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  1. I can only comment on my recent experience for the 1/27 Breakaway. Most of the Haven upgrades were done during all day Friday 1/18. At the end of the day they left 3 cabins in those havens not already booked. On Monday during the day 1 room remains in those rooms. My upgrade to Haven happened Friday morning.
  2. Just got my upgrade for 1/27 Breakaway to Haven Family Villa. Offer was for $1150.00
  3. Thanks for the info. We're on the 1/27 sailing awaiting word on our haven upgrade bid. Expect those to occur next week. The aft haven's where sold out so no surprise there weren't upgrades awarded.
  4. Thanks that's very helpful. I'll post my result next week.
  5. Can you share your bid amount? I'm on the 1/27 Breakaway sailing.
  6. When on the bid page several of us have noticed when loading or reloading the page the bid range jumps up and down. It seems there is something broken with the site. I would disregard the page when it shows a lower than "normal" bid range. Sailing on Breakaway Jan. 27 for 11 day cruise. Have bids in for H4 and H5.
  7. Something strange happening on the upgrade site. On one of my offers I logged in to check and it went from the low end of poor(my original bid) to strong. I hit refresh on my browser and it went back to poor. Hitting refresh it would sometime show poor, sometimes show strong. However when it showed strong and I tried to modify the offer to below $600(the low end of poor originally) it would not save that value. The bottom line, if you check and it seems the range of the offer has changed it may not be "real". Sailing on the Breakaway 1/27.
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