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  1. I believe it’s having the theatre updates
  2. We are travelling to Italy by ship?
  3. When you travel on a ship you are classed in transit, that’s why when in port you never need passports. You will be allowed in Italy.
  4. Quite bazaar! Haven Spa is more money than a Haven Two bedroom? And yet my upgrade price from Haven Spa to Haven Two bedroom starts at £1010.00….
  5. If you haven’t had a page show up on your account, it’s more likely your TA doesn’t support it.
  6. The daily offers email hasn’t arrived for a couple of day’s? Im able to do an upgrade offer on the 5th September ?
  7. So if a company sells you a product and it gets lost in transit, who’s fault is that, it’s the same thing?
  8. If they were sold the holiday from the U.K.site or phone number for U.K. customers NCL are responsible, read the sale of goods act 1979 enclosed:
  9. Correct, if they don’t pay up your credit card company will and charge them, sale of goods act unable to provide the services they sold you.
  10. If the Italian PM continued the isolation rule in main holiday season, he will do it anytime, it’s about power and small man syndrome, anyone from the EU and the USA can travel without problems, it’s fall out from Brexit…
  11. It’s a nightmare…..if they cancel I’m finished with them, life’s too short
  12. More BS from NCL that could get people into serious troubles
  13. Epic from Barcelona on the 5th September has disappeared? In someways I wish NCL would put us out of our misery!
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