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  1. It is my hope that Canada will continue down the path it is on that requires proof of vaccination for people who wish to travel without having to complete a mandatory quarantine. People have a choice as to whether they wish to be vaccinated, or not. They also have a choice as to whether they are prepared to provide proof of vaccination. As with everything in life, choices have consequences and, when making decisions, one has to take the consequences into account. At this point in time, it appears that we will have a standardized Canadian passport for COVID-19 vaccines. As wel
  2. Each province in Canada has different criteria for vaccinations. Alberta is already vaccinating the 12 - 15 year olds (and older) who have health conditions with risk of severe outcomes from COVID. Some other provinces, including the one where I live, will allow appointments to be made later in May for all children/adolescents in this age group. Currently, for most provinces, the aim is to vaccinate as many individuals as possible with the first dose of the vaccine. The difficulty in vaccinating the "most vulnerable" has not been a lack of a vaccine for them as they were made a
  3. We had twelve people in our group for a 2019 sailing. Although we had Select dining and had set up different times for dinner based on the times we were in port. Once onboard the ship, the Maitre'd requested that we dine at the same time every night so that they could set up two tables for six with the same wait staff for all of us. That is what we did. He also requested that we let them know ahead of time if any of us had reservations for the specialty restaurants so that they could adjust things accordingly. On some nights, one or more couples chose to go to the buffet, and we also info
  4. The USA currently has the level 4 warning for Canada. Vaccinations are ramping up as we are finally getting a larger number of vaccines that had been pre-ordered. We also owe a big thank you to the USA for providing us with 1.5 million vaccines, to North Dakota for providing our truckers who are crossing the border with vaccines, and to the Blackfeet Tribe in Montana who provided a vaccine clinic for Canadians. Hopefully, if vaccinations take place as currently projected, the level 4 warning will be removed by late summer/early fall as the majority of the population could be va
  5. For those who are interested in the Reflection and the evacuation of some individuals: https://www.ctvnews.ca/world/new-blast-at-st-vincent-volcano-cruise-ship-helps-evacuees-1.5390622
  6. Thank you for sharing this photograph. I hope that my grandchildren will try to embrace other cultures, countries, etc. the same way. Although there might be different opinions, if we want to be global citizens/travellers, we should all be prepared to do our best to show our respect for those countries we visit. I cannot wait to get the vaccine so that I can return to India and hope to be on a Regent cruise when I do so!
  7. Thank you, Cancun01, I will follow up with the same company. It's the medical insurance that matters to us.
  8. Cancun01, thanks for your response! The information that I was provided by insurance companies, including the one from the Snowbird site, was that cruises are Level 4 so the policies do not provide medical insurance at this time. As much as we'd love to be on a cruise ship, we will wait until that level changes before we book a new cruise.
  9. Thanks, Roland4. We have often used "self-insure" for trip cancellation and interruption; however, we always ensure that we have Emergency Medical as well as MedJet Assist. As we don't get our first vaccine until later this month, and then have to wait until whenever to get the second dose, I guess we will spend time exploring our beautiful province (those parts where we are permitted to travel depending upon COVID and, also, the fire/travel restrictions that have just been put in place). Thankfully, Crystal cruisers are generous and provide "virtual sailings" to thos
  10. Have any Canadians who are planning on going on one of the cruises found insurance that will provide coverage? I have not found any insurance that will cover Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, or Emergency Medical. I have been told by my credit card providers, and the insurance agents whom I contacted that it is not possible to be insured on a cruise at this time because of the Canadian government's travel advisory. As well, it is also not possible to purchase insurance for land travel to a variety of countries due to the Canadian government's travel advisory for those countries (althou
  11. Jimmcdaniel, I agree that the chance of someone who has a heart attack is much greater than someone who passes away because of COVID. However, in my experience sailing to many areas of the world, there has never been an issue with someone being airlifted off a ship or admitted to a hospital for "regular" medical issue. That being said, the reason that I believe that havoc might take place is because COVID is "different". It doesn't matter what you or I believe; it only matters what actually happens and how countries/passengers/people respond. I hope that you get to sail the Abu
  12. Although it doesn't include the information you would like it to include, I think the Press Release is a brilliant move. I, totally, agree with mikenbob's comment (#2). As well, this release also keeps NCLH in the news, in a positive way, and might attract new customers who agree with their approach to equality ... Before COVID threw a curve ball, I/we had spent the last couple of years researching World Cruises. Crystal and Regent were both on the list. Luckily, we had not yet booked anything so have not had the issues that many of the passengers have had in getting refunds fr
  13. Bellagio Cruisers, on a different thread, you posted that you had cancelled your 2021 cruise and have planned a land trip to Israel. I recently read that Royal Caribbean will be sailing out of Israel beginning this spring. I realize Royal Caribbean is not Regent and you will not get the "Regent Experience", but it could be an option to explore.
  14. GOARMY, typically, I don't comment on most threads as I would like to stay away from any discussions that appear to be political. In this day and age, it seems that politics has become part of every discussion including on CC. I responded to this thread because the title is "Aren't Vaccines a Game-Changer?" My response, that might not have been clearly stated for those people who don't know me, is that a vaccine is only a "Game-Changer" for those individuals who have received the vaccine I believe that I have information regarding Canadian policies/vaccination
  15. Pcardad, I cannot wait to stop wearing masks, or having to follow other protocols necessary at this point in time. I also look forward to having the freedom to get together with other people both at home and when we travel. My "personal tolerances" really don't matter in the "big picture" as, for me, I will follow whatever guidelines/rules/etc. are outlined/required when I make the decision to cruise, or travel, or have people over to my home ... I believe there are other individuals ready to sail as soon as possible. For those individuals, I understand why they are prepared to g
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