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  1. Can you explain the point of this please?
  2. I would think it unlikely IF you knew this was a possibility when you took out the insurance. Have you read the PDS?
  3. To much excitement too quickly. So I got my new booking confirmation but the price was the same, not $40 less pp. Back to Princess I go, took me speaking to 3 different people to then discover that the first person had made a mistake, apparently because we have upgraded one of our day tours (and paying the full price for it) we don't qualify for this price drop. I asked her to explain the rationale but she couldn't! So basically if we had not upgraded one tiny element of our cruisetour we would get the price drop. This doesn't make sense to me, has anyone come across this before?
  4. Ooh I got all excited reading this as I'm on Alaska cruise in 2020, so called Princess and mine had gone down.....drumroll.... a grand total of NZ$40 each 😁 Oh well every little helps!
  5. Oops thought my previous post had not registered so I posted it again, only to find my first post, so I've deleted 😁
  6. Do you have a link to this discussion please?
  7. Any updates on this please?
  8. Could you please put me down for Vision of the Seas Miami to Los Angeles via the Panama canal, 14.10.19 and Coral Princess 26.8.20 Vancouver to Whittier, thank you
  9. Surely you'd be paying for 2 separate cruises, so double the cost? Or am I missing something (quite likely) please advise?
  10. Hi, I'm planning a cruise from Vancouver to Whittier, mid August 2020, departs Vancouver 4.30pm, will we transit the Inside Passage overnight or the next day (sea day) please?
  11. Please add for me, Vision of the Seas 16 night Panama canal Cruise Miami to Los Angeles, 14th October 2019, thanks 😁
  12. Coming from NZ we had to do immigration at Hobart on my recent Cruise on Majestic Princess.
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