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  1. This worked. thank you. I was trying to find the CD for Magic 12/1/19 but it’s still TBD.
  2. The link does not work for me. Anyone have an updated link?
  3. This sounds like the best gift/offer so far. What ship did this happen on? So much better than the gift cards. I did mention it to my PVP and it is noted on my booking online.
  4. They would not announce the hat is expected so early.
  5. I have booked interior a couple times and end up changing. I think I need to book a last minute interior in order to keep it.
  6. And for that reason they start most of the new ships off in NY after they leave Europe.
  7. In what sense are they nicer? This would have been my first cove experience
  8. Ok thank you guys for the room correction. I guess I was misinformed but in either case, I think there will be sufficient space.
  9. Thank you. Now I finally feel like I actually did not jump on a useless upgrade.
  10. Thank you. It's actually deck 8 where I am between rooms above and below :)
  11. I believe the regular balcony rooms are 220 square ft + the balcony whereas the cove is 185 in room space + 35 ft for the balcony. This is because the coves are actually a part of the room size whereas regular balconies are extra overhanging area.
  12. The upgrade genie emailed me (every cruise I get upgrade offer) and offered me an upgrade for my two rooms. Details are below. Please let me know your thoughts on this deal. Ship - Carnival Magic 6 passengers with three in each room Original Rooms - 2437 and 2439 (connecting cove balconies) New rooms - 8379 and 8383 (Side by side regular balconies that has a divider that can open) Increase only $46 for each room which nothing has to be paid at this time. Still kept my onboard credits. I grabbed the offer based on : 1. The rooms are a little bigger 2. I read a few negative comments about my previous rooms about noise non-stop from above and also of sewer-like smell in that location. The new rooms only has rooms above and rooms below. 3. Balcony divider can be moved to make a larger balcony Downfall 1. Being close to the water 2. No longer adjoining rooms 3. Not a big deal but a $92 increase for both rooms Do you guys think this was a good change or should I have kept my original rooms? (based on your own experience of course).
  13. Wow. I am embarrassed by the land of my birth (Jamaica).
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