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  1. Do they give you any money back when the price falls?
  2. If you are docking in Cannes, just go back two streets and the train station is there, it’s very cheap..
  3. You need a balcony to get the body aroma, fantastic show, food is steak I think
  4. The moral of the story....only tip good service !! Looks like DSC isn’t included in price anymore, has the price gone down? No
  5. I will cruise next time with empty pockets, no more tipping?
  6. We did bid poor and where successful on the Breakaway, from warnemunde.£405 per person from Spa Balcony
  7. Muster was 4pm, rooms were ready about 2pm, but the cases didn’t arrive until 8pm, the luggage handlers are appalling, we witnessed cases falling off stacker trucks, two broke wheels off and they just kicked them in the sea.
  8. You know after booking two flights yesterday, and pricing good hotels, I can’t see the value in cruises.
  9. On a recent cruise on the Dawn, we witnessed the IT professional being very unprofessional with a couple who had spent a fortune on internet, he couldn’t care less, he didn’t careless about our problems either, probable he was just plain lazy
  10. I would say the earliest about 11.30-12.00. We started queuing about 11am, and nothing started happening until about 11.45 although we were booked for 11.00-11.30. The place is very unorganised the checkin staff are useless, I witnessed two cases being tossed from a stacker truck, only to see the wheels kicked into the sea, our cases arrived at our room at 8pm. Not good! But cruise was fantastic
  11. A former NCL contractor I know always booked a balcony but had full access to the Haven for all his family. The old saying goes it’s not what you know, it’s who you know?
  12. Anyone studying NCL prices recently will notice they are rising...without all this DSC rubbish
  13. We had an incident at booking in at San Juan recently, after travelling from the U.K. entering and clearing US customs at Miami then flying on to San Juan, at booking in the lady insisted that our estas should be in our passports? Now obviously we wouldn’t be in US territory without them, the check in agent insisted that we needed them stamped in our passports, in the U.K. we get approved online so luckily I had photoshot the approvals. But why do NCL use brain dead staff in terminal, this is the start of your holidays, I told the supervisor he was an idiot, but NCL should have a presents in that area to ensure guests are treated in suitable manners
  14. https://apple.news/ASgBjs_RMTa6QhRNM7e3uvg Wonder Why they can’t afford to pay staff in the suites ?
  15. Can i give you a tip, if you are after an upgrade, then get the cruise out of warnemunde (Berlin) it’s the second port, because nearly everyone boards at Copenhagen, if someone is in the haven departing at Berlin on the second day, there is more chance.
  16. The sad thing about NCL pricing structure is going directly to them is very expensive, we use an T/A that do smart packages, flights, hotel, and cruise, we always get the quote then ring NCL cruise specialist Tim Hancock, poor Tim can’t compete, we normally get the package for the price that NCL directly want for the cruise alone.
  17. Very safe, just walked around this evening, this country is recovering from an herridous hurricane and the local businesses are happy to see you,
  18. Very safe, just walked around this evening, this country is recovering from an herridous hurricane and the local businesses are happy to see you,
  19. Don’t mess with me! Monaco Grand Prix security dog. Pierre
  20. I thought it was starch that made the towel animals so stiff...
  21. Can’t wait to the 7th of February, keep the review coming...
  22. Most Brits on a U.K. based cruise would use P&O, or get in there car and drive to destinations
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