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  1. I wouldn't bet on a July cruise, simply because (as far as I know?) the CDC hasn't come back with comment on the CLIA Plan. They probably have but I missed it. Anyway. I don't see the harm in making a final payment..?.. If you do, and they cancel, it's back to "full refund or FCC with $600 OBC?" (We all wish the OBCs were cumulative, I'd eat Chef's Table every night for two weeks if they were...)
  2. But tax day was just cancelled too! 🤣
  3. There was a blanket cancellation out to April, then "some" cruises out to September - depends on which region/which ship. I was booked on Legend out of Rome in September, but they've cancelled that particular cruise to re-do the schedule. Legend is going back to doing west coast-Hawaii I think?
  4. That's been my experience over the past ten years - it doesn't cost them much (and you don't get that much - some OBC depending on cruise length) but ...I did sell out back when it was north of $50 and repurchased it a few months ago at close to $12, so the stock's been a good investment for me.
  5. Very similar to what I went through when my Horizon cruise (that I should have been on right now) got cancelled; I was expecting a lump FCC that I could roll over, but instead...credit card refunds for extras (dining, excursions), some FCC (the $500 non refundable, same as your $300) then a large credit card refund. Mess.
  6. Seems odd to me that I can't find any information on what's scheduled for the drydock.
  7. We're booked on the 24 Sept Rome-Rome...Did book flights, but...that's primarily because we had expiring credits from previously cancelled cruise/flights that needed to get used. Hope I can roll all this over yet again...as from this thread (and general COVID news) it looks like another rolling wave of cancellations is about to hit? Unless...there's enough vaccine delivered and we all get a pass for getting the shot?
  8. Cruise was cancelled. I'd already cancelled once CCL 'invited' me to; I'd thought I'd chosen the FCC option, but when I called to rebook in late 2021, turns out I'll get the 'cancellation penalty' portion in the form of a FCC, and the rest is going back to the credit card. I still get the $600 OBC. I'd rather have taken the cruise, but I understand.
  9. As we used to say in the Marines, "this is an indicator," - if nobody you know (who knows anyone else) has gotten firm return to work dates...then...I'd say...Carnival is hedging and trying to "multi option/late decision" which is why they sent all of us that letter offering $600 p/cabin OBC for proactively cancelling. I'd much rather cruise, but...per the tone of their letter, I'd rather have stable holiday plans (though it's just me and the dog, and she's not cruising)
  10. Got the same email - and I'm presuming that Carnival is betting (at least 50%) that either the CDC will get it's way and push the No Sail out further, -or- they'll be under pressure to voluntarily extend it. Should the Miami/PC cruises get cancelled, it'll be easier for CCL if they've already processed a large lot of voluntary cancellations - rather than two ports/two months worth of cruises all at once. (I do work for a large government health agency, but at this point, there's no telling between the president and Dr Redfield of the CDC who's going to have the final say, but I'd bet on
  11. How's the infection rate in Nevada though? *sigh*
  12. Interesting! Thanks for all the links and comments. I'm happy to go on "approved chaperoned" excursions vice just wandering about. Not really overjoyed about it, but then again, like most posters, there's some ports that I'd just as soon sit through onboard. I'm happy to be on the ship, period.
  13. Sad but that is what eventually happens if there's no buyer; and can't imagine any other line would be in a buying mode at present. They could attempt to mothball and wait for demand to return, but the major issue right now is cash flow. All I can do is book and roll over unused FCCs (which I keep doing) but in accounting parlance, that's "unearned revenue." Eg, eventually they have to put us all on a ship to report that as earnings and not just "cash on hand." Besides, I think most of us in CC cruise at least once a year (if not more often...retirement goal: Live in S/FL around Venice Beach
  14. Exactly. That's where they give cave and beach it in India and walk away.
  15. Or at least it has to be issued before the final payment is due - wouldn't hurt to call.
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