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  1. As we used to say in the Marines, "this is an indicator," - if nobody you know (who knows anyone else) has gotten firm return to work dates...then...I'd say...Carnival is hedging and trying to "multi option/late decision" which is why they sent all of us that letter offering $600 p/cabin OBC for proactively cancelling. I'd much rather cruise, but...per the tone of their letter, I'd rather have stable holiday plans (though it's just me and the dog, and she's not cruising)
  2. Got the same email - and I'm presuming that Carnival is betting (at least 50%) that either the CDC will get it's way and push the No Sail out further, -or- they'll be under pressure to voluntarily extend it. Should the Miami/PC cruises get cancelled, it'll be easier for CCL if they've already processed a large lot of voluntary cancellations - rather than two ports/two months worth of cruises all at once. (I do work for a large government health agency, but at this point, there's no telling between the president and Dr Redfield of the CDC who's going to have the final say, but I'd bet on Mr DJT.) From my professional vantage, waiting on vaccine to solve all your cruising problems means they won't get solved for years. Seaman is correct, the planet (including cruisers) will have to learn to live with it. I've been around the world multiple times courtesy of the US Navy, and done 25+ pleasure cruises, and never gotten sick aboard ship - because - I wash my hands, etc. etc. I have no issues with going on a cruise right now...but there's a lot of politicking at this point that transcends public health science. In this thread, what we've all been trying to do is figure out what what the odds are of the Miami/PC cruises (I'm on the Horizon, 26 Dec) being cancelled by CCL, and I'm thinking that the chances are greater than 75% that they will get cancelled. CCL will probably offer the same deal at that point - take a FCC with $600, or get your money back, period, whether they cancel or you cancel. This will be the 3rd cancellation since March (plus one HAL cancellation), and no, since someone asked, the bonus OBCs don't accumulate (otherwise most of us would be wildly rich, on paper anyway). My advice to myself: Wait another two weeks or so, see if CDC & CLIA can agree.
  3. How's the infection rate in Nevada though? *sigh*
  4. Interesting! Thanks for all the links and comments. I'm happy to go on "approved chaperoned" excursions vice just wandering about. Not really overjoyed about it, but then again, like most posters, there's some ports that I'd just as soon sit through onboard. I'm happy to be on the ship, period.
  5. Sad but that is what eventually happens if there's no buyer; and can't imagine any other line would be in a buying mode at present. They could attempt to mothball and wait for demand to return, but the major issue right now is cash flow. All I can do is book and roll over unused FCCs (which I keep doing) but in accounting parlance, that's "unearned revenue." Eg, eventually they have to put us all on a ship to report that as earnings and not just "cash on hand." Besides, I think most of us in CC cruise at least once a year (if not more often...retirement goal: Live in S/FL around Venice Beach so I can quickly drive to either Tampa, Miami, or even CC in a day to Pack & Go). Sadly I do believe we're all in for a massive 2nd wave (disclaimer; I work for Defense Health Agency) and I'm halfway expecting my Christmas on the Horizon to be cancelled.
  6. Exactly. That's where they give cave and beach it in India and walk away.
  7. Or at least it has to be issued before the final payment is due - wouldn't hurt to call.
  8. Yikes! I was going by price. Maybe I'll just stick to martinis. DW is a wine drinker however.
  9. It is? Fantastic. I'm going to guess the Seafood Fountain is extra above the $40 though, if it's still offered? ---- Different menu for pop up (Eurodam, etc.) vice full time (Koningsdam) I suppose? And yes, the Fruits de Mer (seafood fountain) is a $25 surcharge (and worth it).
  10. I'll miss the Earth Wind Fire & Wood (the band plus Wood) menu. I just looked at it online; looks good, but not as extensive as it had been.
  11. Does anyone have any wisdom on the "relative worth" of the Cellar (wine) packages? There's a "Cellar #1," then #2, #3. Three of course is the most expensive, and not being a wine expert, I am guessing that the available bottles in #3 are "better" than #1. But for anyone who's pre-paid a wine package, what's good enough?
  12. Discovered the secret of getting a HAL phone agent on the phone is to call at 8:55 pm - right before they close up shop. Dunno about the website; it's half-right; hopefully they'll take our comments and get on there and fix it.
  13. The website redesign was done badly. There's too much "dynamic" content, resulting in bandwith usage issues (it would be great IF you were hooked RIGHT into the server, which of course the developers were), and you're exactly right, there's no good single sign on/identity management - which is why every time you go to a different function set (reservations/payments/looking for a cruise) you have to log in again. Bad, thoughtless design. I'm a IT professional so I'm picky I suppose. However, due to the bad UX and poor architecture, the PHONE is now overloaded. If anyone knows a secret phone number, please share, I've been literally calling for days (I dial in and put it on speaker for a few hours, then they drop the call and I start again).
  14. I've done the Vancouver to HI to LA - and yes, it can be a little dramatic off the coast of Vancouver until you get out of the north Pacific - so the first few sea days might be a bit rough on your DH's equilibrium.
  15. You sir, are truly a class act, and your lady is lovely. Thank you. I wore a white dinner jacket as well. Wished I had the pic!
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