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  1. 2154 has bed by balcony while 2159 has bed by bath. Silhouette connected rooms have the option to be or to not be connected via a mini foyer. Reflection is the only S-class ship that has connections through the wall.
  2. No personal experience, but 9010 through 9025 are not under the Fitness Center - rather the Persian Garden and Spa area - so would probably be quieter.
  3. Definitely rent a car in Oaho and spend a few days before flying home.
  4. OP = Original Poster in the current thread - the person that started the thread.
  5. Note that the Premium Non-Alcohol package includes Specialty Coffees while the Classic only Premium Coffees - I assume that this means Lattes and Cappuccinos are only included in the Premium Package.
  6. Yes, they do get them there occasionally 🙄
  7. An OK option if you don't mind sleeping on the street or in a fleabag hotel!
  8. And if it is not a US port, then you may not have to get off - depends on the country.
  9. Celebrity Millennium Class (4 ships) have deck 6 mid-ship suites.
  10. Yeah, 4% is low. We use the travel department of a membership warehouse store and they give back about 8% in the form of a store gift card - which is the same as cash since I would spend it there anyway.
  11. In addition, on-board bookings for future cruises have reduced deposits.
  12. If you enjoy lattes, the extra $4 PPPD for the Premium non-alcoholic would be worth it since a latte costs $5
  13. The System is what it is. So Fake Bookings are not "Pointless" since they are the only way to get your on-board booking bonus OBC when you are still waiting for the next round of new cruise announcements to be released. We will be doing so on our next cruise this coming September while waiting for the OCT/NOV announcements for 2021. Since our September 2019 fake booking will be for an April 2021 cruise and in November 2019 (19 months before the fake cruise) we will transfer it to an actual summer 2021 cruise - I doubt that it will have any significant impact on the supply/demand pricing of the fake booking. But even if it did; that's the current system - so go with the flow!
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