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  1. 1st and 3rd. For example: 9215, 9209, 9237 and 9241 all have the same extra-large balcony
  2. I follow the rules, whether cruising or otherwise. But if the rules for participating in an activity are too obtrusive to me, I just do not participate in that activity. Thus I am willing to wear a mask into a restaurant and then take it off to eat if servers wear masks and social distancing is adequately maintained. But I would not eat in a restaurant if I had to follow the rule suggested by the CA governor: put your mask back on between every bite. I am not willing to wear a mask for the entirety of a 5-hour flight or for the majority of a cruise experience. Thus I will obey all rules, but refrain from flying or cruising until masks are not required.
  3. Here is one reason - to maintain on-board booking OBC: We booked a 2020 placeholder cruise while we were on a cruise back in late 2018, with a minimal deposit and bonus OBC for booking on board. Before final payment for the placeholder cruise, we transferred the reservation and booked a July 2021 cruise - while maintaining the bonus OBC. Next April, we will decided whether to make a final payment on the 2021 cruise or again transfer the reservation and book a July 2022 cruise - still maintaining the bonus OBC and the previously paid minimal deposit.
  4. After several years of eating in Blu, we enjoyed Select Dining in the MDR about a year ago on the Reflection. Food is always subjective, but we would say almost as good as in Blu. Wait staff was excellent about the same as in Blu. Ambiance not nearly as great - no where near as refined and much noisier. Wine service was the biggest disappointment - Sommelier was definitely over worked with little or no time for recommendations; and after the first evening of very delayed topping off of drinks, we asked to have the bottle left on the table so that we could do so ourselves.
  5. Also, if you book a package now and later see a sale on the same package, you can cancel your initial package for a refund and then purchase the on sale package at the lower price.
  6. You do not have to join. When you go to cruisedeckplans . com, you are given a choice to Click for PUBLICSITE or Click for MEMBERSITE. So you can just use the PUBLICSITE and still get tons of information for free.
  7. The other difference is that 9215 is facing forward while 8252 is facing aft - so you have the choice of seeing where you are going or where you have been! However, since 9215 is facing forward you will have a little more wind from the ship moving forward.
  8. Pickleball is occasionally played on a few ships, but there are only rarely CC threads on the subject
  9. And the first three cabins on both sides are fully covered as shown above
  10. Yes, there are two different sized larger balconies on the slant and this cabin has the largest of the two sizes. Here is a YouTube video of the cabin (the poster has a 16 second "ad", prior to the rest of the 5 1/2 minute video. 12982.mp4
  11. If they increase the fare by $30 pp per day, then you are getting the drinks package at about half price. And I still eat just as much! 😏
  12. Generally the itinerary and the floating all inclusive unpack once.
  13. Perhaps a more interesting question is, assuming that these new bookings are actually being sold, why are people making such bookings at this time?
  14. Looks a little like the Florence Baptistery, but it is not that
  15. Note also that it is a PVSA violation to book passage from LA to Vancouver and intentionally disembark in San Francisco - although I am sure that there are medical emergency and missed ship exceptions.
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