounds off overnight !! Jackpot!
  7. i looked on the celebrity US site with my vpn thing on - and the cruise we have booked for november 20 is loads more expensive on the US site than it is for us on the UK one 🙂
  8. yes - we're sailing on millenium - i did look at suite but its like 11000 for 3 people......
  9. Thank you.....the second passenger details wouldn't be an issue as I would just put my other offspring details in as the other passenger....and before anyone says it...no I cant just take that other offspring...😁
  10. No promotion at the moment but they usually have one at least once a year.....maybe they will raise the price just before.....they didnt the time we took advantage of it previously ...ended up cancelling...losing deposit...rebooking and still being £500 better off. I'll keep my eye out and then decide what to do...thanks again
  11. Thanks...what's the difference between cancelling and "no show " ...do you just get to check in desk and then say they haven't come...rather than telling them before you get there? Thanks
  12. I know its morally wrong - but would celebrity be aware if you were to book a cabin for 2 people, probably when the buy one get one half price offer was on- but then you cancel the other person after final payment - so in effect get a single traveller paying less than you would have to if you did it all open and honestly by paying the going rate for a single traveller?? Please dont slate me - just trying to find the cheapest way for my son to come with us - but have his own room (he's 27 )
  13. We got back off reflection on 22nd and had the most amazing pistachio creme brulee in Tuscan grille.....didn't really like the sound of it but my lord it was amazing !!
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