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  1. 33 minutes ago, NieuwAmsterdam said:

    Hello Everyone! Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I’ve never sailed with Cunard before, but I’ve always wanted to; I grew up fascinated by the ocean liners of old. It was always a childhood dream of mine to sail aboard a Cunard Queen, and I’m finally ready to book a voyage aboard one. I suppose that the doom and gloom of today’s climate is making me crave something big to look forward to. I’m at the very young end of the Cunard age spectrum, but I don’t mind that at all. I just want to get away by myself for a few days of quiet. 


    The two itineraries that I’m debating are a QV 2-night to Hamburg in JAN 2022 (V202) and a QE 3-night to Zeebrugge in JULY 2021 (Q125N). QV includes flights and I’d spring for a balcony, and QE is one of the new itineraries and I’d book a balcony to get the upgrade to Club. I know that the Cunard experience really shines on longer voyages, but I’m a cash-strapped student. Safe to say that I’m torn between the two!


    Any comments/advice would be appreciated. If there really isn’t a difference worth worrying over, please tell me. Thanks everyone!

    Both ships are fantastic I would go for the 3 nights on QE which is my favourite ship and I would also go for the balcony cabin the only difference with the club is the dining choice and you will miss out on the splendour and atmosphere of the Britannia dining room.we have just booked B2B cruise on QE from 4th July for 24 nights can’t wait to be back on board.

  2. Yes definitely want to cruise again my next cruise is Iona 6th March, Queen Mary 18th April and 9th June will be booking if we can get through to Cunard this morning B2B cruises for July and have Queen Victoria booked on B2B in December fingers and everything crossed🤞🏻

  3. 20 hours ago, wowzz said:

    Yes, I see that myself. You're right, it's an enormous increase. It will be interesting to know what Saga say when you talk to them. 

    22 hours ago, lindylooellalouise said:

    Hi the brochure price is 4,081 pounds per person and online it’s 5.023 pounds per person so that’s a huge difference. April 24th 22 nights on SOA and that’s for the cheapest cabin.

    Hi just got of the phone to Saga and really disappointed the discount no longer applies so that is  the price I will have to pay, can’t believe that getting the brochure on Saturday morning to decide to book Saturday afternoon but couldn’t because they were closed and the website only showed increased fare, I don’t know anyone who has previously cruise with Saga so can’t get a recommendation, looks like I will have to wait for Cunard. Not impressed with the customer service from Saga. Thanks everyone for the advice and comments. 

  4. Hi Sharon  Thanks for the advice tried to book online yesterday but prices more expensive than the brochure we received on Saturday morning so we phoned only to find out they are closed till Monday so hopefully we will be able to book then, we have had some really bad experiences with TA so very reluctant to book any cruises through them in the future.

  5. Hi we are contemplating Croatia and cities of central med on 24 April on SoA never sailed with Saga usually with Cunard and P& O but looking forward to trying a smaller ship and some tips and advice would be great.

  6. 1 hour ago, Host Sharon said:

    I probably shouldn't admit it here but I am a total convert to Saga. The new ships are beautiful, a perfect size (betwen Artemis & Oriana) and I love the different itineraries as these are my primary decision when booking. For example, on a Baltic cruise 2022 there is an overnight in Stockholm and a call at Kemi in Finland. The cruises are all-inclusive now and post Covid, private car transport. Yes - they look expensive upfront but once you have costed in the balcony grade (they are all-balcony ships), free wi-fi, all drinks, free ice cream available all day, no gratuities and now some excursions, they start to look good value.

    Hi Sharon just received 2022 brochure from Saga and some of their cruises look amazing we can’t decide which one to choose and unfortunately they are  not open over the weekend Looks like Cunard and P& O our favourite cruise lines are going to miss out on our bookings  for 2022. We have had 7 cruises with Cunard and P&O cancelled this year and 1 next year.

  7. Hi fellow cruisers we usually cruise with Cunard our first choice then P&O second choice but have been looking at the new Saga ships and are considering booking one for next summer we really enjoy the formal nights and gala dinners but can’t find any info on wether Saga have formal nights and if all passengers adhere to the dress codes ?

  8. 11 hours ago, Adawn47 said:

    I read all the comments  regarding whether to cruise or not. People take the time to post, it's only polite to read them, but that doesn't mean I'm swayed by their charts, graphs, statistics and opinions. We have our own, and when cruising restarts we will be on our June cruise, vaccine or no vaccine. If we have to wear a mask  and social distance then so be it.  We do that now anyway. We are both in our 70s and reasonably healthy, so will take the risk.  I refuse to spend any more time hiding away. We are going to start living again.


    Well said absolutely agree with you fed up with hiding away we want to start living our lives again.

  9. No can’t get through to anyone now my TA is threatening me with a fine for a late payment as the balance is now due maybe I should pay the balance and then try to sort later, wonder if this TA has tried this scam on any other clients.never will I use this T A again and will convince all my friends family and colleagues not to do so either things are tough enough at this time without being deliberately scammed.

  10. 44 minutes ago, Victoria2 said:

    My agent has been contacted by non clients, for his advice. May I suggest you do the same? Obviously, due to the site's restrictions, one cannot post the name of individual agents but I'm sure there will be other agents out there who will possibly give clarification and in doing so, gain a future client.

    Hi victoria2 the problem is also with The TA as we have already re booked through them Using our FCC but They have said we not eligible for the 125% That’s when we contacted Cunard only to receive the same info from them I’m so confused 

  11. Hi victoria2 the problem is also with The TA as we have already re booked through them Using our FCC but They have said we not eligible for the 125% That’s when we contacted Cunard only to receive the same info from them I’m so confused 

  12. Hi blue marble the problem I have is getting a reply from Cunard they are passing me from pillar to post I really need the contact details of someone that will respond r

    to me and not pass me on to someone else  I really thought my TA was scamming me until Cunard sent me their reply

  13. Good Afternoon,

    Thank you for your email.

    I just want to clarify the additional 25% FCC is only applicable when it is on the full balance. As you had paid the deposit only there is no option for a 125% of the deposit.

    Therefor I can see your deposit paid has been transferred over to your new booking.

    I hope this has clarified the terms and conditions for you.

    Kind regards

    Guest Services

    Cunard Line

    Just received this from cunard I understood wether only the deposit or full balance was paid Cunard offered guests for cruises that Cunard cancelled 125%of whatever amount had been paid 

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