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  1. we have still not heard a word nor our TA ..this becoming a joke with MSC.
  2. he cant help him self ...he opens mouth inserts foot before brain is in gear.......helping the cruise industry my foot...
  3. we have 10 cabins booked on the now missing 11 day cruise in March 22 ......almost 30k and and they treat ppl this way. TA was been emailing, calling trying to get info ,....but MSC keeps saying we get back to you..... will never book with them again
  4. another week of no communication from MSC will not talk to our TA about the booking or ship nor will they speak to us. no the cruise to no where booking they placed us on has gone.....AND MSC HAS NOT SAID A WORD. they may have a good on board product but there customer service sucks!!! NO WAY TO TREAT CUSTOMERS MSC YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!!
  5. reading that response regarding how to borrow cash ..is exactly what they are doing!!!! spoke with TA today, MSC told him they were too busy to help today and would get get to him in a week...what sort of real business does that!!!! the TA is just sitting there open mouth lol.... MSC seems to do this a lot ..posted, cancel and keep your cash for a long period !!! maybe time to call the credit card company as well..we are at a lost with all the flights booked, 20 people ready to go...and now i have to tell them "guess what....the cruise has gone poof!!"
  6. we talked to out TA last night..he was totally side swiped by this. we have 10 cabins on that sailing thats now gone. MSC according to him closed early last night lol and could not get hold of them. its just shows they dont give a damm and the stories you read about there customer service is true...shame on you MSC
  7. well they not told us but on web site our cruise gone..placed on a five day trip to nowhere and they dont inform the guest what a crappy company
  8. well i should of gone with the reviews, MSC cancelled our 11 day cruise for March 2022 moved us to a 5 a day thing from Venice to Jordan!!!! and a year early ...what the hell no wonder they were bottom of 2020 cruise lines. they dont give a poop about there guests!!! not answer contact requests..... now i have to fight to get my money back and hope i can plan my wife 60th birthday and Europe tour....with a proper cruise line. NEVER EVER, EVER THINK OF CRUISING WITH THIS LINE!.....
  9. shame was looking forward to seeing as a first timer with all the new bells and whistles .....
  10. cool go though it often ......well we booked the 11 day from Rome with MSC cant beat that price
  11. Hi we have just booked this cruise...first time with MSC for my wife and her twin sister birthday....really looking forward to it anyone else booked?? could we get a roll call going hope to hear back from you all
  12. still digging out from the snow lol .....between canton and chandler here...you???
  13. your have to tell how its goes and feed back pleaseeeeeeeee ...good job i like Italian food lol
  14. thank you both, we are looking at first MSC Cruise in mar 22 on the 11 day on Magnifica joining in Rome. we are diamond on RCI but want to try something different. little concerned on the food reviews but the price is right..any input on the food?? and greetings from Texas......
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