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  1. Thats not quite all....it also asks if you have had any of 3 symptoms in the last 14 days...not a yes/no covid question...and then asks if you have had a combination of 3 of any of amlong list of symptoms in the last 14 days...im guessing if you answer yes to any of those questions you may end up having to do further screening g before boarding...so its not just as simple as have you or anyone close to you had covid.
  2. our price dropped for our canary island cruise in october by £860 after final payment - i rang to ask if could upgrade to a mini suite and pay the additional 50 quid with it being such a large change, and she offered to just refund the price difference direct to credit card so took that instead 🙂 as per stokie - took around 7 -10 days to appear back on card !
  3. Sorry minikiss....just saw your post on the other topic....
  4. Did you do walk through testing after parking at Triangle?
  5. Does anyone know whether when you park at Triangle parking...you do the drive through testing as well but just park your car elsewhere after testing...or do you park at triangle and then do testing as a walk on?? Thanks
  6. we sail on october 12th and were able to book a boarding time yesterday
  7. we sail on12th october and have just booked our arrival slot 🙂
  8. Cant really compare 8 nights in the fjords pricing with 8 nights going up and down the west coast of England though 🤣
  9. we were thinking of taking the first cruise in July for UK passengers only - £3000 for 8 nights for the 2 of us is just way more than we were expecting so a bit disappointed - will just have to hope our October one to Japan goes ahead still....
  10. all my family and friends that have been vaccinated in England have received the same card as mentioned by tipsy - strange that Scotland arent doing the same..
  11. hi - are you able to screenshot where it says this - for some reason intermittently on the Celeb UK website - the page goes really pale and i cannot click on anything or navigate around it but could do with seeing where it says this as it will definately impact what we do with cancellations - thank you
  12. but what if youre not vaccinated because you are bottom of the queue for it being handed out? are you saying those people cant cruise this year???
  13. Is this a trick question? 😁 you seem to have answered yourself in your post ...you know FCC can only be used on sailings through 30th sept...but are asking if you can use 2 on a sailing in October?🙈
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