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  1. Thank you for all the replies. Managed to get hold of an email for tech help so trying them. Fingers crossed! Can't believe how truly awful this app is and now really the only way to do anything, it really lets them down as a company. Not helped by the fact that telephone support is virtually no existent here in the UK anyway.
  2. We have tried to check in for an upcoming cruise via the app but it does not appear to accept our passport issue dates, keeps just deleting it. Has anyone had a similar issue? We did wonder if it may be because in the UK when you renew passports they give any remaining months extra onto the new passport, so over 10 years from issue to expiry. Another issue we have is ordering the medallion, one of ours went through correctly but the other passenger seems to just keep getting 2 lanyards in the order summary and no medallion. No way of emptying the basket or deleting a lanyard either. Any ideas?
  3. My TA just got through to Princess in US but we have to pay £100 admin fee for the new pricing, anyone else have to pay this?
  4. My travel agent has been listening to music for over 5 hours trying to speak to someone. I am also trying and over an hour still just music. What if I wanted to cancel, absolutely ridiculous situation!
  5. Hi we are from the UK and have our first cruise on Princess coming up. We booked through a travel agent and have noticed a quite substantial price drop on our cruise. Can anyone advice me how Princess may handle this, especially during current times when we have the option to cancel and get an fcc. I would still like to do the cruise and am happy with our cabin but not happy to pay around 20% more for it.
  6. We were scheduled for 29th August Harmony from Barcelona and UK guests were cancelled.
  7. Wednesday evening we purchased our flights for the 29th sailing after holding off as not sure it would be a go, we asked Royal and they confirmed it was. Thursday night around midnight we checked in and started to get really excited. Then..... Friday morning we received the email and right at the bottom almost like an afterthought there it was UK guests can't go, Itinerary change and shore excursions obviously more important. After a very stressed Friday I have to say that my fantastic TA and Royal have helped us move onto the Anthem on the same date @FamilyCruiserUKI know you will be on the same sailing so come and see us for a beer, I think after all this we need one!
  8. @Preziosa hope now you can check in soon. Please keep us updated on your trip as we are scheduled to be on all being well on the 29th.
  9. Thinking of moving Harmony cruise over to Anthem UK. Can anyone give me an idea of Drink Package and Dining package prices please. Thanks
  10. Thank you. You will have a wonderful time now preparing for your cruise without all the hassle. Hope you don.t get any problems getting your flights changed.
  11. Thanks for the info, of course I didn't think about the cancellation %. Unfortunately booked through a TA so can't do anything till Monday. Might wait and see what the new travel rules will be when announced later this week, ideally we would still like to go on the Harmony for the weather. Something about Harmony at the moment doesn't feel right with no check in still available for the first cruise, can't book 3rd/4th into cabins on new bookings and Europe having increasing cases.
  12. Whilst investigating Anthem disappearing from RCI for Sept/Oct I checked out UK ports cruise schedules. It appears from the Liverpool schedule both Anthem and Silhouette are scheduled for September and October. Looks likely that more UK cruises are to be added.
  13. Hi Family Cruiser we are supposed to be on the Harmony 29th August and considering doing the same as you with all the travel restrictions. Just wondering how you managed to get 50% cash refund, i thought you could only get a FCC.
  14. We are also on the 29th August cruise travelling from the UK. Only information we have had is an email with the protocols for boarding in Spain etc. We are a little concerned as a recent search on RCI website for Harmony cruises in August and September 2021 say no staterooms available for 3 or 4 passengers. Odd as the villa suite is available which has 4 bedrooms but is bookable for 2 passengers only. Could be to reduce numbers booking maybe as close to the occupancy allowed in Europe
  15. Thanks for the info. Hopefully the FCDO might update the guidance soon
  16. Hi Stu We are also in this position too with a late August cruise to the Med with Royal. Would be interested to know if you have any luck, I looked at Battleface but the issue seems to be with the cruising aspect as you said. Please update if you have any luck with insurers and of course we will too.
  17. Thank you for letting us know that speciality coffee is included and that the blog has now been updated to reflect this,
  18. I found a blog which has raised my suspicion Live From Celebrity Millennium: The Buffet Is Better; The Wi-Fi Is Not | Cruise.Blog and Celebrity say this All-Inclusive Cruise Drink Packages | Celebrity Cruises
  19. Can you please confirm that the Classic drinks package which is included no longer includes speciality coffees. Are these only covered by upgrading now? Thanks
  20. Thank you to everyone for all the infomation pics etc. Safe travels home
  21. Thank you all for the valuable information especially as new to MSC. Just a few questions if anyone can answer them please: Does anyone know if just 1 person in the cabin can upgrade the drinks package? Might seem a daft question but do the drinks prices for spirits include a mixer or do they add the cost on, which could take it over the £10 limit? What breakfast options are there for room service included for fantastica cabin? Thank you
  22. Really nice having something to look forward to after this years groundhog days. Totally agree Celebrity is not for a 6 year old, really hoping Royal will have lots to entertain our 20 somethings.
  23. Hi Family Cruiser we are booked on this one too. There will be 6 of us also from the UK and our first Royal cruise, usually Celebrity so looking forward to seeing the difference.
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