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  1. Question for those ‘in the know’........ what happens if your first vaccination is the Pfizer one and the second vaccination is Moderna (by mistake)? Do they work the same way and are interchangeable?
  2. Does anyone have an inside scoop on possible upcoming sales?
  3. But the advantage of the Moderna vaccine is that it doesn’t need to be held at the Super Cold temps in transit. That’s a plus!
  4. I wonder if Celebrity can or will REQUIRE all passengers to be vaccinated for COVID 19? (Just like some countries require certain vaccinations before entry). .....Or prove that you have a positive antibody test . I would rather that then have to maintain masks and social distancing on board. After all, a cruise is a vacation to escape the ‘every day’.
  5. Same here - I just requested to join the Apex Group as well,
  6. Thanks CynBeth, I looked at H10 Casa Mimosa and it seems great. Thanks for the tip.
  7. Did you find any recommendations with breakfast food options for food allergies? Two of our travelers have strict diets. I will be cruising (hopefully) Sept 2021 and I want to start planning. 🙂
  8. Thanks for keeping us informed. I appreciate your updates.
  9. I also like big unobstructed views - no curtains- no balcony doors 😊. So the IV sounds perfect for me. I am booked on the Apex for next September 🤞. I went back and forth deciding between bed by window or bath.....I can see benefits to each one. I decided on bed by window to allow easier access to the closet and so that my morning wake-up call (room service coffee delivery) can be quick and easy (doesn’t have to scoot past bed). I also like the idea of the big water view from the bed. We will see- hopefully cruising will have begun by then.
  10. Full disclosure- I have not yet had the experience of the IV - I was booked but then C- Virus happened...... However, I do not use regular balconies with any frequency (too windy, too sunny). I generally Cruise during the cooler seasons of the year and never sit out in the sun. I think the IV will suit me just fine. The major plus for having a balcony was to be able to “adjoin” neighboring staterooms. But the Millennium class can’t join their balconies either. 😞. A big positive for me will be the King size bed! Finally 😊
  11. The Medscape article was great! Thanks for the link. The surprise to me is that they are not including test subjects over the age of 65 in the phase 3 trial. Therefore they won’t be recommending the use of the vaccine in the age group that comprises most of the cruisers. When will they test the senior population? Offit: If we don't have adequate data in the greater-than-65-year-old group, then the greater-than-65-year-old person shouldn't get this vaccine, which would be a shame because they're the ones who are most likely to die from this infection. We have to generate those data. I can't see how anybody — the DSMB or the FDA Vaccine Advisory Committee, or FDA decision-makers — would ever allow a vaccine to be recommended for that group without having adequate data
  12. Be aware that some folks report disdain/ dislike for the IV even though they have never experienced one firsthand. I would only find reviews credible if they admitted to having actually cruised in an IV.
  13. Are there any changes to the layout of BLU on the Apex? Or changes to the food offered?
  14. I would assume the airlines would require a test as well. Get the test of your choice within ? 48 ? Hrs of Ship boarding. Proof of a negative test will be on your phone (Or piece of paper). You are good to go. NOTHING is 100% but boy this would be a relief.
  15. Different News.... the saliva test is twice the cost and takes twice as long.
  16. No worries.... the only one I saw was about a 30 min test using spit. This one is a nasal swab test that takes only 15 min. @ $5 the price is right!
  17. Life Buoy, I looked through and didn’t see anything. What was the title?
  18. A rapid test (15 min) only costs $5. Available soon. I can see this being used before boarding a flight or cruise. Peace of Mind! https://www.fool.com/investing/2020/08/27/why-royal-caribbean-carnival-and-norwegian-cruise/
  19. We did Viking several times- Ocean and River. It was fun at first but found it boring after a couple of cruises and appreciate the Vibe on Celebrity. After 10 PM on Viking, it’s closed down and quiet. Good for some but not for me. Different strokes for different folks. We are booked on Apex for Sept 2021 and looking forward to the IV. I spend so little time actually on the balcony that I think I will appreciate the extra space.
  20. My DH had the same reaction to a Flu shot many years ago and swore “never again”. But 2 years ago he got the Flu and was more than miserable. Last year he decided to get a flu shot..... and no reaction to the shot plus he didn’t suffer from another bout of flu. Just sayin..... never say never.
  21. Getting the Corona virus is not “ so much fun” either. It’s not all about YOU and how much FUN you are having. Wearing a mask 😷 protects those around you when you are not able to keep a safe distance (6 ft). You never know if you are infected and are asymptomatic. It also protects YOU from touching your nose and mouth while you are wearing the mask. You may have touched a surface (a door handle, etc) that has the virus on it and if you then rub your nose, you are self inoculating. Consider tropical countries like Singapore ( Hot and Humid year round), where the population has adjusted to wearing masks. They have no shortage of FUN and have kept Coronavirus numbers down.
  22. I meant to attach this quote. Maybe that makes more sense to my comment about Rh negative blood.
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