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  1. I keep hearing this and am still waiting for what that magic fix is that we should have done. At first it was we needed testing and PPE. Now we have more of both of those than we know what to do with. We shut down travel. Shut down the economy. We are ingrained to play the blame game our whole lives. Now, I keep hearing science and masks. Where are masks not mandated? If masks haven't "stopped" it yet, how much more is really the solve here? As a disclaimer (because you have to these days) I did not say to stop wearing masks if you couldn't tell.
  2. What a complete thread of a doom and gloom. Everything is ending. It's also incredible that I can go to work everyday with the public, shop in a busy Wal-Mart, fly in a full plane, etc and these are fine. Yet a cruise with similar precautions (or maybe even more) is a death trap. I remember as soon as COVID hit, there were all these talks about people out of work and that they can't afford life. Then I personally saw what some were getting in unemployment, especially with the $600 federal payment. They were making more by not working. Then there was the $1200 stimulus, and will likely be another. Are some people hurting from this? Yes. However, a good portion of those were people who were hurting before. How many people do you really know who are unable to get any work because of COVID? Many employers are paying more than ever, which was further proven by the increase in the household income in 2019. We're also all environmentalists here. Because we are so smart about what a ship of 5,000 people brings to the environment. We even went as far as breaking it up into smaller ships is now better. Never mind what those 5,000 people would do otherwise. Probably planting trees and walking to their destination. Some of you need to turn the politics off.
  3. Not really trying to start this discussion, but the vaccine is not crucial to cruises starting up
  4. One of the most annoying topics in cruising. "I want the dining of 30 years ago, with the price of today". The truth is, that experience of yesteryear is still here. It has shrunk and not found on the big lines. Because obviously, the vast majority of people understand that you pay for it, and it's not that important. I have zero interest in eating 5-star steak and lobster everyday. I can get that here at home if I want. Why do I need to pay $1000 more to get it "included" on a vacation, especially when reasonable options already exist?
  5. They will survive. They have money. They have customers who want to cruise. They will resume cruising no later than Spring, hopefully earlier.
  6. Miami, especially South Beach. I don't hate it, but it's not what it was hyped up to be. Lots of overinflated egos, overpriced food, and trash.
  7. I don't feel guilty at all. I do what I can to reduce waste, recycle, etc. People think they are so smart because they read what comes from a cruise ship. How many gatherings or vacations of 2,000 - 6,000 people are "environmentally friendly?" If those people are flying, driving, eating, etc somewhere else, are we really that better off? The reality is we in nature are not environmentally friendly. I'd like to see us continue to make practices better, but more often than not, it is nothing more than virtue signaling or cost savings.
  8. To add to speculation, I would assume they aren't going to be kicking anyone off, as much as they will be limiting capacity proactively. Since we haven't been able to go anywhere without hearing about social distancing and limited capacity, it would have been a colossal mistake to allow ships to sell out. Even with X tickets sold, there are still a number of people that would back out at the last minute. They want to sail, and want to make money. Sailing at about 50% capacity seems really light, but if that's what they can get, I'm sure they'll take it. I could see them pushing for 75% as that is already "action", on top of countless other precautions.
  9. Lots of people think their preferences are consistent with the overall industry. Look at the Oasis class ships. They command a premium fare in the mass market because they are in demand. They regularly sell out these ships with 5k+ people each week. Plus people buy all sorts of dining, entertainment, and even balconies that you can't really get on the smaller ships. Combined with more efficiency, and larger is the future. You'll never please everyone, but what part of this model seems like a bad business move for them? Their tiny ships are being scrapped for a reason. Obviously, with any decision in life, there are pros and cons. Some smaller islands still can't handle these mega ships very well. However, why do we always need to go to extremes? Mega ships aren't the only choice. There are many early 2000 builds that can reach any island just fine and not completely overwhelm it. I also wonder if some people truly don't like large ships or if they don't like the design of said ships, maybe even just specific areas. Just because a ship is bigger, does not mean finding a chair should be harder.
  10. Care to explain why this technicality is that significant? Have we compared percentages of previous economies claiming to be reopened? Is this not "reopening the maritime economy?" There are plenty of other economies that tie in together with this one, and aren't necessarily in the maritime bucket. However, this appears to be a statement that helps the public understand what they are trying to do.
  11. It may be a problem. It may also be they are tired of releasing plans that don't get the opportunity to come to fruition. Either way, the buffet was never going to go away. Everyone can debate all day on how the food is transferred to the plate. At the end of the day, it's the same outcome.
  12. While I won't say you are completely wrong, what really sounds more comfortable? Thinking about a nursing home, or taking the trip of your life before it ends?
  13. I say if you have the time and money, do it. If you're betting on the price dropping 40%, I wouldn't count on it. Princess has a 55 day cruise for $8,349 per person and a 71 day cruise for $10,459. There are other options to consider.
  14. I can deal with the bulk of the restrictions. This I hate. We have never done a ship excursion, and maybe do other excursions a third of the time. I hate having to stay with a big group of people. I hate having to follow a schedule. I love the ports where you can walk right off and hit the beach, restaurants, shops, etc. Port days are really important to me.
  15. I miss it more than ever. Memories for previous cruises come up, and it makes us want to go asap.
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