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  1. I am booked on the Fort Lauderdale to Barcelona (August) leg of this on QE... so I am certainly hopeful that it will indeed happen. If not it will be back to the drawing boards for us as we are trying to plan for a big anniversary. I am a fan of the Cunard dress code. We, personally, love it and will continue to participate in it and advocate for it- as do many Cunarders. So although we (coming from the States) absolutely have weight limits to deal with on luggage for flights, we made it work before... and will again. It is worth it for us for the Cunard experience. I've been looking at pictures from different online groups about the staycations... and specifically some people talking about the dress code on the staycations. Many have said the Gala night standards are very high and well done... but there are some Cunarders unhappy on the "smart" nights. I'm sure, since Cunarders are a loyal bunch to the brand and to its special and unique atmosphere compared to other brands, they are making their opinions known to the management. Who knows how it will be once regular travel begins again. Some in the online groups certainly hope that the dress code goes back to jackets on "smart" nights (in 2019 on our voyage to Norway there was not a tie requirement on the "smart" nights...just the jacket for the guys.) So It seems to me that it could go either way at this point. Regardless... I'm still trying to cross my fingers and toes that the voyage will happen. Again Who knows. It has been such a crazy time.
  2. Yes... all of us who live in the US are certainly waiting to see (if and when) Cunard sailings actually happen. And Yes... that is why, even though we are booked through Cunard for next summer, we booked on another line for a mini trip for January. We are ready to be back on a ship, for certain. Plus, we want to see how the process goes... possible testing, paperwork, protocols... everything. I've never cruised on Viking... but everyone that I know who has loved it. They say that the experience is lovely and that the food is excellent. The formality of Cunard would be different on Viking... but from everything I have heard from others, Viking may not be formal but it is very refined.
  3. We have a Cunard voyage booked for summer 2022- can’t wait… but we did decide yesterday to also book a short cruise on a different line for this January as a small relaxing getaway. (We found an excellent price on a US Labor Day sale.) Although the short trip in January will not be our beloved Cunard experience (because nothing else is Cunard) , we will look forward to being back on a ship, sitting on our balcony, and sleeping like babies on the waves.
  4. Each and every hour on Cunard is a happy one for us! But seriously... Unlike some other lines who do have drink specials each day, Cunard is more straightforward. The drinks cost what they cost no matter the time of the day. That said, they are lovely drinks and beautiful spaces to enjoy them in.
  5. I laughed when you wrote about the Hot Chocolate in the bars, because my husband loves to order the Hot Chocolate up in the Commodore Club BECAUSE he loves the presentation with the "marshmallow/whipped cream fuss". He was just talking about it the other night- he is totally looking forward to it again when we are back on Cunard. 🙂 Hope you get your answers about room service. I seem to remember seeing packets of hot chocolate in the buffet.
  6. Ah… finished reading the forum and saw you had a cancellation… so sorry. Well my response above still stands. WHEN you get to eventually take a Cunard voyage (and I hope you will), the Silver dress you adore will be lovely.
  7. On our voyage everyone was dressed beautifully… but not everyone was in a strict theme. Trust me… you will be great going with the silver dress you love!!! Enjoy!!!!!
  8. Well, we absolutely needed something to look forward to. Booked a Cunard voyage today for Summer 2022! Now we wait... we hope... we dream...
  9. We are booked on Eclipse for August 2022- Vancouver to Alaska with Hubbard Glacier and Sitka It will be interesting to see if Eclipse is put back into sailing with paid passengers before the Alaska sailings… and if so… where will she sail with new itineraries before heading up to Vancouver? Or if Alaska trips become her first out of the gate since this pause??
  10. We had our first get-together in over a year and a half with some of our vaccinated friends the other day... and it was glorious. We are three couples who have known each other for close to 25 years... We met working at a theatre in another state and now live just a few miles away from one another. One of the couples has a home pool... so we ate delicious food for lunch, swam in the pool, talked and laughed... and then were enjoying it so much, we got a pizza for dinner. Normally this group of friends always gets together for a pool party in the summer and on New Year's Eve... but this past year we all sat at our respective homes on our computers and had a virtual New Year's Eve party together via zoom. So I think we all felt like we needed to make up for some lost time, even though we all keep up with each other's lives on social media. Though we are certainly not out of the woods yet (yes, the delta variant of the virus is burning through some of our unvaccinated population right now in FL) know that my heart was full seeing my friends in person. It felt hopeful.
  11. Regardless of anyone else… My husband and I will be dressed nicely… because that is what we do on cruises. That said, he does not wear a tux… he’s not a tux guy… but we do love looking spiffy. ✨✨✨
  12. Good for Celebrity... The fact is any cruise in normal times has rules which guests must follow... BUT ESPECIALLY NOW the cruises have very specific rules in this restart. Follow the rules... it's very simple. Just follow them. Let's get cruising restarted successfully.
