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  1. I think the modus operandi here is a lot of useful tips with a healthy side dose of snark and dare I say condescension. At least it is not as bad (yet) as a frequent flier website I used to spend a lot of time on.
  2. A 6-3 decision for Oceania. 🤪😁🤦‍♀️
  3. No statement credit for me. 25k MR points for 800$ spend on Oceania. Would have liked the $$$, but I'll take the points. And likely transfer them to SkyPesos.
  4. In case you are here but not on roll call, On Oceania website there is a document dated 13 October detailing travel and entry requirements for Riviera and Marina sailings. The document covers Marina sail dates: October 16, October 26, November 2, November 9, November 19. So it appears that Marina will be headed to Miami on Nov 19 sailing. Tempered expectations and enthusiasm, but good sign.
  5. I cannot wait to see your trip report and hear about your experience. Your informed viewpoint has been invaluable to me and many others in this forum!
  6. For the readers that are here but not on January Marina roll call, I share some good news: Chile has announced new entry protocols lifting quarantine requirement for vaccinated travelers from 1 Nov. There are other requirements (testing, health pass, points of entry etc...). I remain cautiously optimistic that the sailing is a "go." Tangent alert: If not, a land trip appears feasible. That will be a viable alternative for me. But that is another story, not for a cruising forum.
  7. Agreed, I had a Hurtigruten booking that was impacted by a Hurtigruten ship change as well as a couple of Covid cancellations. Then I discovered Havila and their ships looked great (I know....marketing brochures) but between the cost savings, great looking ships, similar sailings and excursions, I requested a refund from Hurtigruten after the last cancellation. Eventually I booked with Havila, in a much better cabin and a significant chunk of change leftover. Havila has had some significant issues getting ships and getting started - but the delays have no impact on my reservation. (so far...😁). One thing I note, but in my pre and post booking emails with Havila they have been quick and frank in responding. As they say. the proof will be in the sailing. (or something along these lines)
  8. For the few sailings I have been watching the avg price has risen by about 700 USD since July. I had a similar experience with questions - the company has been very responsive (pre and post booking)!
  9. You probably know this, but just in case - there is another company that will also be operating the coastal journey: Havila. They are having some startup delays and issues with ship deliveries. But their pricing is great and their ships (on paper) look super.
  10. Marina is on the move after a 524 day hiatus And Argentina is opening up to vaxed tourists from Chile and Uruguay on 1 Oct, and for other international visitors on 1 Nov - both groups with some testing requirements and approved vax list, and no quarantine. Cautiously optimistic.
  11. I love how the discussion has evolved to include a spreadsheet. Spreadsheets, tables and Google maps are integral to any trip I take so I find this turn in conversation quite interesting. I don't feel bad for being a nerdy traveller.😣
  12. The first post was about the Jan 2022 Antarctica sailing. So some related news: A bit of good news. Chile announced a few days ago that international tourists will be allowed inbound travel on 1 Oct. And not so good news, of course there are stringent requirements, including a 5 day quarantine (which the Chilean travel industry is not happy with). Will continue to wait and see what develops.
  13. I think some posters are conflating personal cancelation choices with what O should or should not do. Separate issues- say O is going, cruiser may (even during penalty ohase) decide "no go." In the era of Covid cruisers and O will make decisions that are sometime mutually beneficial, sometimes they benefit O only, and a few times benefit cruises.
  14. The way I'm reading it, you had a booking on the 8 January and a second booking for a 2023 sailing. After you posted on this thread and a related one (roll call, as I recall) you find out from the sage advice here that you can cancel 8 Jan cruise without penalty. And cancel you did per your post on 20 Aug. Your more recent posts appear to use guessing and speculation to either dissuade from waiting and/or to prove you made the right choice. You may be right or not. Only time will tell. In any event, if you have solid factual information about rerouting of Marina, South America travel restrictions etc...I would welcome the information so that I (and others) can make informed decisions.
  15. Love your post. And agree with you. (Too bad I missed your post that got eaten by the interwebs gremlins.) Nonetheless, we can all posit guesses and base actions on guesses. So OP is guessing that cruises will be canceled and makes decisions based on that - that is fine for them. But I think they should refrain from second - ummm, er.... "guessing" us who stick it out and wait and see. I think rather than guessing, though, an informed cruises/traveler (not a tourist) would have all available information to weigh - including the info you note about re-opening. Oh well, I "guess" that is what makes CC interesting we are all so different, yet the same in so many ways. Including the fervent desire to cruise again!
  16. I did that with success.
  17. I submitted form and documentation by email. Received generic "we got your stuff and will process" auto reply email within a few minutes. OBC posted to account same day - with out any notification.
  18. It is. As I did not think it would be practical to cruise in 2021 - and guessed that entry into Norway would be highly restricted, if permitted at all in 2021.
  19. It has been reported elsewhere on CC that Argentina is looking at cruise resumptions in October. Additionally, from local Argentine media reports - officials from Uruguay, Chile and Argentina have been working on coordinated effort for cruise resumption, this bodes well. It is my understanding that Argentina may open its borders to tourists on 1 October. And they are considering allowing spectators (30% capacity) at the upcoming Argentina v. Brazil quarter finals soccer (I mean football) match. This is good news to see that they are making progress in battling COVID. And that is most important. Secondarily, and not as important - a bonus for tourists and cruisers.
  20. And here I am worrying about the Drake Shake! 🤢
  21. Pardon the ignorant newbie question about Falklands. Is the success rate due to wind and sea conditions and tenders - or related to cruiseliner? I guess not seeing Falklands means another sea day. not a bad thing, either.
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