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  1. We are actually been moving back to P&O, we got fed up with itineraries selected by NCL, we got passed platinum in 2022 and decided we needed a change, we did a European cruise with P&O this year, it wasn’t perfect but are willing to try Arvia in the Caribbean early next year. I think since Covid the social side of cruising has suffered more so than land based holidays, and maybe the grass isn’t greener it’s just changed.
  2. Having had 100% success rate with another cruise line the art to the bidding is to have something special to start with, as someone said there was no availability of a grade required, well there is if they get upgraded.
  3. Anyone that has travelled on NCL or RCL since covid will know they have zero atmosphere, whereas P&O have filled the ships with good offers, not over the top drinks prices, allowed passenger's to take a litre of sprits on, done good destinations.... See you in 6 weeks Tenerife
  4. Simon Calder talks how the wind blows, his poor advice during the Ash cloud cost us a fortune.
  5. Well that worked in our favour, A311A doesn’t include flights or transfers now, but stayed the same price, mind you Standsted flights!!
  6. Easy answer the popular cruises will be 100% less popular discounted about 35% and 60% full…no atmosphere dead ships
  7. Google a local Southampton taxi company not Uber, you will get a good price, good service and someone that cares.
  8. Thank you all for the great advice 😀
  9. Booked superior balcony early saver, lets hope there's more atmosphere on board than NCL!
  10. Azura in the canaries A311A, works out about £2k for a balcony? Is the superior worth the extra, also I couldn’t stand not being able to eat when I want too?
  11. How dangerous is it going for the early bird? Also if they choose your dining time can it be altered?
  12. Since Covid we have cruised twice with NCL, both European cruises, we have thought the atmosphere lacking some what, some how not the same, we have done about 10 previous cruises with them, that gave us a thought about going back to P&O? I glanced at some pages on here, and it appears a lack of customer care by them are we doing the right thing? Any feedback grateful
  13. I’m thinking P&O, from canaries to Malta 12 days, including flights very responsible and 2011 ship?
  14. I first cruised on NCL in 2005. Then the food in the MCR was exceptional, in fact I think we only had two speciality dinners, since then the quality of the food has slowly fallen short of what I would call special, that I expect on a cruise, since 2018 I have either travelled Haven or suite, on our last cruise in July on the Jade, the quality of meats had detreated to an all-time low. Its okay NCL flag wavers saying its the supply chain, but so is my cash, we are interested in doing the canaries but who would spend silly money on a rust bucket like the Sun, I may wait for the viva?
  15. So much to understand Tim hand *****
  16. Can anyone taste the difference between the Gins with that carbonated tonic and ice in it? You can drink it all night with no effect, I personally like a aviation you can taste the gin in that…
  17. Name a decent wine now for under the $15 ? Over the last few years NCL have been tipping drinks over the drinks package limit, they have even put Baileys over, although they never give you the correct measure. After talking to cruisers on different lines, they say we don’t bother with the package because prices are responsible like pub prices.
  18. Has become a bit of a Stag and Hen party ship, we sailed on its first outing after Covid, excellent
  19. Shame none of the experienced staff want to work on Prima & Viva, in the third party universal hull the staff accommodation is very cramped, ask any staff why they are not going on them?
  20. Are you aware of the train strikes, plus by road you have traffic congestion, I don’t think anyone would be able to commute presently.
  21. London is nowhere near Dover?
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