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  1. I hope that you did not give the Nigerian Prince your new credit card information. I treat every robo call like it is a phasing scam
  2. This is a question for people onboard now. I read on another topic that someone thought (which does almost seem logical but take this with a grain of salt) the mask cover rules depend on the purpose of the room, related to crowd size. Venues, like Princess Live and the Atrium are venues, very crowded, not much social distancing, sip and cover. But bars and restaurants have more space between tables hence social distancing, mask off while eating and drinking. Does this fit anyone's experience these days?
  3. Our TA tells me that Princess told her 60%. But we all know that if she called back and asked again, the answer would be different. 😉
  4. How about steak and eggs, or pork chops and eggs?
  5. Putting aside any information you've read here, using ONLY information on the Princess website, I'd say you cannot cruise without the app. Nowhere on the Princess website does it say you can just show up at the pier if you don't have the app completed. Based on this, yes, they are two different things, but there isn't any Medallion Class Cruising without the App. So it is easy to mistakenly consider the two as one.
  6. I don't know whether to "like" or "laugh". Either way, I can relate. That's it, maybe "thanks" is my response. 😁
  7. Your post is great. It made me smile. 😊
  8. @Steelers36 I did say "unlocked" not "open". So, if I'm inside the cabin, with my Medallion, near the door, will the door UNLOCK? "Released", so that someone outside can open the door?
  9. If he is so good, why did Disney let him get away? I doubt that Princess could out bid Disney.
  10. This is an interesting point. Is the door unlocked if you are near it inside the cabin? Also, if it does "know" that you are inside, why can't the Medallion replace the card by the door to keep the lights on?
  11. It should never have been released at this stage. It should have been better before it ever hit the streets.
  12. The concept may be good, but the execution is terrible. The Medallion (concept) it self is a very small part of the picture. Yes, it will unlock your cabin door, and charge you for any services you use. But, the app (execution) is abominable.
  13. Well get out the popcorn. This group is going to love this!!
  14. Our tastes go by the inverse of size, R-Class, Sun Class, Crown, and Grand. I know that it is inevitable, but we will only cruise anything larger when we have to. We've been on the Royal twice, and the second time was because we'd booked the second time before being on her at all. Even then, we switched cabins to get away from our typical favorite location. Inside, she is beautiful, but outside, terrible. No Promanade Deck, small balconies, too much outside light. I love to sip a nice whisky and star gaze on the balcony before bed. The balcony is cramped and the light pollution from the ship itself is horrendous. But, at least they make the bed and wash the dishes. So life is good.
  15. Very good point. Here is where a statistics class is fun. As an example, with even numbers to work with. Let's take a ship capable of 2000 passengers, and room for 500 blocked off for possible quarantine. As far as the CDC is concerned, 2000 times 60% = 1200 passengers. As far as Prince$$ is concerned, and yes $$ is their main concern. They have a lot of debt to pay back. Maximum capacity is 1500 passengers, so 1200 passengers out of 1500 passengers = 80%. I think that is why we are getting varying reports of passenger capacity. So far, in most cases, I think actual bookings are the limiting factor.
  16. I would be more concerned with the soot on Royal Class ships. Not only is it dirty, it stinks.
  17. Boy do we agree! I wish I could Like many times over.
  18. Delete. My comment had already been addressed, I guess I'll never learn to read all comments before responding.
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