  13. I do bring nice clothes for the evenings. I love dressing up on a cruise. That said, I am a very smart packer. I choose outfits which will pack well, resist wrinkles, and not be too heavy. So yes, I will absolutely fill that suitcase with fabulous clothing and accessories... but they will be packed with practicality in mind.
  14. I happen to love the dress code on Cunard, because it is so special at night. It is just part of the Cunard experience. (I do love dressing in beautiful clothes- so it certainly fits my personality) Cunard is gorgeous and peaceful... we did not find it stuffy or snobby in the least. That said, it will be very different from what you are used to on Carnival ships... so just be aware. Cunard is unique and lovely. On the smart nights, my husband would wear a jacket- he also has some fabulous pocket squares, lapel pins, and cufflinks which gave him some excellent snappy style. That said, my husband does not wear tuxedos- he did not even wear one at our wedding... but he looked fantastic in his dark suit on the gala nights on Cunard! My two cents, I would never want to limit my experience on a cruise- I want to experience it at its fullest... so on Cunard, the dress code is (even though, as I stated, I love it) necessary to have full access to all of the venues after 6. If you want to try the line, my advice is... just to kind of see it as "When In Rome, Do As The Romans Do"... just change it to "When On Cunard, Do As The Cunarders Do" 🙂
  15. I would rather take multiple trips than one blow-out in price, honestly. Sure I would love to stay in a suite, but I cannot justify the price hike. Balcony/Veranda on a cruise is lovely and good for us.
  16. It’s a pretty damp 4th Of July weekend here in Central Florida… that is fine with me as we had not planned any special celebrations this weekend anyway besides grilling some hamburgers on our “Big Green Egg”! We have enjoyed watching the news of the two cruise ships sailing from South FL recently- Celebrity Edge and Royal Caribbean’s Freedom Of The Seas. It is a start, and that is a good thing for us all. We don’t have a cruise booked until 2022, but I am, admittedly, fascinated with the process of the restart.
  17. So very exciting! Have a beautiful time- to anyone on board!!!! Can't wait to see pics, reviews, and videos!
  18. My husband and I joke that I am his “trophy wife”… we have lots of fun with it! Everyone on my side of the family looks young- it’s in our genes. Because I look young, as we grow older together I look younger than him even though we are one year apart in age. So my husband is quite proud of his “trophy wife”! I love that the original poster thinks about getting his lovely lady special drinks! ✨Romantic✨
  19. We sailed on Queen Elizabeth to Norway in 2019- and we loved our voyage so much!! So we decided to go to Alaska on her for 2020... but yes... the world changed, for sure. Alas. I love that Cunard is going to both Hubbard and Glacier- yes, another reason I love their itinerary. Cruising from Vancouver is actually my preference- I love Vancouver and all of the surrounding area so much! Several years ago we took a driving trip to Vancouver, Whistler, Sooke, and Victoria. So beautiful. So, we will look forward to returning again- whether we go to Alaska from Vancouver in 2022 (with the other cruise line) or possibly with Cunard (if they offer August again for 2023). So pleased you enjoyed your trip!!! Here's to you having opportunities with those future cruise credits!!!!
  20. I had booked Cunard for Alaska for August 2020…. It did not happen, of course. I hoped for August 2022… but then Cunard only planned Alaska for June and July. Due to that fact (because I have to take my vacation in August due to my business… no flexibility in this) I have booked Alaska on another line for August 2022. I would still, however, absolutely prefer Cunard. It’s my favorite- and also I like the Cunard itinerary better. So My game plan is… IF Cunard offers Alaska for August of 2023, I very well may change my alternate plans in 2022 so that I can voyage to Alaska on Cunard- my original plan.
  21. That would be great 😊 Although I have some tentative vacation planning for Summer 2022… I’m eyeballing 2023 with much more gusto.
  22. I know that, honestly, after all of this unprecedented pause in cruising it is hard (or impossible) for anyone to predict. BUT When do you think that the itineraries for Cunard voyages in Summer of 2023 will be announced? Looking to dream...
  23. All is well from Central Florida. Our area where we live has done very well with vaccination rates... I know that Florida gets a very bad reputation sometimes (some of it deserved), but I can honestly say that people have done quite well where I live. We do have big swings of vaccination rates in some areas of Florida... some places are doing better than others... but things continue to improve. The tourists have definitely returned here in Orlando- it is very busy... and so, I do think that many people who live here want to not only go back to work but to also do so safely since we are such a bustling tourist town. I think that has helped our vaccination rate here (because so many people who live in my area work at the theme parks or in hospitality) In my little world we continue to try to be safe and conscientious... We also stay on top of the news regarding travel/restrictions. This summer, we will again stay close to home, doing more nature and outdoorsy things on our time off... BUT we want to plan for the future... so we read the news and hope for next summer to have more of our typical travel adventures.
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