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  1. Yep, I've done that myself. Boy did I feel silly.
  2. It is very easy to set up a secondary email to maintain your privacy. Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, and Outlook are the most obvious. Use it to get started then forget about it until you need it again for a similar circumstance.
  3. The sea days are great, the time changes are brutal. I'd still do a Pacific crossing anytime.
  4. And also during an unusually high tide to low tide period. Strong current caused by a lot of water in a big bay trying to get out to sea.
  5. You have to make a lot of assumptions to get to your conclusion.
  6. Thank you for this. I didn't think anything of it. I read it as "a collision", blaming it on that darned auto-correct. That's my learn something new every day, for today.
  7. True, unlocking your door enters you to win a prize. You don't have to open the door to win.
  8. But their passports had been scanned and they boarded a ship for an itinerary that was subject to the PVSA. As far as Customs knows, they embarked and disembarked at the same port without visiting a foreign or distant port. ps. Yes this was a loaded question, I submitted it for the sake of the discussion. PSVA and Jones Act discussions go on for ever. I guess I should have been more direct with my question. The PSVA can be excepted under certain conditions, weather, medical etc. I think the Act came into play here, but I think that an exception was made. @DallasGuy75219 has a good idea also. They never went anywhere, so the Act never came into play. So, what does everyone else think?
  9. Just one man's opinion: Carnival Corporation is not going to pay down their $26 billion debt by paying you to open the door to your cabin. We are fans and supporters of Princess. But don't make any decisions based on opening your cabin door.
  10. I'm wondering about the PVSA. Passengers boarded, but didn't stop at a foreign, or distant port.
  11. The Captain of the ship is always ultimately responsible.
  12. Personally, I think that you've made the right decision. Domestically, it is a hard decision to make, price wise, and comfort level wise. But hopefully, you see the benefit of the extra cost, and if you do travel internationally, you will appreciate the comfort level. As I said early on, I think the package is worth it. Now that you've made your decision, let's see how much longer this thread goes on. Get your popcorn out.
  13. Make that 3-4 drinks a day, plus specialty coffee, soft dinks, bottled water, Perrier or San Pellegrino, special desserts. You can try new and different drinks, desserts, etc., if you don't like it, no big loss. Lots of little options that can be taken for granted, but add up. Plus, just the convenience of no surprises on your final bill. After tips (a constant), and Wi-Fi (a sliding scale value to everyone) it doesn't really take too much to break even. I think that it really is a bargain unless you drink absolutely nothing.
  14. We've also found this to be true. If we fly Domestically, we go one day early, which most people seem to do, and the flights all start arriving at similar times. We were put on a bus, and waited until it was full. A little frustrating, but not a deal breaker. When we fly Internationally, we go four days early. (Gives us time to explore new Cities) Seems no one else is arriving that early and we have had a Private Car. This does make the Princess Hotel deal cost more, I do tip the Private Car driver. 😁😉 It sure is First Class treatment.
  15. We were also on that cruise and still using up FCC's. We were booked B2B all the way through the Panama Canal to San Pedro. We had a very interesting flight from Buenos Aires back to San Francisco. Kudos to EZ Air. They booked the flights for us.
  16. Pre-Covid we used EZ Air and Pre-Cruise Princess hotels exclusively. I'm all for it. Once I got to the airport, I was Princesses Baby until I was on the ship. Transfers to the hotel and to the ship, baggage handling, hotel, usually, but not always breakfast, all arranged, and "insured". If anything went wrong, Princess made any arrangements necessary. Nothing ever did go wrong until a cruise shut down by Covid. Then EZ Air made plane reservations to get us back to SFO from Buenos Aires as the world was shutting down. Airports were shutting down behind us. It was stressful, but I didn't have to make the many calls trying to get reservations, again and again as ports kept changing until Buenos Aires allowed us in. We had to have plane reservations in hand, and they put on a bus to the airport. There were armed Military onboard to make sure we went from the ship to the airport without getting off in Argentina. You will get a lot of negativity on the extra cost of the hotel, but after you add it all up, and factor in no muss no fuss, I think that it is definitely worth it. On the Princess website, look under Destinations, then Departure Ports and Hotels.
  17. As far as the current success at filling ships, I'm curious how many people are still sailing at no cost to themselves on FCC's from cancelled sailings. We still have "Goodwill", "Cruise with Confidence" and "Princess Travelcare" credits left on the books.
  18. Yup, check-in time is first come, first served by check-in time. The perk is at check-in, there is a dedicated line and a dedicated location to wait. And then priority boarding.
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