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  1. John Heald posted earlier today that they were doing maintenance to the website and thus people might be having problems.
  2. As @jsglow said, if your original test on July 8 was from a health care provider, or was proctored, then you would be within the “more than 10 day but less than 90 day” recovery period. In other words, you could provide the July 8 positive test as your document of recovery.
  3. This is the door hanger menu from Carnival’s website. As recent guests have noted, while you have to call in the order to room service, this should give you an idea of the items offered for breakfast. https://www.carnival.com/~/media/Images/explore/dining/menus/room-service-breakfast-menu.pdf
  4. From Carnival’s website: (so apparently they still do this, even in a Covid world) All Fly2Fun flights include flight protection! Yes, for real!! If there’s any trouble with weather or flight delays that make you miss the ship, we’ll make sure you get the flights, hotels or transportation you need to make it to the ship. (Other services will charge you extra for this, so keep that in mind if you’re shopping!)
  5. @urbanhawkIt’s my understanding that, pre-Covid, the cruise line would fly you to the first port to catch the cruise if you booked airfare through the cruise line.
  6. From Carnival’s website: Except where destination requirements differ*, guests who are up to date with their vaccines may take their test within three days prior to sailing. Up to date means a guest has received all recommended COVID-19 vaccinations, including any booster dose, when eligible. Example: For a sailing departing on Saturday, guests may take their test as early as Wednesday and as late as Saturday morning, if guaranteed to receive results in time for check-in. If a guest is fully vaccinated but not up to date with their vaccines, they must take an antigen pre-cruise COVID-19 test within two days prior to sailing, or a PCR test within three days prior to sailing. If you are eligible for a booster and have not received one, you are not considered up to date. Example: For a sailing departing on Saturday, guests may take their antigen test no earlier than Thursday and as late as Saturday morning, if guaranteed to receive results in time for check-in. A PCR test may be taken no earlier than Wednesday prior to sailing. So, while the booster is not required, having the booster allows the traveler to take the Covid test one day earlier than those who are not boosted.
  7. Thanks for sharing your experience. So glad you all had a great time.
  8. I enjoyed Lamanai, but I echo the comment about purchasing the excursion through Carnival. On our excursion, we didn’t have any issues such as mechanical breakdowns but got back to the ship more than an hour after sail away time. There were about 50 of us on several buses, so luckily the ship waited on us. I did enjoy the provided lunch and the boat ride to the ruins.
  9. You can only cancel Carnival’s insurance within 10 days of purchasing it according to Carnival’s website.
  10. I always buy third party insurance as well since my traveling companion is elderly. In the unlikely event something happens, I want the most robust coverage as well as pre existing conditions covered. I think most insurance companies require that you purchase coverage within a set time (14 days?) to cover pre existing conditions.
  11. I may be wrong, but I think you can only get a prescription for Paxlovid if you have tested positive for Covid.
  12. Yep, booked on the December 11 cruise.
  13. I’ve been on three country music theme cruises, one on Norwegian in 1999 (my first cruise ever), one on Holland America in 2016, and one on Royal Caribbean in 2019. While they are costly, especially if you are a solo traveler, as you noted, if you consider what one concert costs, they are actually a pretty great value.
  14. Thank you. I pressed the button too, as I am really interested in this topic.
  15. Yes, I had the $40.00 statement credit if spend $100 offer. I charged $306 and got a statement credit of $40.00.
  16. I have the Chase Freedom card and I got the $40.00 offer.
  17. The thought that I might be turned away at the port would be enough to convince me, but as the saying goes, your mileage may vary.
  18. An article I read said that a birth certificate card is basically a receipt showing that the birth has been properly registered with the state and that the card does not constitute legal proof of identity. I would think it safer to obtain a traditional birth certificate if possible.
  19. I got a similar offer on my Chase Freedom credit card.
  20. Ashkir, I use insureyourtrip.com. It gives you quotes for all types of coverage from basic to comprehensive from a variety of insurance companies.
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