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  1. I'm starting to think my cruise today may not go 😄. All kidding aside, it is what is, we'll try again next year. In the mean time, my wife and I decided to checkout a cruise video on YouTube and have a couple of fun ships to get some sense of cruising lol.
  2. The let loose, relaxed (or party) atmosphere from embarkation to disembarkation and the very friendly and hard working staff. Haven't done Havana yet, but my wife and I booked it for our Feb 2022 cruise.
  3. The Ship The Itinerary The Price The Dates
  4. Two ports for me: St. Thomas and St. Maarten. I've done two of my favorite excursions at those ports.
  5. Guy's Burger after getting back on the ship from an excursion. Just hits different.
  6. We originally had Mardi Gras for February 2021. We are now looking at either Celebration or Mardi Gras for 2023. He booked Horizon for 2022.
  7. Well, now it is Horizon in February 2022. Took the money I had already paid towards Mardi Gras and applied it to Horizon (plus the $600 obc). Hope to sail Mardi Gras or Celebration in 2023.
  8. I was expecting my February 20 sailing (Mardi Gras) to be canceled, so at least it happened before I canceled it myself.
  9. My wife and I are on the February 20 Mardi Gras sailing also. I called Carnival last week to inquire about an extension for our final payment (December 7). I was told to call back a day or two before the final payment date and request an extension, which should be given to us.
  10. Not sure if it's been posted elsewhere, but Amex is offering $100 back on $500 under card offers. I added it to my card. It's good through 12/31/20.
  11. My wife and I are booked on Mardi Gras for the February 20 sailing. We are thinking of canceling as well, so she called Carnival a couple weeks ago. She was told we would lose $468 if we cancel, but if we opt to move our money to an existing booked cruise we have (Horizon 2022) or book a new cruise, there is no penalty and we don't lose any money. Our final payment is due December 6, so we are waiting until the last minute to cancel.
  12. Our next cruise is for February 20, 2021 on the Mardi Gras, but if that doesnt happen (or we opt out) then our next cruise will be in February 2022 on Horizon.
  13. We booked it back when the sailings first went on sale for February 20, 2021. We got an Havana interior stateroom, 8th deck. We were a little disappointed after we saw the renderings of Havana. Appears to have a lack of either a pool or hot tubs. That aside, we decided to stay in Havana since that wasn't a total deal breaker for us. The ship looks amazing and should be great. If we don't get to experience it for this sailing (which I highly doubt), we will definitely look to rebook on it in the future.
  14. My wife and I are on the same cruise (February 20) and are treating it the same way. Not purchasing airfare, hotel, or excursions until we know what is going on and whether we cruise or not. We have Horizon booked for February 2022, so if we cancel hopefully Carnival allows us to transfer our money to that cruise.
  15. The best CD I've had on any cruise. Best of luck to him on his new endeavors.
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