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  1. Thanks @ Heidi 13. Me thinks not to tempt the Viking gods (or policies) and will play it safe and not book close to end of month would be they way to go.
  2. @Heidi13, by "tentative booking" do you mean a hold. ort something else? If it is a "hold" by any chance do you know if fares or policies change during a hold period - what applies things in place when placing a hold or when converting hold to a confirmed booking? Thanks so much.
  3. While you make some interesting points....but.... I believe your basic premise of comparing a TA to a store clerk is not entirely correct. Additionally, If you ask for quotes from multiple TA's when you are shopping around? Isn't that wasting the agents time knowing that you will only be using one TA? Or you waste a store sales rep's time in, say, a shoe store and then order from AtoZ online to save a couple of $$$? One can debate the ethical propriety of such things endlessly. But to suggest getting a good deal from a TA is - my words - taking advantage of them, is r
  4. Briefly (before I incur the wrath of cruisers here) we did a similar circuit as in the Collette Tours itinerary (minus Kynsna) as independent travellers (basically a group of 2 with local TA assistance). There is a premium over a group tour cost but not too bad. But I digress. We did a self drive in Namibia on the same trip. Quite an adventure. We also travelled to Tanzania for the Northern and Southern Parks circuit and a side trip to Zanzibar. Each trip has its + and - but I would lean to South Africa if interested in food, wine city experiences and Saf
  5. Part of clinical testing group - perhaps???
  6. Has anyone impacted by this round of cancellations received email notification from either Viking or TA about cancellation of cruises?
  7. Hi CharTrav, Thank you so much for the dropbox link and files. Really interesting stuff. I am glad to find a likeminded traveler who uses spreadsheets and Gantt charts! 😀
  8. I noticed the same about April and May sailing. Also an upcoming reservation I have is currently showing "locked" on website.
  9. Peregrina651"s tea leaves are correct. I believe the leaves will show that Viking's next wave (sorry for bad pun) of cancellations will be announced imminently. Another disappointing day in our travel lives. Stay safe everyone.
  10. I hear and understand your point @ Cienfuegos. Unfortunately, I have not found a good and trustworthy agent. My last one was more like a used car salesperson than a professional travel advisor.... (and lazy to boot) But I would suggest that buying/booking a cruise should not feel like buying a (used) car.
  11. And here is an update from Hurtigruten: https://www.hurtigruten.com/practical-information/coronavirus-update/ra31072020/
  12. I see your point about price increases. Yet I think there are a few key differences between hotels, air and cruising. 1. Cost. Unless we are talking international first class (not even business class) and presidential suites in hotels - we ware not talking about $15000 hptel stays and air fare. But Viking cruises are easily in the this price range, if not higher....re. 2. Refundable vs non refundable fares - with Air, Hotels and car rentals - the costumer has the option at the time of booking to choose a refundable (more expensive) vs non refundable fares (cheap
  13. 2021 will be the year of Canada and Alaska touring and cruising!!!! Please have a pint of Strongbow for us who are "enjoying" (what else can we do?) our staycations..... We loved our time in Scotland. Hope to return to the Orkney and Sheltland Islands one day.
  14. Great idea! I'm saving up for future travel (when and if....)
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