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  1. I hope it all goes smoothly for you and makes for a memorable cruise.
  2. I did have to contact Celebrity a few times for updates as Captains Club had to contact the ship event co-ordinator who took time to get back to them. The only acknowledgement I had to take the cremains on board was an email from Captains Club confirming that I needed to contact the event co-ordinator once we boarded. I also kept the cremains in my hand luggage as it was easier to confirm what they were if challenged as I had all the relevant paperwork. Once on the ship it was all very straight forward and they were expecting us.
  3. Thank you. We had no charges from Celebrity at all.
  4. Sorry for your loss. We purchased a journey water urn which is just like a large envelope made from biodegradable thick paper. I believe they do them in a companion size for cremains of couples. There are lots of biodegradable urns suitable for sea burial available online but try to ensure the company will provide proof of biodegradability as the ship requires it. Best wishes
  5. I believe the Casino Host is Jordan from the UK from my trip in October.
  6. Celebrity Eclipse departs Barcelona for 12 nights on October 5th. It docks in Naples for a full day but very costly now.
  7. We did an evening tour with Dancing Bear Tours this summer and it was adapted around what we wanted to see. If you contact Julia at Dancing Bear she is very adaptable.
  8. Thank you all for your kind messages.
  9. It does have to be 12 miles from land and there are other regulations that the ship need to adhere to, this is why they checked where it would be possible and provided us with days and times it would be allowed.
  10. Thank you all for your kind comments. I hope that anyone who is considering doing this will at least have a starting point. It is not a service openly advertised and it is scary not knowing how to go about arranging it as it is such an emotive subject.
  11. Just in case anyone is interested in sending cremains off via a Celebrity ship I thought our recent experience may help. We are from the UK and after booking our holiday on the Celebrity Silhouette to the Baltics I contacted the Captains Club to ask them if it was possible to do. It was quite a poignant trip as my Father was a merchant seaman and his last ever cruise was to the Baltics. Captains Club emailed the ship Event Co-ordinator who provided details of what we would need regarding the paperwork and proof of biodegradable urn. We then confirmed that we would like to go ahead and agreed to contact the Event Co-ordinator once we boarded. We already had the necessary paperwork and purchased a biodegradable urn suitable for deep sea burials, we asked the company to give us a letter of proof of biodegradability which they were happy to do. Everything in order we boarded the ship with no issues at security, we were prepared with all the paperwork should anyone question the contents of the urn which we carried as hand luggage. Once on board we went immediately to guest services and made contact with the Event Co-ordinator who was already expecting us. They photocopied all the relevant paperwork and asked us where we would like to have the sea burial and they checked with the bridge if and when it could be arranged. A couple of days later they contacted us in our stateroom and gave us dates and times that would be suitable. We arranged to meet at the pre-arranged time with the Event Co-ordinator who took us to a quiet part of the ship and had a rose for us to put with the urn, we advised when we were ready to go ahead so that the co-ordinates could be recorded for the ship log. We dropped the urn and rose from deck 5, it stayed intact which would then have taken a few moments to absorb the water before sinking but as we were moving we didn't see it go under. It was quite surreal at this point but a great moment as committing my Father's ashes to the sea was his final wish. A few days later a certificate signed by the captain was delivered to our stateroom with the co-ordinates. Celebrity were fantastic and we really felt that they honoured a fellow seaman's wishes. As someone who loved to travel his ashes travel on in the ocean forever.
  12. Bottom box so your credit card provider will convert US Dollars to £ Sterling. Cheaper than Celebrity conversion even if you get charges for Foreign transactions.
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