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  1. January and February are my favorite months to cruise. It breaks up the winter. The weather in Cozumel and the rest of the Caribbean is great.
  2. I went on the SkyRide while on Vista. It was OK, but honestly it was something I did once and I'm good with it. I didn't bother with it on Horizon. It's unfortunate for anyone that was looking forward to it, but there is a lot of fun things to do and see on the ship that having the SkyRide closed shouldn't take away from the cruise.
  3. I did the Best of Miami Tour and it was a great way to spend a few hour before heading to the airport. Unfortunately, I believe it's only available for flights leaving after 4pm.
  4. I wanted to get a $500 gift card on AARP, but I'm short on points. I don't see the quizzes to earn points, so I'm assuming no more points until the new program starts?
  5. My last cruise I had an offer for $100 off of $500 from Amex, unfortunately it doesn't look like my card has this new offer available to me this time.
  6. We visited St. Kitts and St. Maarten this past February. Both are great islands. St. Maarten is still recovering and you do see a lot of damage, but we were still able to tour the island and really enjoy our time there. In St. Kitts we used Thenford Grey's Tours. They did a great job, I highly recommend them. We did a quick city tour and beach day, but they have different tours available. In St. Maarten we used Bernard's Tours. They were great as well, very organized. We did a beach day and visited Orient and Maho, both amazing (Maho is quite an experience).
  7. Good review so far. My wife and I did a family trip on Horizon back in February and loved the ship. We would have liked to have stayed in Havana, but it was completely booked when we tried to book it. We will experience it in Mardi Gras however 😁.
  8. We were offered morning, evening, or both by my room steward. We chose morning. Once a day works for us.
  9. I had a great time on Horizon. One of my favorite ships.
  10. I definitely recommend Vintage Pop and Celestial Strings.
  11. I sailed Horizon back in February and pretty much had the same experience. The only difference is my wife and I enjoyed the 2 production shows we attended, Vintage Pop and Celestial Strings (we missed Soulbound). Normally, we are not into Carnival's production shows (find them to be kind of corny and boring), but we found these to be well produced and entertaining with a talented cast. Too each their own though 😀. We did the same itinerary and used Thenford Grey's as well in St. Kitts. They do an excellent job.
  12. I cruised on Horizon back in February and really enjoyed it. I wouldn't hesitate to cruise on her again. I did a short review here:
  13. Please don't bring your bluetooth speaker into Serenity (or any public place for that matter) and blast your music. Serenity has music playing in the background that fits the atmosphere, let's leave it at that.
  14. I did snorkeling and beach in Grand Turk and really enjoyed it. Very nice beaches. In St. Thomas, we did an excursion with a beach stop at Magen's Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches I've been too. I don't think you can go wrong at either place though.
  15. I don't mind paper straws, but you can't let it sit too long in your drink. It softens. My last cruise used plastic straws, but you had to ask for it (which makes sense to me).
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