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  1. Thanks Auntiemomo,..never heard of the special upgrade discount schemes, but this is a helpful tip. cheers
  2. We have a classic drink package for our cruise around New Zealand, cruising out of Sydney in October next year. We were looking to upgrade this to a premium drinks package. Reading through this thread it would seem that I should upgrade once we have left port in order to avoid any Australia taxes,....is this correct, or have I miss understood?.
  3. 9am last breakie ouch,.... I was hoping for an 11 ish last call,..ahh well. thanks for your kind responses.
  4. That’s a good idea actually, although we have 5 sea days on this itinerary and so anticipate using Persian gardens quite a bit as we do enjoy a spa. I just thought of another question re the Blu restaurant. .....We do enjoy socialising during the evening, and the consequential late get up.....Can anyone advise what time breakfast is served until in Blu, as I haven’t been able to find this info on celebrities web site.
  5. Thank you everyone for taking the time to answer my questions regarding dining options. much appreciated.
  6. Thank you for your responses, and please excuse my ignorance,...but as I’m in Aqua, does that mean we cannot turn up at the MDR occasionally and ask to be seated there ? Or must we always dine in Blu ?
  7. Thank you ECCruise. i suppose that’s fair enough, although I was rather hoping to have enjoyed the privilege of offering friends an occasional invite. Regards.
  8. We have a reservation in Aqua class for a NewZealand cruise next year. Having never previously sailed in Aqua, I wonder if it would be possible to invite newly acquired cruise friends that are not staying in a similarly classed stateroom to join us for dinner in Blu ?
  9. Cheers TeeRick. Thankyou for taking the time to respond and to clarify that you meant no disrespect to The Queen. Happy Independence Day to you, and all of our cousins in the US.
  10. Thank you for your response Fouremco,...However it was TeeRicks response that I was curious to learn from given that he/ she had made the original comment about HM.
  11. Apologies Blackduck,59,...you are quite right, my question was posed toward TeeRick, not yourself. TeeRick, perhaps for the purposes of clarity you would care to elaborate as to why you feel it necessary to bring HM the Queen into the debate about a global pandemic. regards.
  12. What has Her Majesty got to do with this ?
  13. Hi Clarke. I booked cabin 1550 just yesterday for a cruise around New Zealand in October 21. We are both very excited. I am really pleased you report that there was no noise from above, and that the cabin was well located for the Persian garden and Spa. Is there anything you can tell us about the room, it’s location, or your experience in general to whet our appetite ?
  14. Terrible shame for the staff that may lose their incomes and livelihoods. Let’s all hope they get fixed up with alternative incomes quickly.
  15. This is just awful, awful news,! Our thoughts go out to the poor men involved, along with their families, friends and crew mates.
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