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  1. Hello all from Central Florida. We are going to experience the first bit of crisp weather tonight... it is very welcome since it felt like summer last week. I put up our Christmas house decorations, and it looks very merry in here. We will pick up a tree on Wednesday from a local farm who has both trees to cut down (Florida pines) and also pre-cut trees they bring in from North Carolina and such. With the pandemic this year, the farm has the requirement that people wear masks and they only take reservations to come... no walk ups. So we have reserved a time to go visit on Wedne
  2. Mariner is a great ship! We sailed on her in July 2019. Wonderful trip for all of us!
  3. Yes- we are hopeful about the news of the vaccines... As we are in our mid 40s and without known health concerns, I am figuring we will be in the last group... but I really want my grandfather who is 98 and my mom and aunt who take care of him to get vaccines as soon as possible. That is very important to me. Any steps towards seeing some light in this tunnel is a good thing.
  4. Hello all from Central Florida- We have been experiencing plenty of rain due to the tropical storm, but not as much as South FL received at the first part of the storm before it ricocheted back. South Florida had quite a bit of flooding. (I had a friend down there who had water coming into her apartment.) I believe Tampa and St Pete got quite a bit on the second round of the storm too. The storm is moving out of here quickly, though, so that is good for all- including the plants who love the rain! Making bread today- a skill I love having... my house smells amazing when we make
  5. I must admit that I was a bit sad about the fact that QE is not going to Alaska in August of 2022. Our 2020 Alaskan cruise on Cunard (which was of course cancelled) was "supposed" to be in August... but, as we all know, that was not meant to be. We had hoped that we could recreate those plans on Cunard in 2022... but Cunard will only be there in June and July- times where we are very busy work wise. August is our time to cruise. So... we will just plan something else for August 2022... either pick another cruise line to Alaska or maybe choose a different Cunard voyage... who kno
  6. I appreciate the explantation, Host Hattie. After reading your comment, I went and looked at a news aggregate- pulling in news stories from a variety of news sources as well as the AP... I was constantly seeing headlines over here saying specifically calling it a "UK lockdown". So I truly appreciate the understanding of how it is really. Same goes for news about hurricanes here.The news and weather stations in other parts of the country will be telling people that a hurricane is going to FL... I will then get contacted by friends and family who live elsewhere- and often I have to s
  7. Thinking of all of you in the UK as you face your monthlong lockdown. Here at our home in Central FL, we are continuing to be healthy. We are still personally incredibly affected by the pandemic with our (normal) careers in the arts- and that temporary loss is rough on our hearts- but we continue to try to be safe for ourselves and for our fellow citizens. We feel great compassion for those who have dealt with this pandemic medically, mentally, and financially- it is so very complex. We continue to enjoy the outdoors- my saving grace during the pandemic. If this con
  8. Oh yes... totally jealous about the fantastic Fish and Chips you all have in the UK 😊 I have yet to find anything here in the US which compares.... I’ve found good here... but you all have THE BEST!!
  9. Hello again from Central Florida- All is well for us. We continue to wear our masks and keep smart in these strange times. We also keep enjoying socially distant in the outdoors, a pastime which is easily accomplished with FL weather. We take many good walks, bike rides, and hikes. We also voted in our election- opting for an absentee ballot which we masked up and dropped off at our elections headquarters office- they had a wonderful contactless box at the headquarters for citizens to drop off their ballots at the headquarters. Very nice, especially in these times. As the holida
  10. Have you made any “Snow Globe” Christmas cakes before? I’ve seen some fun ideas online for those... just a thought. You could get creative with your scene within the globe 😊
  11. I will get some orange juice to make mimosas with my Pol Acker in our room... just part of the experience for me 😊 Then sometime on the evening of that first night I will go to the Gin & Fizz for a Mary Rose.
  12. As so many people are saying, it is really a decision to be made regarding your personality and how much you want to drink on board (AND what you want to drink). For us, the package would not have been worth it. It was a much better decision to pay for our drinks ourselves. PLUS Many of the specialty drinks I wanted on Cunard were more expensive than the threshold price under the "drinks package". (I love the beautiful cocktails in the Commodore Club!) Drinks above a certain price are not covered under the drinks package... people can get a discount on them if they
  13. The dress code on Cunard makes the experience very special. We, personally, did not feel confined by the dress code and did not find the atmosphere on board stuffy or snobbish. It was just a beautiful and relaxing trip. We loved it! My husband brought his dark suit to wear on the “gala” nights with ties and bow ties- he looked absolutely wonderful! Although you will see many men wearing tuxes on Cunard’s “gala” nights, my husband did not feel out of place with his dark suit in any way.
  14. Absolutely. We are watching it all with a wary cautious eye too, LewiLewi. Best to your husband with his hip surgery.
  15. Hello from Central Florida: We are still fine here. Still being cautious... Still being socially responsible. We took another work trip up to the Appalachian Mountains, this time staying in Northern Georgia/North Carolina. It was lovely and started to have inklings of Fall weather. Of course, we are back now, and it does not feel like Fall yet in Florida. It is still very warm here. I'm sure most people have heard about Florida moving to "phase 3"... I hope that people here (and the tourists who come) will be reasonable and smart... I cannot guarantee anything- but I do kn
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