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  1. I generally agree. Booked a 2023 New Zealand cruise 2 years in advance with a RD - would never have considered booking it if the $900 NRD had been the only choice. On the other hand, I booked a 2022 Alaskan cruise 17 months in advance with a $200 NRD (transferred a previous reservation from an onboard booking with the lower deposit) since the increased cost for a RD was about $500! 5 to 2 odds seemed like a good bet.
  2. Actually airlines do have that option. A commercial airline pilot has the authority to divert to the nearest compatible airport and have them removed from the plane. A friend who used to be a senior pilot for Delta once turned a transatlantic flight around after 30 minutes into the flight and returned to Charles de Gaulle Airport to discharge an unruly passenger.
  3. Voted for the gift card since it is equivalent to a cash reduction in fare. However, if I was certain that the OBC was refundable and more than the gift card, I would select the OBC since it would also be equivalent to cash - but slightly more 🙂 I have minimal desire for non-refundable OBC since my preferred cruise line now bundles a drink package, gratuities and WIFI in the fare and since I generally book my excursions with third parties.
  4. Agree that the discount is very limited. We lucked out back in 2019 by booking a 4-night package just before they raised the price from $125pp to $149pp. Now the 3-night is $129pp - not much of a deal.
  5. Did a 50th Anniversary B2B Fall of 2016 from Yokohama to Hong Kong and Hong Kong to Singapore. Wonderful itinerary with 2 days/1 night in Hong Kong and a day/night in Singapore before disembarking. Also added 3 nights pre-cruise in Japan and 1 night post-cruise in Singapore. 4 weeks with the same excellent waiter in Blu was outstanding.
  6. Or if you are interested in Aqua, there are forward facing slants on deck 11; but if you want to avoid the wind while sailing forward, check out cabin 1552 which also has the extra large balcony.
  7. Yes! At $43 pp per meal, it's not worth bothering with the 3 meal package.
  8. Also Blu on E-Class is poorly located - no windows to enjoy a sunset during dinner.
  9. Width of Concierge and Standard Balcony cabins are the same; so the cabin is 12.35% longer and the balcony is 7.89% deeper. But don't get too excited about the size. If you have sailed on S-Class, note that the M-Class Concierge is still about 1.5% smaller than an S-Class Standard Balcony Cabin. Although we have occasionally been in Aqua Cabins (same size as Concierge) with the overhang under the pool deck. We generally prefer cabins with other cabins both above and below to avoid most noise. The overhang is best for those that like shade. Only time we were annoyed w
  10. We have a July 2022 (400 days out) and a January 2023 (581 days out) that both have specialty restaurant options available for booking now. Some of the online bookings have a small discount now. And there is no downside to early bookings (other than spending money now, rather than later) since they are fully refundable. So book as soon as you know your plans for each day - or even if you are uncertain since you can cancel and rebook later for a different day.
  11. Note that most of the previous comments are associated with a B2B turnaround at a US port. In other international ports the rules about getting on and off at the turnaround port can be significantly different. For example, in Hong Kong, we had complete freedom to get on and off multiple times during the turnaround day.
  12. And again to clarify, the unlimited number of drinks is from a short list of CCHH drinks.
  13. The Retreat is suite class with its own private sundeck and private restaurant and a variety of additional benefits depending on the class of suite - see the above spreadsheet. Aqua Class and Concierge Class have cabins that are a little larger than standard balcony cabins. In addition Aqua Class has its own private restaurant and includes free access to the Persian Garden (steam room, sauna, cleansing fragrance room and a heated bench seat.) Concierge Class has very limited additional benefits - lunch in the MDR on Embarkation Day. Both AQ and CC also offer daily little tasty treats as a
  14. 1 all areas co-ed 2 there is no salt room on M-class, just steam room, dry sauna, a cleansing fragrance room (believe it is Eucalyptus) and a heated bench 3 sorry don't know the price - have only used it in conjunction with Aqua Class cabins Note that the M-class is not as nice as the S-class since there are no windows and no lounges. Also there are free dry sauna rooms in both the men's and women's changing rooms on the pool deck (not co-ed.)
  15. Yes, some of us have lost monies due to weather or COVID related cancellations. But remember that shore excursion vendors can also get severely hit with lost revenue and be just as frustrated and disappointed as you. If the contractual agreement says you cannot recover, then you should have no complaints. Suggest you check with your travel insurance to see if it covers any of your losses.
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