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  1. Peregrina, I recall reading about a luggage service also. However, once we decided to do the Viking Flam railway tour, we decided taking the direct train from Bergen-Oslo didn’t warrant using that service. But it is definitely an option if you can reduce to basically an overnight bag and send your big bags ahead and spend a couple of days doing NiaN less encumbered.
  2. Dee, well, I keep my luggage to around 35 lbs, plus a large backpack, so not sure about getting 50 lbs lifted. However, it was only one or two steps up then directly into the storage slot by the door and only had to do it once on and once off. My husband was 70 when we went and just stepped in then pulled our luggage up if I remember correctly. Our friends near the same age did likewise and I know their luggage was closer to 50 lbs than mine. We thought it was fairly easy. We also stayed at the Grand Central Comfort hotel, so didn’t even have to leave the train station with our luggage. We took a cab from the ship to the train station. To be honest, managing luggage was one of the turnoffs for me to do NiaN. Too many changes of trains and busses with the luggage we all had. The landscape on the Bergen-Oslo train route is spectacular though so don’t miss it!
  3. Dee, we did Viking Homelands last summer (June 2019) and did Bergen-Oslo on our own. We did the Flam railway excursion with Viking during the cruise, then for post-cruise we booked the train direct from Bergen to Oslo in lieu of “Norway in a Nutshell” which we felt would repeat a lot of ground. We took the early train in Comfort Class and then had three nights in Oslo to see the sights there before heading home. And of course we did it much cheaper than what Viking charged for their post cruise excursion. But, it really all depends on how you value what Viking provides versus DIY. When we did our first Viking trip, it was right after we retired and I didn’t have time to research and plan beforehand, so we did the Viking pre and post excursions and felt we got our money’s worth. Now that I’m retired, I’ll probably only do Viking pre/post if it includes something I can’t get otherwise, including security, depending on the part of the world.
  4. Does anyone know if the "stateroom upgrade" for the Independence Day offer is within a category i.e. DV4 to DV3 or is it to the next category i.e. DV to PV? Or if book PV1 will they upgrade to PS? Seems like I read something about suites excluded when I got the initial email, but can't find it now.
  5. Per Marine Traffic site today, looks like Viking Orion is headed back to Singapore
  6. Since we were in today’s wave of cancelled cruises, we are contemplating taking the 125% FCC and doing the 15-day Galapagos/Machu Picchu trip in 2022. Thought I’d go ahead and post here to bump this topic back to the first page and see if anyone else is thinking similarly.
  7. Now official from Viking - canceled through August 31. Video just posted at https://www.viking.tv/index/story/tors-corner.
  8. Video just posted at https://www.viking.tv/index/story/tors-corner officially canceling through August 31. Guess a lot of us can finish re-planning for trips we had scheduled during that time as I suspect we all expected this.
  9. Guess you get to make more updates now. Video just posted at https://www.viking.tv/index/story/tors-corner officially canceling through August 31.
  10. My guess is that since Orion was scheduled to go to Alaska, and those cruises are looking very unlikely for this summer, that Viking hasn’t decided yet where to send her to position for the most likely next future cruise.
  11. Thanks @pontac. That's what I suspected, just had not seen any reports - which I took to be a good thing. Of course, flooding can cause issues as well. One of the risks you take with river cruising - too much water or too little water! And like you said - who knows about next year - I was just curious if it had been a problem historically.
  12. I'm curious if there are ever periodic problems with the water levels on the Budapest to Bucharest portion of the Danube? We are doing Viking's Passage to Eastern Europe next year in late July. Seems we lucked out in July/Aug 2017 when we went Budapest to Amsterdam without experiencing any significant issues due to water levels.
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