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  1. naturelovergirl

    QM2 Dance lessons and dance hosts

    When we called the Cunard agent about questions we had regarding dining and decks (we are in the US and got a US agent) we got some very uninformed answers from the lady we talked to... My husband and I were on the same call and looked bewilderingly at each other after talking to her, because she really did not seem to have a clue how to answer us. We have honestly gotten better and much more informed answers asking fellow Cunarders 😁
  2. naturelovergirl

    New Cunard Website

    If it is indeed intentional to change the wording, then I am also in favor of this change for the sake of clarity. I live in the states and absolutely see a change in the restaurants in formality... I went to a restaurant for my birthday that is a jacket required amazing restaurant. I saw many many men in designer jeans and a jacket. A few years ago, you would have not seen this at this restaurant... but it is that way now. So it is more clear to say formal than smart attire, I believe.
  3. naturelovergirl

    Fjord Questions

    The fjords are GORGEOUS!!!! Wear good rain gear for sure- it’s just smart... but the sights will warm you with their astonishing beauty!!!
  4. naturelovergirl

    New Cunard Website

    Yes.... I saw this $999 on some sample excursions on the US site, as well
  5. naturelovergirl

    New Cunard Website

    I am so glad you at least found this BlueMarble on the US site... I still had not found anything about the dress code on the new US site... so I will see if I can get it this way... I am personally prepared for my cruise- we love dressing up... but the new US site is not clear at all about the dress code, in my opinion, for people who have never cruised with Cunard before. I think they need to make it clearer, and they definitely need to make it easier to find this info for potential cruisers looking at the site.
  6. In Andalsnes we loved the famous and thrilling hairpins of the Trollstigen... we drove it- but know that plenty of people take bus tours there. We also love the Rauma train. It is a truly beautiful trip.
  7. We did the famous and historical Flåmsbana rail AND we did the gorgeous Stegastein Viewpoint on a land trip we took to Norway two summers ago. Either one of those is excellent. Here is a pic from the Stegastein Viewpoint... note you do take hairpin turns bus ride from Flåm to get up there- we found it thrilling and exhilarating... but if someone is nervous on roads, it is not for the faint of heart.
  8. Do you know if it is possible time wise to do both the Loen Skylift and the Briksdal Glacier on the same day the cruise is in port in Olden... or do you have to chose one or the other?
  9. naturelovergirl

    Coffee/tea making in the cabin

    We love good coffee too. On advice from other cruisers, we are planning to bring a french press and coffee grounds with us. This way we can use the Kettle for the hot water and still have delicious coffee in our room in the morning.
  10. naturelovergirl

    Gala Nights

    Absolutely! I agree! Life does not always give the opportunity to dress up. I am quite excited about it! Thanks for the tip about the sea days... that is helpful for my planning!
  11. naturelovergirl

    Gala Nights

    Thank you, BellBoy! We are starting to get quite excited about the cruise and about planning for the Gala evenings as well as the smart dress nights. It is fun anticipation.
  12. naturelovergirl

    Gala Nights

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me when the schedules for the Gala nights are typically announced. Our cruise on Queen Elizabeth is not until August of 2019. When can we expect to see the Gala nights and themes listed in the Voyage Personaliser? Thanks! 😊
  13. naturelovergirl

    Cunard Cocktail Classes

    That looks fun! 😁
  14. naturelovergirl

    New Cunard Website

    Yes- agree that the actual FAQ for the US site would be wonderful
  15. Thank you BlueMarble for the US link! Cunard made a fb post about it- but only put up the UK link, which would not pull up the press release. Underwatr... I do believe that is the fancy spin for “theme”... hehehe Seriously though, I think that they are trying to theme the spa to fit their new name Mareel- which is the phosphorescence that can show up in the ocean... so an ocean glow... the concept or theme is that the spa will use marine themed treatments to bring out your glow.