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  1. Really! You might want to read this: https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/2689072-negative-silhouette-reviews-in-the-med/?tab=comments#comment-58171741
  2. 'MODERN LUXURY' lived here pre-revolution it's now X-TINCT
  3. She did say that if a guest was under quarantine via medical, the 14.99 fee per movie would be waived. I guess that is something. I wonder if that will work like when LLP suggested asking the stateroom attendant for a foot-stall to fob people off. We have just endured a cruise on the Silhouette with 600 children on-board without adequate facilities for them. Celebrity are actively marketing Family Cruises during school holidays so is it really a wise move removing something that could be suitable for them.
  4. Having just been on the Silhouette with half of Sushi on 5 open to Cafe al Bacio it makes a real difference. Our cruise had 600 children on with a total of around 3500 guests so was hugely crowded, if you put that many children on the reflection with the increased amount of cabins that could mean around 4000 passengers. Might be an idea to raise this issue of seating unavailability in Cafe al Bacio with a comment card asking if they can do this on Silhouette, can they do it on Reflection too or raise with bar managers.
  5. We know how you feel because we were there too, I'm sure you are not alone in your complaint as many cruisers we spoke to were going to complain too. Celebrity will be well aware of the issues from complaints and also through the on-board staff but will anything happen, I doubt it. I would imagine they will offer you some on-board credit to use on a future cruise and carry on as normal. I think you need to have in mind what you feel will be acceptable to you as some form of compensation for all 6 passengers but be realistic and expect them to not own the problem as they obviously want to go forward as a company offering family cruises. Let us know how you get on.
  6. What are you expectations from Celebrity in light of your complaint.
  7. I was just checking out the new offer on Celebrity UK and was quite surprised to notice many cruises showing "Deal:School Holiday Cruises" then I found this: https://www.celebritycruises.co.uk/cruise-deals/family-cruises/ In light of our recent experience with a School Holiday Cruise and that there are 3 pages of cruises applying to this deal you might want to check if your considering one.
  8. Interested to know how you get on with Celebrity as they are aware that this sailing had issues.
  9. J P Lamb but unfortunately he changed ship mid cruise so we ended up dealing with the F&B manager, also logged on comment forms at guest relations.
  10. And so did we... raised with the food and beverage manager and then again with the hotel director. Can I just clarify here that we love Celebrity and have cruised many times with them with few issues... but on this occasion Celebrity did not meet the expectations of us and many others.
  11. Having spoken to my Celebrity agent she confirmed this cruise hadn't offered any kids free places, at least not in the UK. I noticed on the UK website that they are pushing family cruises throughout the school holidays now, many of these are in the Caribbean as well as Europe so good luck to anyone that goes on these.
  12. There were actually a lot of disabled people on this cruise and I know that 'The Elevator Challenge' was very difficult for them as they could not use the stairs, it is very frustrating for a lift to arrive and a kid press the button to close the doors very quickly. Parents allowed it because it meant that they didn't need to look after their child. Bored kids/teens on a ship with not enough facilities for them are going to run amok.
  13. Butlins is another analogy I've heard. The classic wine being passed off as premium really bugged me, after paying for the upgrade I don't expect to be told I'm getting a wine that I can tell by taste it is not. I feel the premium upgrade is most definitely not worth it for wine drinkers.
  14. I vaguely recall seeing it in regards to the Edge sailing in Europe but not other ships. I think the higher pricing and short itineraries on the Edge probably put families off.
  15. Having read the Cruise Critic reviews of this cruise it was quite amusing to find one from someone giving the kids/teens perspective.
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