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  1. This is typical the "common sense" one-sided Liberal approach. Which you can't even state your opposition to unless you want to be labeled as an "alt-right, selfish, nut, scared of liberties being taken away". Without getting too political there is always an "easy fix". "Just remove guns" "Just remove police" "Just apply affirmative action". Etc etc. "It would be beneficial. You will be safe". There are always consequences no matter how amazing you think your idea is. It is a fact that all medicine can have side effects. Some people don't want to be peed on and be told
  2. I'm really sorry you lost your mother to this. I truly am. With that said, almost every time I hear about "common decency and moral obligation" on the internet, it is an emotional play to override logic. This is no different. It's almost like correlating that me cruising without a vaccine personally killing people like your mother because I am selfish. COVID is not a threat to everyone, period. In the nursing home incidents, what if the patients and staff were vaccinated? What does it matter at that point what someone on vacation is doing? Quit always trying to point
  3. The transmission claim is up in the air. (Hell, so are asymptomatic spreaders and viruses on surfaces) Remember, you still have to mask even if vaccinated because they don't know if it will spread. So either, they really don't know, or are lying to not give people autonomy to decide if they should be masked. What the vaccine does is reduce symptoms and make it less severe. It does not prevent the virus. At some point, the fear has to go away when we have as many mitigation options as we do.
  4. I'm not sure where you were a year ago. We shut down nearly every business, grounded most planes and cruises, and locked people inside for over a month. What more did you want? Unfortunately, it did little other than tank our economy Imagine taking this stance that Samoa and Zealand are models that countries like the USA can replicate.
  5. Imagine you were born yesterday and someone told you "public health on a cruise ship" is what is being discussed in this thread. Nevermind all of the obese people consuming as much food and alcohol as possible to "get their monies worth". That's not health. Even when they are the ones at risk of COVID. The risk comes from the evil healthy people who haven't been jabbed by an experimental drug to protect them from a cold. Then also imagine that you're scared of a cruise because of the worst example we can give from a time when we had no knowledge of this. While also ignoring that ev
  6. Never before have we pushed a vaccine so hard because of "other people". If our fear of COVID is that it kills a small percent of unhealthy people, then what continues to be our concern if that small percent are now vaccinated? Constant override of freedoms for a "one-sized-fits-all" control. What kind of soy-based, quinoa bar is this? I've been to multiple packed bars, in multiple states, and have conversed with dozens of people. I'll just say this is a comical statement. Although, I might be inclined to believe it more in Denver Using one of the w
  7. No serious company uses polls for data collection. These days, they are mostly just ways to "prove" a political point by asking a question to a group that you already know their answer. I can assure you Arnold didn't just come to this decision because he wants to be an alt-right, anti-vaxxer. They have been studying this day and night, for months. Even at the height of the panic when no one knew what was going on, how to treat it, how to prevent the spread, Carnival cruises (not Princess) fared quite well. Now we know way more and have many immunities in place. I wouldn
  8. You mean the same thing every politician does? Make no mistake, even if it is an "unpopular decision" a politician is doing it for reasons they want to take credit for at some point. They only get called out on this when someone is against their stance. It's refreshing to have a politician that has a platform that is predictable, and actually follows through. Instead of all of our ineffective repeaters of the flavor of the week. You have the right not to support his platform. But you best get used to it. You're going to see more of him before you see less.
  9. These comparisons of people per GT can be deceiving. It isn't as simple as looking at a spec sheet, and determining that there is more "space". How is the space being used? Where are the people congregating? Is a big open promenade really going to bring much more joy? What if it's 10 square foot in each cabin? While it's a good indicator, the real measurement is the size of the popular venues. You can have whatever GT measurement you want, but a small pool, theater, comedy club, etc can happen on either end of the spectrum. Unfortunately, Carnival has had a few poor designs of thos
  10. For me the perfect cruise only needs to have good weather and/or no cancelled ports. A very rocky day, rainy day, or missed port are the only things I can think of that will really bum me out. It just kills the vibe. Other than that, there's not much that I'm going to let get to me. My favorite would have to be the one out of San Juan, visiting a new port everyday. Even though the ship was smaller, it was nearly perfect. Great weather everyday. A new island every day. So much fun.
  11. Sorry, this is not the approved agenda. We were saving the turtles by removing the straws. Now that you question masks, you must be a science-denier.
  12. Considering they are $30 now while shut down with no path to cruising, $40 could happen at the first announcement.
  13. The biggest perk of having a suite: let everyone know you have a suite
  14. ANYTHING can become repetitive and boring. Caribbean will continue to have massive interest no matter what. When you want to GROW your business as every large company does, you can't really grow the Caribbean. It is what it is. The private islands are a chance to take islands that would not otherwise be used, add a new option, and probably most importantly for cruise lines to capture new revenue because they own everything there. It is not for the "been there done that/I hate beaches and warm weather/I want to see the sistene chapel" crowd. It is basically a Caribbean convenience
  15. It is so popular because all of the planets align for a solid experience. The ports are easy to reach for a large population, the trip is reasonably priced, the scenery would otherwise be rare for many. I don't know why any of that would be confusing. As much as I don't get the Caribbean hate, I've come to understand that a lot of people who don't like it generally just don't care for beaches/tropical weather. It's a crazy thing to me, but not everyone has the same interests. As one example, I will never forget going to Hawaii with people who I was told didn't care for that type of
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