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  1. love to cruise 2017

    Cruise Critic Changing

    omg what a mess this new site is....keeps logging me out, says my password is wrong. cant find anything....disappointed guys.
  2. love to cruise 2017

    Linked Balconies?

    we had 5 cabins on eurodam and they opened the doors for every one,
  3. love to cruise 2017

    Casino Smoke

    Been on Nav of the seas it is the same...i am sorry but smoking should be allowed, they have jammed smokers into corners, and its just not fair. we are playing by cruise line rules and paying just as much as u so why be punished ? there are lots of non smoking areas on board and in the Casio...and you dont have to pass though there if you dont want too. just saying and not being rude
  4. love to cruise 2017

    Casino Smoke

    I agree 100% ..we pay fare just the same as you....so why should be not be treated the same..already pushed into small areas,
  5. love to cruise 2017

    pros and cons of cruise line booking your flight

    i used the cruise line flights pretty good....try this site for searches http://matrix.itasoftware.com/#search:research
  6. love to cruise 2017

    looking to cruise the med - like advise if Pullmanur are good?

    Please like to hear and see what its like,...we are looking at the same trip from Barcelona
  7. love to cruise 2017

    What would YOU do to make a honeymoon cruise special?

    Morning all....Dont take the wife!! kidding..Dinner on your balcony is good
  8. love to cruise 2017

    re meat pies

    has to be Lewis...his going to win on Sunday.....
  9. love to cruise 2017

    Celebrity flights

    we have used them before and will be in oct for our cruise out of Mia. we fly in the same day...because we booked with them if delayed they will help us get to the ship and the price was good . so overall a good deal
  10. love to cruise 2017

    Here's what RCCL serves for soft serve

    WHO cares you are on vacation...if it tastes good and you want go ahead....gee people but you can eat all day ...
  11. love to cruise 2017

    (An American) Just Off Seaview in Europe .... Ask Away!

    with all the embak ports how does the cabin switch work with MSC...do they leave them empty??
  12. love to cruise 2017

    Carnival Fantasy without Mikey?

    where did he go?? the only good thing on that ship lol sorry to say.
  13. love to cruise 2017

    looking to cruise the med - like advise if Pullmanur are good?

    Thanks for the great reply on the cruise line, we are going to look at booking our first one with them....
  14. love to cruise 2017

    looking to cruise the med - like advise if Pullmanur are good?

    wow not one reply... lots of views but no help
  15. we are looking to cruise the med or Greek islands next year and looking at cruise lines. we never sailed on this line before. as non Spanish speaker from the USA. is a good fit?? looking at Grand suite anyone booked one before? size extra? and do they have there own web site?