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  1. Notification seems to be hit or miss, even if we book directly with the airlines. Like previous posters, I check the airline sites periodically to monitor the schedule. If you have had a “drastic” change, it might be a good idea to look for desirable flights yourself and not simply take whatever the airline or Celebrity Air offers you. Often when drastic changes occur, airlines can be very flexible in reaccommodating affected passengers. Good luck
  2. My opinion is that you will most likely have no problems arriving on the same day as departure. The comments you have seen mentioned here are to increase your awareness of potential problems and downsides were you to have some significant flight problems. Let me add another potential problem - PVSA. Next year, if you miss embarkation in Vancouver, it may not be possible to fly to Ketchikan and board there. Celebrity Air will be helpless to salvage your cruise, unless the US federal administration decides next year to suspend the PVSA requirements. I would not count on that.
  3. As far as I can tell, this new policy is only for the short cruises to nowhere from Singapore. The OP left out this useful piece of information as well as the current expiration date for this policy. The policy is not fleetwide and exists in response to a local Singapore regulation. The industry newsletter that discusses this is Here.
  4. I had the same thought but was not able to find any written policy, and wondered if my memory was fading. As far as I recall, this policy of pre-paying the service charge (= "gratuities") for anytime dining was eliminated a few years ago. We always select anytime dining but we always voluntarily prepay the "gratuities" so my own experience is not helpful here. I look forward to reading posts from others who have relevant experiences.
  5. If your trip was on Constellation September 2012, we were on the same cruise for the same reason as you. Very pleasant way to move up to Elite to prepare for a longer Transatlantic cruise a couple of months later. Now using Power Up challenges to help (a little) toward Elite Plus.
  6. To avoid confusing the original poster, I will clarify that United has Premium Plus on some flights, and Economy Plus which is equivalent to AA’s Main Cabin Extra.
  7. I've done this trip in both directions. It is "amazing" as long as you like the sea days and are not planning to lie around the pool basking in the sun. You should look into this itinerary for next April.
  8. I agree with all 6 of your points. I was surprised how much your points resonated with me. As for #4, I would add that on cruises I generally do not awaken early enough to get to the MDR for breakfast. MDR closes at 9:00 as I recall, maybe 9:30 on some cruises; much too early for my cruise routine.
  9. For opera enthusiasts and those of us with just a passing interest - a clever video about the virus, sung to the melody of Nessun Dorma. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQ-2N4W4Ldk
  10. I immediately identified with your experience. We are fellow San Franciscans and took the Grand in Feb. 2019 for the same reasons you did - proximity of port. We literally walked (little over a mile) to the port just so we could say we did it. Ours was a 10-day cruise and we had the same impression you did - staff and food was good, the layout of the ship was awful, and we will not be repeating a cruise on the same class of Princess ship. Particularly disliked the small buffet and the grossly undersized theatre. Happy cruising.
  11. Story appears to be in. the public domain now, via MSN https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/cruise-ships-set-sail-knowing-the-deadly-risk-to-passengers-and-crew/ar-BB13tPcs
  12. The two of us always book Select dining, and we never make a reservation. We show up when we want; making a reservation would negate the main benefit of Select dining for us. But we all have our own preferences, so you can chose whichever option works for you. Since we prefer to dine late (around 8:15 or later) we almost never encounter any wait. I have read on these boards, that arriving during the busy times of approx. 6:30 - 8:00 may increase your chances of having to wait for a table.
  13. This can be a source of confusion on roll calls for cruises that stop in Petropavlovsk. The visa situation is NOT the same as in St. Petersburg. No visa needed in Petropavlovsk, whether the passenger takes a tour or travels independently. Russia applies different requirements for St. P. and Petropavlosk, perhaps due to the latter's isolation.
  14. Perhaps you missed post #12 above re: taking drinks into the MDR.
  15. I am assuming your most recent visit was prior to May 2019. Things have changed for US citizens, among others,
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