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  1. Wages HAVE gone up. They've been going up for years. It may be hard to comprehend, but there's a "cap" on pay to the point where it doesn't make sense operating anymore. You can't run some facilities with half as a many heads, making twice as much. While this debate can go on for hours, 80% of Americans make more than $350 per week. That's under $9 an hour. You can literally walk into any big retail company these days and start at $15. "Surviving in pandemic conditions" is a victim statement. No one is trying to start a life, making $350 per week. S
  2. Beyond the opinion of internet lawyers, even particularly "clear" laws can often be "interpreted" a different way. It will be interesting to see where it ends.
  3. You would think that after decades of over-regulation causing businesses to flee and once great cities are now depressed, poor, and full of drugs that we would learn a single thing from it. Americans have no problem displaying any ounce of virtue signaling they can as long as their livelihood wasn't impacted. I, too, have experienced this alternate reality. I've spent over 3 weeks in various Florida cities since the pandemic started. It is back to normal life there. Meanwhile, we cannot even have a PATH to cruising. While other countries have done so without a peep from the media.
  4. A very slick look! The all-white is not very visually appealing. This is actually a smarter marketing move than it may initially appear. People love to take pictures with their cruise ship. The current design doesn't grab anyone's attention.
  5. You know who else is not necessarily immune from a mutation? The world. Even with vaccination. This expectation that covid is eradicated with the vaccine grossly misunderstands just what type of a worldwide effort that takes. Mutations are a reality of highly infectious disease. Step 1 is to accept that. Not to mention we don't know how long this shot lasts and already know it needs boosters. There is no proof that my immunity from previous infection is insufficient and/or puts anyone at risk. There is no proof that I'm a special incubator for mutations. There is no proof of what t
  6. What am I looking forward to? All of it. The fun atmosphere. The food. The entertainment. Being at sea. Ports of call. The sun.
  7. The CDC can't tell cruise lines what to do overseas. However, US law could always have certain requirements for those who seek cruises elsewhere. But yes, it is completely political and a complete overreach. I've spent 3 weeks in Florida in the past year. Between the planes, bars, etc it's baseless to single out cruises
  8. Ports opening and the cruise lines giving their employees vaccines. Hmmm, could it be?
  9. If you've ever been to a foreign country or even just watched it on tv, it's comical to see the way we act around food service vs them. You'll have bare, unwashed hands, touching food, in big bins. Yet we panic over a spoon handle. It's even more comical that people will complain about said spoon, but disregard the world around us that has fecal matter everywhere. The buffet will not go away. If anything, they'll modify it. I guess the spoons will probably only be accessible to the staff. Even though that has nothing to do with COVID.
  10. I don't need to have anyone in the know at the Port Authority to know liberal NJ and NY have no plans to resume normal life.
  11. My balcony hack is saving $500-$1000 by buying an interior and using the free balconies all over the ship, that are way more fun.
  12. Crypto is crazy indeed, but it does prove my point. The average person doesn't give two craps about what crypto or a stock actually is. They just want to make money. As for my plan forward, it's no different from what investing has always been. Invest where you think you will make returns. If you feel you won't make returns there, you sell and move on.
  13. I came to post this too. All of these people posting professional economic opinions. Meanwhile, one of the hottest investments at the moment is a coin with a doge on it. Carnival didn't climb 300% in a year be cause they had strong results to show. If this is the price without any revenue coming in, I find it hard to believe that it would go anywhere but up when they sail again. Hype does a lot. You don't even have to show "back to regular" or even "full capacity". What if they can tell the story that the inefficient ships are gone? That the prices have went up 50 or even 100%? If
  14. I would second Royal. More to do. More chances of finding people their age. Seems like the best option to me. Carnival and NCL larger ships wouldn't be bad bets either. But do kids 18-20 even want to cruise? While I can't speak for everyone, when I was at that age, hanging around a boat with a bunch of drunk people was not what I was looking for. It probably works out best if they can bring a friend or so.
  15. Are you literally trying to argue that this happens in *other islands* but not in Key West? I was in Florida last weekend and was welcomed at many places I went. That doesn't mean every local was glad I was there.
  16. Do you both honestly think you are "welcomed" on any island you visit? People (on all sides here) think more for themselves than they care to acknowledge. Those involved in the tourism industry want the people to come for their business. Those not involved, do not want you there. Period. That is mostly consistent where ever you go. It's just that the US has a different political system, especially in the whiny Key West locals. I do absolutely love the idea for a dry tortugas stop. That is such a pain to get to.
  17. While we don't know all of the details for sure, cruises aren't going to be a thing if there aren't any activities for people.
  18. From reading a lot of responses about this, I seem to be in the minority that sides with the Florida legislature 100%. Think about it for a second, what if any city is given the option to decide what type of tourism they do or don't want? Who's actually going to vote for tourism? We're going to see more restrictions, and start a precedent we don't want. Tourism is the lifeblood of Florida. Nearly all of the awesome things we do in Florida are funded by our tourism. Anything with a "environmental" case slapped on it, is usually the biggest load of crap you can find. The Key West eli
  19. Let's be clear, as much as Carnival would love to sell all of these excursions, they want to enforce as few restrictions as possible. Add in any combination of limited activities, forced excursions, masks, and vaccines, and some people are going to second guess booking a cruise. No matter how much the usual 10 post on here how dangerous it would be otherwise. At the end of the day, they'll do what they must. Not without a fight though.
  20. Compare COVID to the flu = HOW COULD YOU? Compare COVID to polio = science
  21. Thankfully, we can move past this topic now. Since the experts have given their guidance, that satisfies the safety crowd. Right?
  22. We don't believe any of that because the "science" told us otherwise. It probably came from "bat soup". Clearly, only a nutjob conspiracy theorist can think it came from a lab studying coronaviruses exactly in the location where the outbreak was first discovered.
  23. I wonder what the difference in "science" is that the EU can come to a plan for cruising, but the CDC will not approve one here.
  24. Because honestly, that option would make sense for the vast majority of cruisers, and earn the cruise lines a lot less money. People can justify their drinking schedule and "no brainer" purchase all they want. The drink packages are a complete waste to most people. People love their "packages, bundles, and all you can consumes" and lose the ability to think critically. On Carnival, you can buy a 1 liter bottle for about $110. I consider that my punch card.
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