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  1. My last Cruise was Panama canal in October 2019. 2020 I had a month booked to Alaska including 2 cruises for my significant birthday, all that went down the gurgler 😭😭😭 Nothing booked for 2021 except a one night Train trip to The Chateau Tongariro for mid winter Xmas. 3 booked next year and in 2023 the 35 nights Princess Auckland-Hawaii return. I'm excited about that as the longest I've done was an 18 night Transpacific. 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞
  2. Aucklander here. Didn't feel a thing, nobody was hurt, sounded far more dramatic that it was. The worst thing was the emergency phone alert (several times) when I had my headphones on! 😨
  3. These idiots should be deported and barred from ever returning 😡
  4. So my email to M.Bayley with my thoughts on my cancelled Quantum TP April 2022 (not cancelled afaiac, just sailing from Brisbane instead of Sydney) got me an email reply from the executive office. Today the person that sent that email called me! Apologies blah blah blah. I said I want an explanation as to why RC are reneging on the L&S etc. Got no explanation of course, just a load of waffle, can't disclose what's going on etc etc, waste of time! I did get my deposit refunded today which is amazingly quick but I'm still ****ed off with them 😥😡
  5. I couldn't sign in to the website yesterday and it's still down this morning!
  6. On RC website my Quantum repo 2022 to Honolulu is still showing as out of Sydney!
  7. Isn't Quantum the same as Ovation? I'm in Auckland so have to fly anyway 😏
  8. Hmm I'm booked on Quantum for the Transpacific out of Sydney April 2022!
  9. Did you have refundable tickets with Air Canada?
  10. Hi again @bazzaw, Could you please give me any other info on how you got your Air Canada non-refundable flights refunded. FC are telling me the Air Canada are not refunding any non-refundable tickets 😥
  11. @Blackduck59 mid Feb onwards is best time for NZ, the warmest, most settled weather and kids back to school.
  12. I was to have a month in Alaska August/September this year, including 2 Princess cruises, my bucket list trip for a big birthday. Princess cancelled the cruises a while back so of course the whole trip was canned 😏 Hoping to go in 2022, not sure if I'd chance it next year.
  13. Is there a specific name for this 35 night Cruise? It'd be great if I could get on in Auckland! I've done the Honolulu to Sydney Transpacific and I love the sea days 😁
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