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  1. eylarson

    Viking Ocean new policy limits wifi

    The switch from one device to the other requires no action to disconnect the first device. When you sign in the new one, it disconnects the first. The interface asks which person in the cabin is taking the action, so don't disconnect your significant other's device by mistake. Or else...
  2. eylarson

    Viking Sky Drawer Measurements Needed

    Drawers are 15" front to back, 3'' Deep (Although you can have them slightly "overflowing.") and 20'' wide. There are seven of them. The place where the coffee maker goes (We had it removed) is 18.5 front to back, 23" high and 20 " wide. There is a shelf above that is 6.5" high. There is also space above the 4 drawer set in the closet, if you don't mind having your pants/shirts brushing what ever you place there. Finally, there is a shelf on the other half of the closet that is 18" front to back, 26.5" wide and 6.5 ' high. All these measurements from Viking Sun, DV3 room.
  3. eylarson

    best way to get local money?

    Never had US Dollars refused for a tip. Use bank ATMs for local currency if required, but a credit card works in most places. Certainly in Sweden and Denmark. On WC now and no way would pay fees for all the different currencies required. ATMs in Rio de Janeiro were out of cash on a Sunday, but a Money Exchange filled the bill.
  4. eylarson

    Viking Sun World Cruise 2019

    First bad sea day on 3 March. Reduced speed to 6 knots with wind gusts to 60. Delayed crossing of International Dateline which is not at 180 in this part of the world. Announcement by Captain explaining weather pattern and expected return to normal, along with a caution to use hand rails. One person was injured with a finger caught is a closing door. We saw another taken to the Med Center after a fall, but everyone seems to be handling it well. Today, 4 March, seas are still filled with swells and there is an occasional dip or a roll. Pools and outside decks are opened, my gauge for the severity of ocean conditions. Finally crossed the dateline, have yet to make 180.
  5. eylarson

    Tenders and Private Shore Excusions

    Viking has independent tourists report to the atrium and works them in with scheduled tours. When we book independent tours we expect the operators to take into account tender operations. So far that has always worked, except for a tour in New Zealand. Rough seas delayed tendering and the tour departed without us. The operator refunded all fees. Some have a nonrefundable deposit like independent operators on Easter Island. Those that had booked tours with those operators on our stop there 19 Feb 2019 lost that deposit. You pay your money and you take your chances.
  6. eylarson

    Viking Sun World Cruise 2019

    We shared a lunch table with this couple from Sao Paulo blocks from Copacabana Beach. She learned English serving on a cargo ship. Bill for all our meals, and drinks--$17. Note the portions of wonderful food. What fun! Viking provided free bus service between the ship's pier and the beach.
  7. eylarson

    Viking Sun World Cruise 2019

    Spoke to the Shore Excursion reps today about our guide in Armacao Dos Buzios. She was not familiar with the the capabilities of the Quietvox systems. Long periods with no narration and few details when she did speak. Have had this happen on previous Viking tours. I expect part of this is English as a second language, but tour guides hired by Viking need to learn that they can talk and walk, even if all they are commenting on is the weather, where they are from, how they learned English, whatever. It was a great day we really enjoyed the town.
  8. eylarson

    Viking Sun World Cruise 2019

    One improvement made after our Barcelona to Stockholm cruise two years ago is a music menu on the room TVs and no music in the main dining room. It is still a noisy place, but at least without starting with a piped in music base, it doesn't get so loud so fast.
  9. eylarson

    Room Service tipping

    On our Viking cruise, they room steward regularly placed a thermos carafe with very hot water and replenished tea bags so that I could have hot tea morning, noon or night. While it wasn't boiling, I was always able to brew tea ( I like mine very strong) no matter the time of day. BTW- The carafe was apparently used for hot water only. No coffee after taste as is often the case.
  10. eylarson

    Viking Sun World Cruise 2019

    Test to see if I can post pics. Luggage Forward shipment. Believe I have the secret. See you all on board. Merry Christmas!
  11. eylarson

    Use of laundry in the Amazon

    All waste water is stored on the ship, ocean or river.
  12. eylarson

    Viking Star Cabin 7000

    We stayed in 7012 and booked same for the upcoming round the world cruise. Never heard anything from the lounge and used the the entrance to the lounge by your cabin. If I recall correctly, it has a "vestibule" entrance with the door out to our deck opening to a small vestibule and another door to the lounge. There is a piano and some entertainment at cocktail hour, but I don't recall any late evening events. The nice thing is the morning coffee service set in the lounge each morning. Just a short walk for a caffeine hit.
  13. eylarson

    Viking Sun World Cruise ongoing review/comments

    I reposted for this year's WC HERE.
  14. eylarson

    Pre-Cruise Transfer

    Viking reps will be outside customs with a Viking sign. On one occasion they handled the luggage, on the other we maneuvered bags to the ground transport a bus like the rental car agencies use. All very efficient. You will want to take a bio break before leaving. Athens traffic can slow your arrival at the ship or hotel. If I didn't have euros I would use an airport ATM to get euros and buy some mints or something to get some smaller bill/coins to tip driver and porter.
  15. eylarson

    No World Series on Viking Star!

    I might be reading too much into some of the replies, but don't understand the "hostility" by some on this topic. The pool screen uses wireless headsets and what someone watches in their room won't "bother" anyone. It's been a great World Series. It was a great World Cup with the UK surprising many. I'm glad I got to see both. Will be on the World Cruise for the Super Bowl, but in the Beagle Channel, so doubt availability of satellite coverage. I figure this guarantees my favorite team will be playing. (Oh the sacrifices I'm making.) On the other hand--Glad the Jayhawks won.