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  1. I say this lightly, I know it sounds worse than I mean it: Really, you plan a cruise around the embarkation terminal? Yes, Pier 35 is dated. But it is really not that bad. It worked for years. Pier 27 has its bad days also. Don't miss the itinerary you want because of the embarkation terminal.
  2. Actually it sounds like a phishing phone call to me. They can make their calls come from any number that they like.
  3. The Veterans selling stock was not my quote, you must have cut and pasted, incorrectly quoting me. I'm content, I am almost at the break even point, and expect to keep on getting better.
  4. Pre-Covid, you could only apply within 90 day of your voyage. Basically each quarterly statement. I believe they didn't want you applying too far out then selling. Not too likely a scenario though. When they started requiring pre-payment on pre-booked excursions, they slacked off on the 90 day thing so you could apply your OBC to the excursions more than 90 days out.
  5. CCL stock has been doing pretty well lately, we are approaching the break even point. Maybe I shouldn't say anything, might jinx myself. 😁
  6. Good point, I'm sure that that was part of Princess' calculation.
  7. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/search/?q="emergency light"&quick=1&type=forums_topic&nodes=119&updated_after=any&sortby=relevancy
  8. Should be Okay. From princess.com, fourth paragraph. https://www.princess.com/cruise-tips-vacation-ideas/cruise-destinations/cruise-tips-advice-and-information/packing-for-a-princess-cruise-vacation.html
  9. Judging by the comments on this topic, those that don't tip are judging those of you that do tip. 😉😉
  10. Just a follow up to my "No" not in their vocabulary comment. The answer would likely be: "The Lounge is for Platinum, Elite, and Suite guests. They still haven't said "No". Nothing negative, but answers the question. I know that this is just "semantics", but semantics is a favorite subject of mine. 😉😉
  11. None of the crew will say anything. "No" is not in their vocabulary. Some passengers will say that they are working for tips, but that is not their reason for not saying anything. They are all warm, caring, non-confrontational people. It is unfair of you to put them into this position.
  12. I would tip in the currency of the ship you are on.
  13. I do have to qualify my post: You may bring non platinum/elite/suite guests if they are your cabin mates.
  14. I wondered about that idea. We'll be on that voyage next week. A bit of a problem though, Skagway is not on the itinerary....
  15. That aft view is terrible, tell everyone that asks how far it is from everything. The aft elevator goes to nowhere, you can't do the looong walk to the bars without transferring elevators. The "bads" are endless. That is my story, and I'm sticking to it. Wave if you see me next door, we're on a 10 day to Alaska next week also. Must have been a last minute cancellation, those aft cabins are popular. Once you do an aft cabin, you won't go back, IF you can get it... 😉😉
  16. There is not a one-size fits all answer. It varies by port and excursion. I took the Pacific Northwest Coastal last April/May. I only took one ship's excursion, in Victoria. We boarded the bus directly on the pier. Disembarking, I wove my way through passengers leaving the Princess Theater in large groups. In my opinion, @damiross gave the best answer.
  17. I like that idea. Does it minimize the draft coming from the vent? That would be a double bonus.
  18. This may be true for the short term. And I'm sure that the cruise industry will do just fine. But, it will be interesting to see what happens when all of the Princess Travelcare, Cruise with Confidence, and Goodwill FCC's are used up and cruisers are not happy with the increased rates and fewer benefits. For now, we are just trying to burn through the actual out of pocket cash we have credit for from cancelled cruises. I am not anxious to going back to the longer cruises and 45 days or so a year we cruised before Covid. Especially at increased rates and fewer benefits. We shareholders will not be happy if Padgett and Jan start losing passengers down the line.
  19. There are a couple of ways to purchase the Future Cruise Deposit (FCD) onboard without waiting to see the Future Cruise Sales. You can do it on the Medallion App. You can also find a form at the Future Cruise Sales office (probably even if they are closed), fill it out and deposit in a collection box, or sometimes a slot at the Future Cruise office. They will charge the card assigned to your onboard account. Don't forget to include your significant other, you have to get separate FCD's for each of you.
  20. Another benefit, if you are eligible, is the Military Benefit. https://www.princess.com/military_benefit_program/ The reason I mention it here is that after you apply and are approved, it is automatically applied. You don't have to keep applying. You can sell your stock and lose the benefit, but your Military Service will always be there.
  21. Somewhere I found out that you can get a form that you can actually fill in on your computer and download it to email, or print it out to fax or snail mail it. I like it, it is standardized and convenient. I don't think that I can post it, but I'm pretty sure that if you call the Shareholder Benefit office (800 872 6779 ext. 13028) they can email you the link. Naysayers need not respond! I've read them all, if you don't want to use this form, you don't have to. But don't clutter up this topic with your negativity. Get out your popcorn, I can't wait to see how far off topic this goes.
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