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  1. Yes there is a concierge located in the Lounge. I didn't have occassion to use as the butler takes care of things like restaurant reservations etc. There is food in the Lounge. Breakfast items in the morning snacks at other times.
  2. Lounge access is 24x7 and there is a coffee machine inside.
  3. The best steak I've ever had was in Ocean Blue. Go figure... 🙂
  4. Haha, Us too we have a couple dozen sheep. However that tour appeared to be very popular during our cruise with 3 or 4 busloads(of people not sheep 🙂 )...
  5. On our recent cruise on the Marina the CD (Peter the shoe) specifically stated after the show each night he would answer any questions as we were leaving except for when or how to get a tender ticket for independant tours. Very adament about it too.
  6. I'm not sure of the proper term but seems too many steps. Or perhaps I like simple and the ability to taste the underlying food. I have great respect for chefs that can make good tasting food regardless of the base but I like simple.
  7. It was in Puerto Montt, Chile. The Volcano and waterfall tour. It was an 8 hour tour. Feb. 12.
  8. Yes this worked for us on recent Marina Antarctica cruise. Called to get on waitlist. Thought we were out of luck but got informed the day we boarded the vessel and entered our stateroom. The tickets were in a separate envelope. A nice surprise.
  9. My alltime favorite happened on a Disney Cruise. A guy in the elevator was grumbling about all the gol darn kids. I was silently laughing hysterically.
  10. I share your opinion of Jaques. It's my least favorite restaurant. Overprepared bland food.
  11. On our Marina cruise starting next Sunday no La Reserve dinners offered. Don't know if there will be any available on board.
  12. That's interesting as my cruise last year and upcoming cruise in April is not allowing pre-booking.
  13. Speculation on my part. Was the "glitch" allowing prebooking of passes? Resulting in all prebooked passes canceled. If so OP would have a good chance of booking on board.
  14. Time line of our E-Visa Saga: 1) Dec. 2 Applied for E-Visa's My wife and I. 2) Dec. 4 Received email requesting 60 days of bank statement with 2K minimum. Uploaded new docs. Realized the statement did not have either of our names on it, but Brazil and VFS accepted it. Go figure.... 3) Dec. 5 Received QC complete email and notice documents sent to Brazil Authorities 4) Dec. 16 Sent email to VFS help desk. 5) Dec. 28 Received email asking to reupload pictures. I was expecting this as my original pictures were not 2" x 2". VFS had accepted them for some unknown reason. The pictures were to be attached to a reply to that email, not on the website. 6) Dec. 29 Received notice our new pictures were received and sent to Brazil Govt. 7) Dec. 30 Received response from Dec. 16 inquiry stating meaning of status. No Help 😎 Jan. 2 Received E-Visa. Logged into website showing approved and visa was available to download on the website. Have not received email yet with "visa attached" but have them in hand.
  15. Most of the cruises are 10 to 25 percent off. I was curious which were 50% off. Found the ones sailing from Dubai to Barcelona that went thru the suez canal and red sea in may 2024 were 50% off. Do I feel lucky(no)...
  16. Links in the emails don't work. You'll need to go to the vfs website and click on the staus link there.
  17. I wouldn't be too concerned. They will likely find other things to also require resubmission.
  18. Now that's just funny.(and sad too)
  19. I haven't heard of anyone experiencing this but did read on some guide(don't remember where) you may need to stick cotton balls behind your ears to make them visible.
  20. Interesting as it's on my invoice but doesn't show on this page.
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