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  1. Hi thanks for the good wishes. A bit of rain this morning but come up nice after dinner. Got to do health declaration tomorrow or tuesday then that's me set. Next hurdle is the covid test on thursday I am used to doing those weekly at work. So long as negative I will be on a ship woo hoo
  2. A busy day here trying to print off the e-tickets, boarding passes and luggage labels. For some reason my printer did not want to print the whole documents and just did bits. I finally managed to get it to do what I wanted. Last day of work tomorrow then off to the South Coast for a few days before boarding a ship for the first time since October 2019. Only 3 nights but I can't wait. We had thunder today and a bit of rain but only lasted about 30 minutes and has not brought the temperatures down.
  3. A very funny and much missed British comedian hence the statue. Bury is a town in Lancashire where she was born. 🙂
  4. Yes I got a refund within a few days of asking for it
  5. Correct on both counts. It's a pretty good likeness.
  6. A bit of a test which might be easier for our UK members. Who is this and where can she be found. I will give the answer tomorrow if no-one else has.
  7. A lovely sunny and warm day in Lancashire. I was off work today so after dropping my car off for a service I headed off on a tram ride to Manchester. The first time since either late 2019 or early 2020. Very quiet so felt pretty safe. Starting to get excited abut my short trip to the South Coast followed by 3 nights on board Britannia.
  8. I have sat in a box once but I didn't like looking through the plastic screen. Is it worth the extra on a gala night?
  9. Does anyone know if I can order a Mary Pickford on board Britannia and if so how much?
  10. I thought I had better do a test cruise to make sure I have not lost my sea legs before boarding Britannia on the 29th. A half hour trip on the river Dee in Chester on board the Mark Twain.
  11. Only 3 weeks off my trip on Britannia. Some info from P&O about what to expect. I will share here as I expect Cunard will be much the same. We have to check in online including uploading a photograph before arriving at the terminal. There is a medical form to complete 3 days before we board On the day, we have to take a lateral flow test at the Mayflower terminal, then wait for result before heading to the ship which I think will be at the Ocean terminal.
  12. I think the big test will be if there are any new cases on board. Hopefully, the cases are in crew who have just joined the ship and it was caught in time.
  13. Pre covid the balls were always very busy but everyone can go. The only requirement is that you meet the dress code for the evening (it does not need to match the theme for the ball).
  14. I did this trip a few years ago and we sailed at about 5pm. I think it depends partly on where she is going to next and maybe the tide.
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