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  1. We just sailed on Princess, first time, the end of August. We have sailed many times on Carnival. I was disappointed with the food all around on Princess compared to our pre-Covid Carnival cruises (especially desserts). But, I gave them a little leeway because of the current situation (and they did have unlimited bacon every morning!). I think, maybe, all cruise lines are having problems with food service.
  2. I got an email about a casino rate (we're not huge gamblers) flash sale last week for a 14 day out of Long Beach early next year. I booked a GS quickly (last one left) because of the ridiculous price. The day after the sale, Insides were only a few hundred less than what we booked. Worth taking a gamble that 14 day cruises will be allowed by then.
  3. I saw no difference in service (except for masks) as before the pandemic. We only had once a day on our cruise the month before the pandemic struck. We hung our towels up to dry on both cruises.
  4. Just got off the Majestic this morning. Our first Princess cruise and we had a Club Class on the 14th deck under the Sea View bar. We loved the location, the cabin and the Club Class dining. The wait staff was wonderful and we never waited for a table. However, we did book last November and got a great price. I guess they needed the money at the time.
  5. I would be willing to pay the difference. I guess I just need to check with them when I board.
  6. We have gifted reservations at the Crown Grill next week. Since we couldn't care less about eating at a specialty restaurant, can it be traded for something like breakfast in our cabin?
  7. I just roll the window down on the way to the ship and throw dollars out the window. That way, I can skip the casino.
  8. Got mine taken care of a month and a half ago because we're sailing 08/22. Glad I did. Like you said, about a two week recovery (and a ticking time bomb if you don't get it done).
  9. Just checked with my insurance carrier (a group Medicare supplemental policy). They will pay for the test. And, I specifically told them 'for travel purposes'.
  10. So, the TA said anytime Thursday if you sail Sunday? I'm hoping this is the case. Princess should have alluded to exactly what 3 days means. Is it within 72 hours of your boarding? Does the sail day count as one of the three days, and so on. They need to make it clear. I have seen explanations on this board, but I want to hear it from the horse's mouth.
  11. A good friend just returned from a 14 day river cruise in Europe. All passengers were tested every day. They also wore masks. We're sailing on Majestic in 2 weeks and will get the test. We have many options around here. I assume if I get the test on Thursday afternoon for the Sunday sailing we will be ok (We board around 11:30). Masks don't bother us, either. We pretty much got used to them.
  12. First time on Princess. I just checked the app a while back and got boarding A. I didn't think much about it. I assumed it was due to Club Class, but apparently this is not true. I don't know if we will have priority boarding or not. Don't really care. Will simply be happy to get back on a ship. Majestic 08/22
  13. Actually it is not next month, it is an August cruise. She simply told me to forget about that perk. No one would have it. The same person, at first, told me that my cruise had been canceled.
  14. I agree with you that it is just a puffed up balcony. I would normally not book something like this. A balcony would have been fine. However, I booked last November and the fare was $2,000 less for us at the time (with many perks) than it is now. I guess they didn't really believe it would sail (I didn't either). I got a Club Class (on the Majesty instead of the Emerald where we were originally booked) for just a little more than a regular balcony.
  15. It's on my booking confirmation. It actually reads: Cabin Document Notes Club Class Mini Stec. W/All Club Amenities Extended Angled Balcony
  16. What does the 'STEC.' in Club Class Mini STEC. mean?
  17. First time with Princess and I'm in a Club Class. The customer rep @ Princess told me that we would not have priority boarding on next month's Alaska because of Covid protocols. This was early last month, though.
  18. First time on Princess. Is the shipping cost the same if you have it sent to your home or pick it up at embarkation? I know it's only about $6 shipping with wrist band included, just curious.
  19. Just want to let you know that she was wonderful. She assured me that I was #1 on the waiting list a couple of weeks ago. She said we would deal with the booking if one did not become available. One became available today and everything is fine now. She made sure that I was price protected (using the booked price that was on the previous ship that was canceled and transferred to the Majestic). The old booking (booked 11/23/20) on the Emerald was $2,000 less than the new Club Class cabin on the Majestic would have been. Thanks
  20. Just looked it up in my records. I put a $400 deposit on the original cruise 11-23-20 so I would get Club Class and where I wanted to be located.
  21. 44 isn't a milestone, but the cruise was still planned for an anniversary.
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