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  1. https://www.carnivalcorp.com/shareholder-information/shareholder-benefit
  2. This is in every travel summary. Look it up for your cruise. We haven't done a World Cruise, but in 2015 we did three segments of one, 64 days, lots of ports. VisaCentral actually had our cruise listed what was required specifically for our trip. Check it out, hopefully this helps. VISA SERVICES INFORMATION Visas may be obtained directly from the consulate of the countries visited. Visas obtained on arrival may include a service fee. Passport holders of Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States may obtain visas through VisaCentral at https://cibtvisas.com/princesscruiseline. Australian guests, please use http://www.cibtvisas.com.au/princesscruises. All other nationalities can verify their visa requirements at VisaCentral's website, but will need to obtain their visas from the local consulates of the countries visited or a visa provider in their country of residence. Prices listed are in USD (unless otherwise indicated) and are subject to change. On voyages operating in Australia with the onboard currency in AUD, the visa fee will be converted to AUD.
  3. I cannot comment about your not comment as there is nothing to not comment about.
  4. This FAQ page from the Princess website refers to the Disembarkation Lounge. I think extrapolating it to the Embarkation Lounge is reasonable. I think that you have made a mature decision. That being said, there is a phone number in the FAQ's to answer any questions you have. I think that it is worth a try. If all of the passengers are linked together, I don't think that having your parents along with you for embarkation, the lounge, and disembarkation is unreasonable or abusing the privilege. https://book.princess.com/captaincircle/membershipFAQ.page
  5. You don't even have to log off. Just sign on with the second device and it will step you through logging off the previous device and sign on with your current device. Easy-Peasy
  6. This is not really a logical point. You could say 20.8 cents per hour. It doesn't matter how much you break it down, it is still $320. Now whether or not this is a good value is a very individual matter.
  7. BETTER is in the eye of the beholder. And as far as cabin selection goes, Princess and I don't see eye to eye. Overall, I really like Princess, and when Princess and I saw cabin "value" differently, there wasn't any problem as long as I could choose what I like, not have to accept what Princess thinks that I should like.
  8. I don't understand why you don't understand why people are obsessed with picking their cabins. One very simple, very significant choice, of many good reasons to choose: POSH, port out and starboard home. If you don't understand this, you need to get out more.
  9. Then why don't they just say that? They don't, so I look at it as it is written. Semantics are important. See my post #1 on how I feel about this.
  10. It worked! Sort of. The humor got lost, but you DID keep it going. 😁
  11. You will just have to book another cruise, soon, so you can ask your room steward and get back to us with the answer. I like the "camera" idea the most.
  12. I would still ask your room steward. Just to be sure.
  13. Of course some folks say that, because that is exactly what Princess says. YOU are the one twisting it to criticize folks for seeing it the way it is. My point was that wording it your way in the first place would be a lot smarter.
  14. This is a typical Princess mistake, they annoy people by charging you extra to get what you want. If they quoted you a price for a cabin you choose. Everyone is happy, no problem. Then they could offer a discount to let Princess choose. Bingo, everyone loves an offer for a discount. You have the choice to take the discount or not. It is a bonus discount, not an annoying upcharge. Just because airlines have gotten away with it, doesn't make it a good idea.
  15. The point is: the bow on boats and ships.
  16. This should be helpful. https://www.princess.com/learn/faq/pre-cruise/prepare-for-your-cruise/ Note the link to the Mobility Questionnaire.
  17. I like to take packaged energy bars. Granola, trail mix, anything that is in an unopened package should be Okay.
  18. Exactly, you can book segments of the World Cruise. That being said, those segments are typically pretty long. Not what I would call a "try it and see if I like it" cruise. We booked 64 days of the World Cruise out of Sydney in 2015. When I booked it, I didn't even know that it was the World Cruise. That being said, we did meet two individuals, solo travelers that said that this was their first cruise. After 64 days, we disembarked in New York, and they were still going strong. They, like us, enjoyed socializing late at Crooners, they were never bored.
  19. This link from the princess.com website takes you to a form to be signed by Parent/Guardian. My guess is that you no doubt qualify as their Guardian. https://www.princess.com/ships-and-experience/onboard-experience/kids-and-teens/ Please let us know what you find out.
  20. I believe that my bank charges me a penalty for returned checks. I would go directly to the bank and see what they say. I know, I'm old, I actually have a Brick and Mortar bank. I don't know what you younguns with a virtual bank can do. Speak to someone half way around the world I guess.
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